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Have you wished Yui Horie a happy birthday yet?
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Happy birthday old woman.
Minori was best girl, so yes
>not liking MILFs
Get a load of this faggot.

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How badly do you want to be friends with Mokocchi?
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I'll pass. She's a terrible person.
Tomoko is a great person read the manga again.
Why people put down tomoko so much she a great person just really shy.

Tomoko is really nice and really funny like anime manga and video games and if your having a bad day tomoko try cheer you up.

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Make one so good you become the latest copypasta edition.
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Cute girls writing cute girls doing cute things series.
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A female bodyguard falls in love with a peasant boy.

A masochist falls in love with a sadist.

>Shikata ga N-ai
A boy can't help but fall for a girl.

A boy falls in love at first sight with a girl.

>You and A.I
A boy falls in love with a robot girl.

An amnesic falls in love with a girl.

A boy discovers his hate for a certain girl.

>Baka ja N-ai
A boy falls in love with a retard.

>Kate, I...!
A Japanese man falls in love with a British noblewoman.

A DFC lover falls in love with a busty housewife.

>Otoko ja N-ai
A boy falls in love with a reverse trap without knowing she's a girl.

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So /a/, because of no other reading materials, I've decided to read Arifureta and see for myself whether it's really bad as people said or not. Turns out they were right. It actually kinda okay at first but it took a nosedive around the time they cleared the first labyrinth. Dropped it like plague when the rabbit girl appeared.

But it's still bugging my mind, who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid? I don't want to torture myself to read anymore of this shit just for this.

Also WN/LN thread I guess? New Kumoko and lazy dungeon master have just been released.
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>rabbit girl appeared
Dropped it around the same time. MC suddenly got a different personality. Also the hero. God I hate that faggot.
>But it's still bugging my mind, who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid?

a random girl that went into contact with the demons, i believe it was the necromancer girl i dont remember her name but its a friend of the one of the healer girls named suzu
continuing from >>147506053

i remembered the name of the girl that betray then, it was nakamura eri, and she escapes the comfrontation, the other dude gets killed by hajime more or less

as for>>147505216
>Also the hero. God I hate that faggot.
it's a hateable character more or less, by the middpoint of where the TLs are now he s basically a standing joke since nagumo steamrolls everything, he was more or less a hindrance in the great labyrinth only capable one of the hero's party is shizuku that managed to get the Age of the God's Magic

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Flat chest nor oly are wonderfull but also an endless source of comedy.

Botan a best.
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>nor oly
I apologize for my little sister's spelling mistakes. She means well, she's just a klutz.

It should be "not only", of course.
>not wearing a bra
A slut and her fault.
>has no tits
>wearing bra

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>I hate new anime because the main character is always a wimpy kid with no personality surrounded by a harem of girls pushing him around
>old anime was so much better
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But Eva was shit?
>literally every girl who is romantically interested in him eventually loses interest
>the only person who makes a move on him is a guy who is just using him
>anyone being attracted to shinji

ITT:Post females designed for breeding
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Azusa price.jpg
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Mods please help
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Mods don't care. The only thing people can agree on in those threads, before they went full /b/, was that the current moderation team needs to be replaced. They're not going to stop the spam from drowning that out.
post this on /qa/ and maybe someone will see it
We have mods?

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lain and god.png
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First time posting, long time lurking.

How has no one told me about this masterpiece before?

Jean-Paul Sartre
Carl Jung (lovingly referenced as "Carl")
Ayy lmaos conspiracies
Earlier internet histories
Battles between the Ego, Id, and Superego.
class hierarchy structure/seedy political espionage.

This show covered a lot of ground, and most anime these days have nothing close to this level of thinking FOR AN ANIME.

If you feel it was too deep for you it probably was, and here are some attached images that really affected me at the end of the show. I actually cried when Lain cried, because I feel exactly the same way.

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>long time lurking.
>no one told me about Lain
Is this nigga serious?
I'm actually an Epistemological nihilism
Main article: Epistemological nihilism

a little on that:

Epistemological nihilism is a form of skepticism in which all knowledge is accepted as possibly untrue or unable to be known.

You continued reading after "First time posting"?

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20 (1).png
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Dumping this because I think this is the first time there's actually some real substance in this manga. Also because I've never dumped this before, even after working on it for these past few months.
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20 (2).png
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20 (3).png
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20 (4).png
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>16,278 B-PROJECT
>*3.150 Arslan Senki S2
>*2,421 Fukigen na Mononokean
>*1,848 Thunderbolt Fantasy
>*1,378 Battery
>**,442 ReLIFE
>**,*** SHOW BY ROCK shorts
>**,*** Momokuri
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>literally all the shit that no one care about is selling well
>Battery doing more than 300
Fujos really are impressive.

This season just proves even further that unless you're fujobaiting and/or doing an idol show with an event ticket that there's almost no point in even bothering with a BD/DVD release for late night anime anymore. It's going to be Love Live Sunshine and B-Project volumes with live concert event tickets over everything else by a substantial amount.

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What prevent hentai manga to sell well and become popular as mainstream anime/manga.
Many manga snd anime are already basically censored hentai (see love-ru darkness).
Why not making this kind of series with explicit sex?
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Grisaia 2.jpg
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Not to mention that lots of anime/manga come from hentai VN to begin with.
Isn't annoying when all the sex is cut out to make it mainstream?
>Mainstream audience: Kids + Teens + Adults
>Hentai audience: Teens + Adults
OP is a faggot.
>adaptation confirmed
I really hope they can do it justice

I just finished re-watching this and now I don't really understand why so much hate about it? It's pretty decent anime. Drama is working, comic relieves are working, MC is old-school OP and enthusiastic. Graphic is good, music is OK, so why so much hate, /a/ ?
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I didn't care about any of the drama, the show wasn't funny and didn't have any creative jokes, Kirito is just boring, animation is good for some fights but drops down a lot other times, and music is standard Yuki Kajirua.

It's boring, characters were dull, and story wasn't written good.

I do agree that it gets more shit then it deserves, but it still deserves shit.
>this thread again

When will you kill yourself?
>Drama is working, comic relieves are working
It's average at best, but /a/ shits on it because a) it's popular with normalfags, b) shitting on it is/was a surefire way of fitting in, and c) shitposting

Now kill yourself

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Stop it already.

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Post webms that showcase good animation.
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There's a lot of animation going on there, but their movements are kinda choppy.
Well ok
What is it about the word good you don't understand?

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