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did you like it?
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It was what I expected it to be. Cheap and kinda rushed, but still worth a watch if you like Ace Attorney and want to see the characters animated.

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isn't Kou Yagami the best
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i bet you she has hairy legs and an impenetrable bush
why would you say that anon
does she have blonde pubes?

So I just thought i'd hear your opinions on what would happen I've wondered about it myself for a while.
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>What would happen if a tsundere fell in love with a tsundere?
You mean, as in Ranma?
Kyon and Haruhi?
Go watch Steins;Gate

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This is what the ideal female body looks like and there's nothing you can do about that.
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I filter at least 10-12 type-shit threads everyday fuck off
>that bulge
this checks out
That's not my sensei

Ok /a/, serious question. I really want this to take seriously.
A group where I am is going to enter a fucking civil war for this, so if /a/ talk maybe I can stop that.
Remember, serious answers only.
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Liking anime traps is not necessarily gay, as traps display a female phenotype. It is normal for heterosexual men to be attracted to the female phenotype.

Preferring anime traps to anime women because they have penises, however, is gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

They sightly make you gay but most trapfags love them because they look like cute girls most of the time

But still, it also depends of the level of gayness:
Most trapfags are in level 1 or 2 of gayness scale and that depends on how horny you get

I wanna fuck Hime hard though, i want to love him and give him my white fluid of love
If you like them for having a dick attached, you are a fag
if not, then you like them for being feminine, therefore, not fag

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"Legal" lolis are garbage, they're not even lolis since they're ages aren't loli ages.
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god bless Asanagi
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>"Legal" lolis are garbage, they're not even lolis since they're ages aren't loli ages.
If you are getting aroused by real lolis with underdeveloped personality and body then you are just a creep who needs to seek help.
>not being a pedophile is garbage
Kill yourself

>Japan is all about culture of cute
>Mari is cute as hell
>/a/ hates Mari

If you hate Mari you hate Japan and anime.
Maybe stop watching it?
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I love Mari tho.
>>Mari is cute
Prove it.
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Mari Sue.png
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Go fuck yourself with a rusty rake.

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Welcome to Studio Pulp.
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These two total dorks switch places in each other's respective shows.

What happens?
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Subaru causes 10 more impacts.

Shinji runs away.
subaru dies like a retard

shinji out-crazies Betelgeuse, and the Witch Cult realizes shinji is more batshit insane than any of them and worship him as their Pope
subaru offs himself because no emilia
shinji is offed by rem for subarus dissapearence

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Who is you're classic waifu?
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Lina Inverse.
Good choice.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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"hey kid, wanna /ss/" - the anime
Was it a metaphor for adulthood or something?
Not really. It's about adolescence and about what constitutes maturity. The show pretty much outright says that being an adult has nothing to with maturity since every adult acts like a retard.

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>more moe shit

thanks japan
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japan is cool man, relax
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>you lived to see the generation of multiple sequels
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Obligatory gay priest.
The thread is already shit.
Good job, OP.
How is it already shit?

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Will it be the next Usagi Drop
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Boys can't get married.
Unless the MC is gay I doubt it because that's a little boy.
>Will it be the next Usagi Drop
I hope not.

Anyone still have her as a waifu?
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>He doesn't change his waifu seasonally
For some reason a bunch of guys thought she was my waifu. I don't know why.
She's my friendfu

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