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After Nana Mizuki replaced Risa Taneda in the upcoming WWW.Working anime they've also replaced her with Rie Takahashi as F/GO's title character Mashu (her other F/GO roles remain untouched).

Be honest, how serious is this? PANIC
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They have not cancelled the StB OVAs so it's only newer roles.
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I had stopped thinking about it but now I'm depressed and scared again. Thanks, OP.
I remember anons speculating it had something to do with her voice, but I don't know how much truth there is to that or how serious it is.
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RIP in piece eggplant

Should all anime girls be shot?
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Just Kirino.
Nice toy gun, fagget.
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I want to shoot my load up anime girls' asses

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Which do you like?
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The smug one.
Read this the other day, is that one chapter where Takagi's all grown up saying they didn't end up together just the one? I felt like I missed something, that was pretty sad man.

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You want to do what with my butt???
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What does /a/ think of SaiKano?
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I think it jumped the shark harder than Evangelion near the end.

At least Evangelion gives a reason for the shit that happens and if you follow the plot you know whats going on. World ending? Instrumentality

Saikano tells you to fuck off.

Why does the world end?
Whats with giant metal spears coming out of the sky?
Why does a tidal wave cover the entire planet?

Music was good though would watch again just for that.
Shit art, and even more atrocious story. Was trying really hard to edge with the end of the world shit. They where better of never making it
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SaiKano was well received when it came out and was very popular, but I don't get when now people give it a lot of hate.

You never payed attention, did you? The world was ending and the planet was literally dying.

The metal things coming out of the sky is Chise's actually body. She was growing over the series and that's what she became in the end.

> tidal wave
Again. The planet was dying which is the cause of the earthquakes and natural disasters.

In short, you have to pay attention and reading the manga also helps as that does it better.

You just didn't understand it.

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What is the appeal of modest, large-breasted characters in sweaters, /a/?
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Their feminine appeals aching to be freed from a cotton prison
Sweaters look cozy and are nice to hug
So are large breasts. I think we're on the right path.

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Hey /a/? Who is your Type-Moon waifu?
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Dirty Red.
tight tits shishou
The semen demon at the front row winking at me.

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Which manga has the best fights?
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Tenjo Tenge. Oh Great! is underrated.
>stopping midfight to explain why they are doing what they're doing

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>Flip basketball anime

Is Japan ready for the MOST POWERFUL RACE?

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tangina kahit dito?
Putang ina
Why are they all manlets?

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Explain this frame
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what started this trend anyways? Was it just "censored" doujinshi covers? Was it Rin from Kodomo no Jikan?

Where did we get to see the first band-aid over hairless muff?
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Holy fucking shit, That is hot as fuck

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Does it count if I read it in his Abridged voice?
I've read it with Babys voice.

Why didn't people like this?
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It's superniche and thus only appeals to a very small set of otaku who like nostalgia things.

It's basically "Cool Japan: The Anime".
People have bad taste, more news at 11
I liked it.

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Shut up bitch!
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纏 流子!!.png
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The 70's version is superior in every way and shape.
Do not donut half scissor girl

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Perfect studios don't exi-
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Only Luluco and LWA are good.
Ninja slayer was fucking god tier

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What's the appeal of Rakugo ?
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I've watched the first two episodes, and i don't really get their perfomances, they seem too japanese for me.
It's not good.
This sounds like more of a /jp/ question
Unless you want to turn this into a Joshiraku thread

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