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anime fall.jpg
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Is this the worst season of the year?
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I hope Matoi is 2-Cour so it's conceivable that white fox can sweep the AOTS designation for every season this year since Re:Zero was AOTS for both spring and summer.
>loli yuri mecha is back

It's saved.

What are you watching in 2-3 weeks



Callendar mode: http://www.senpai.moe/?season=fall2016&zone=Europe%2FMadrid&mode=calendar
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Hibike 2
Yuri on Ice
Flip Flappers
That werewolf anime.
Of all the series least in need of a spinoff, Working!! has to be in the top 5.

Japs can't into anime about criminals. Prove me wrong.
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I can't. Pic related was one of the greatest hypes and disappointments of my life.
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>inb4 someone tries to claim Baccano! is good
That shit was so full of nothing.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Good shit, OP
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Be careful when eating fish.

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Rate Haruhi's design
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Simple yet effective.
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LN: 7/10
S1: Same
S2: 6/10
Disappearance: 8/10
Yuki-chan: 5/10
2016: Perfection/10
Semen demon

/a/! I challenge you to a duel!
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f u meecrob
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What? You forgot your duel disk?

Don't worry, I brought a spare one.

Now...bring forth your best duelists!
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I play my 5 in face up attack position then end my turn

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It wouldn't be gg otherwise.
Good thing I don't watch shit series
Why are [gg] faggots, fag?

>Looks like a little girl
>27 years old

This is the worst anime trope ever.
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Yeah, she needs to be at least 200.
But that's how Japanese look IRL.
Never saw a midget before OP?

>her face when you confess
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I won't confess even if you threaten me with a comfy chair!
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Does anyone hava a summary of this? Please
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Afaik he marries his oldest niece.
No one? please. Apart from the pregnant niece did anything else happened to the other harem members.

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Tell me about the last anime movie you watched.
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Marta! !
Patema Inverted, very nice movie.
Macross DYRL. It was great to see the guy who spent an entire series in the friendzone like a beta turn into a total alpha in the movie

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Who would win in a fight?
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>SSB is stronger than SSG, the form that nearly destroyed the universe while fighting with Beerus
>SSJ4 Goku struggled to carry a bridge on his back, and Vegeta couldn't achieve it without machines

SSJ4 Gogeta curbstomped a entity that almost destroyed the universe
Yeah but that's not Gogeta in the picture.

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Remember the end of the thirteenth episode of Re:Zero where Subaru drops all of his spaghetti and Emilia leaves him?

Despite what the show claims, there's really no evolution from that Subaru to the Subaru at the end of the show.

He's still overly attached to Emilia, he still does everything in his power to protect her, he still goes against her commands for her sake, he's still corny as fuck, he's still completely unable to explain to her why he seems to be able to predict the future and why he loves Emilia so much despite the fact that from her perspective, they haven't really talked that much. He didn't even really apologize for basically saying that Emilia would be dead if it wasn't for him.

Emilia said she didn't want any kind of special treatment when Subaru showed obsession towards her. But now she likes that kind of special treatment and is happy for it? The fuck changed?

Shouldn't Emilia be even more confused at this point? Shouldn't she be worried about him getting injured for her like it happened every single other time? The happy ending feels completely unearned.
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I'm a dirty secondary so I might be wrong, but the ending felt very much like the classic "We ain't adapting more, let's give it a quick half-assed conclusion and move on". I doubt that conversation between them is in the original work.
From Emilia's perspective it makes no sense. How for Subaru, he's lived through multiple lives and spent multiple weeks to months being around Emilia and endured multiple life-threatening and killing events them.

He's simply looking for simple comfort, with Rem gone, Emilia is the only other anchor in this world.
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People hyped this up as a deconstruction of Isekai but aside from a few shitty fourth wall lines from the MC, it was just incredibly standard Isekai bullshit and it didn't feel different at all.

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Me too anon. I found it very pretentious. I can't even get myself to re watch a single episode. The girls look great though.
>I love this series
>I love it


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Now that this season is almost over, and Fall looks like utter shit, can we all agree this is /a/'s 2016 AOTY?
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No need to wait, we could all agree after episode 1 aired.
Absolutely, anyone who disagrees is underaged or a neet.

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