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Will this spider ever catch a break?
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No. No she will not.
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>everyone just accepts her KILL EVERYONE plan with barely an objection

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>You want season 2?
>Read the LNs!

Hahahahahaha White Fox btfo re:zero fags.
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Fuck you
At least they're honest.

Anyone who expects a s2 when they adapted all the currently released novels is a huge retard.
>anime nowadays is just a showcase for LNs

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Watermelon intensifies
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Anime RE:ZERO will get a OVA. In Akihabara station suddenly appeared a poster. HYPE
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>beach episode with Emilia, Ram and Beato

But that's not an ova announcement.
Please, no more.

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what sort of man is she into?
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A man like me, handsome and can satisfy her in bed. You see those boobs? Yes those melons in front of her? That's right. I own those. No one can touch it but me.

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Delivery is today.
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Made a new pastebin, this time is more simple than before. Feel free to give feedback

Stop adding pastebins to threads.
People should learn things by lurking, not by reading manuals.
Kids these days don't know where to start. But I'll consider your suggestion. I won't posted it in every thread, besides this one is simpler than before.

Though I think it's important to list the database site, because it will be pain in the ass if anyone asked for credit every time.

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name one thing Yakomaru did wrong
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Fight on two fronts.
>what about our basic rights as sentient beings!
>lobotomizes the queen and ties her up to endlessly pump babies for the colony
Sub-human trash
the alternative was being dependent on her mood swings and murderous fits

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>cancer killing anime
moe slice of life
light novel adaptations

>chemo saving anime
slice of life drama
space opera
anime originals
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>"chemo saving"
Literally retarded
>moe slice of life killing anime

Nigga fuck you.
>slice of life drama
literally for fags

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Why are loli imoutos the best character type?
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They aren't. The best character type is loli wives.
I let her touch my penis. Better than she touching some nasty dude's penis.
This desu senpai

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"but she's not real?" What do you say in rebuttal to that?
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Just because my hot wifu is so pretty and not real doesnt mean that it is wortht to die and stuff because i love the wiifu accross love and memes i dont know what to olove in real life so i love the wifu life
"Prove it"
Why would that ever come up? Fuck off norm.

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Hey /a/, what exactly is a Yu Yu Hakusho?
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A shitty fucking battle shounen that gets far too much love from dumb nostalgiafags and Toonami kids. HxH and Level E from the same author are much better.
It's Dragon Ball but all of the characters are asshole teenagers

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I miss Etotama.
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Well, there's going to be yet another reairing soon so you won't be missing it for long.

It was very bland and generic but had very good 3DCG.
Hope that they sell good this time so we get a S2

But that Etotama Kids tho

As a young chef, a part of me wonders why a series hasn't been made that COMPLETELY focuses on the culinary industry.
It wouldn't have to be completely realistic, or like any of the schlock overdramatized Ramsey shows, just lighthearted with some heavier realistic aspects and scenarios.
Here are some ideas just off the top of my head.

>MC of the series is a lowly dishwasher in your typical restaurant, gets bossed around by cooks but watches them work on the sidelines
>Aspires to be a great chef
>Restaurant goes under, MC takes the opportunity to take his first steps in becoming a chef
>Gets taken in by an old master, with barely any staff and a restaurant about to go under
>Crazy training montages involving dunking hands into boiling water to improve heat resistance
>Crazy antics ensue to get more business
>As the series goes on, the restaurant grows and gains more staff from all ethnicities with quirky personalities
>Snobby French chef, Jamaican chef who has to restrain himself from adding Cajun spice to everything, hotheaded British chef who will tear the kitchen apart, one old guy who doesn't understand Japanese, but makes damn good food
>Series dabbles with financial problems in the industry, but still keeps that over the top charm
>Main villain is a corporate chain of restaurants that runs everyone out of business, and cares nothing about food

>Episode that entirely takes place in a secret underground food market with high end ingredients
>Episode where foreigners come to the restaurant and eat everything
>Episode where the gang looks for a traditional blacksmith to make them amazing knives

>Made by Trigger

Again, on paper things like cooking may not seem all that interesting, but a lot of entertainment can come from it with a little flare.
I mean there's an anime based completely on tennis for fucks sake.
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I'll take two!
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cooking mama, fujo edition.png
1MB, 1920x1080px
Where have you been this season anon?
Hataraku Maou Sama is closer to what OP is talking about than that piece of shit.

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What am I supposed to do with a maid that refuses to work?
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Make her give your dick a workout.
Fire her.
I'd set her pants on fire if you catch my drift.

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Who had it worse? Okabe or Subaru?
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Step aside scrubs
Okabe shouldn't have been messing with an organization without their permission.

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