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What was the last anime you watched on VHS?
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3x3 eyes about 10 years ago.
A friend gave me a single vhs of DBZ for my birthday one year and that is still the only vhs of anime I've ever owned. I got and want a few DVD sets of anime now, the kinda stuff that will never get HD remaster.
Evangelion death and rebirth which I recorded off SBS one night for a friend, I had no clue what the show was about at the time and kind of got traumatized a little.

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whats your favorite goku /a/?
mine is green saiyan suit goku
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i also like long hair goku
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and fat goku
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Bald Goku

How the fuck do you use this? I'm american btw, never see this type of toilet before.
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You better ask the French people about that.
You hold in your poop and wait until you can get to a Western-style toilet, is what you do.

I tried to poop in a squat toilet. I couldn't. I just kept worrying my poop was going to hit the back of my pants somehow. Also the first time I went to use a Tokyo subway bathroom someone had pooped on the floor next to the squat toilet.
You squat like you're inna woods.


Kabaneri was an pretty great show, straight up balls to the wall action and fun, weak build up in the second half but satisfying finale. Great MC and heroine.

Would have been better as a movie right?(No dip in quality, no time for an average second half.)

Well i've got great news.
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Event soon. Maybe they will announce S2.
Move on already.
if it means more Sawano, im all for it

Can someone tell me what the fuck I just watched?

I feel like I'm missing something. It seems like this series is a very interpretive retelling of some ancient Japanese mythological story and I'm just clueless.

Either that or it's just some incredibly chuuni shit name dropping mythological figures and relics in a completely original, incoherent story.

I just wanted to watch a NEET girl doing NEET things.

Regardless, this show was clearly just a playground for Shaft to go full fucking ham on their Shaft style and try new, ambitious shit. Probably was no risk involved with all the Monogatari money lying around.
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>writing the anime's name into the subject
Like a true redditor
A very poorly done LN adaptation
You're just trying to find something to be butthurt about, right?

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Why are they so hot? I just finished the season season. They are completely underrated.
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Shut up!
>They are completely underrated.
We know.

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Reminder, Subject F is a best girl
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Just wait for it you fucking idiot.


I want Kaguya NOW
There's nothing new to discuss until Jag dumps. Stop making these threads prematurely, most people pefer to find the thread when it's already out.

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Would you a Videl?
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I'd go toe to toe with Gohan if it meant a chance to talk to her.

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Two lolis fight to the death. You are a third loli. What do?
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Ignore them and masturbate.
They both fight to the death? Guess I win by default then go home and masturbate.
find an onii-chan to teach me how to masturbate

My friend is very depressed at the moment and I'm going to visit him to watch a bunch of anime together. What do you recommend I show him to cheer him up?
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What he likes.
Show him your penis.
Boku no Pico

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Does size matter?
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Of course it matters.

Smaller are cuter.
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>all your waifus are ruined and defiled by a disgusting pig man

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You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!
Mai waifu isn't there, so no.
>implying that your favorite female anime character can't be your waifu
I bet you're a Jew

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Hey, um, you still remember me?
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How many Goblins have raped you by now?
Please move along I'm more interested in the ass of your bow-shooting friend.
Shihoru was deliciously thicc.

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do you watch your animes carefully, /a/?
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delet this
W-what happens if you don't follow these rules?

What the fuck is this shit? What was I eagerly waiting six months for? What the hell were you retards even trying to hype me for? Where the fuck is my seigi no mikata Shirou? Why the fuck are those retarded lesbians screaming with cringeworthy voices about fighting and about their friendship? What in the everloving fucking damn god shit fuck was I enduring all those autistic neckbeards sheep threads on my board masturbating to shitty underage cartoons for as if it were something remotely close to worthy? Where the fuck is bandana Shirou, and why did that retard four eyes from Bleach replace him? When is the new EMIYA getting uploaded so I can delete this stupid worthless shit and forget about it forever?
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What happened to this
>Regulus Corneas
0/10 not Regulus enough.
>getting excited for this shit
>listening to /a/, the people who unironically think Kaleid Liner is better than UBW
I hope this will at least be a lesson for you, so don't make the same mistake again.

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