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This is horse shit.

I hope CR is proud of themselves.
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Tiān Xíng Jiàn (天刑劍 Tengyōken?, Heaven's Retribution Sword

Chinese to English translation is terrible m8.
Xing yourself faggot.
They should have used Heaven's Retribution Sword or Tengyouken, anything is better than what we got.

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How does it feel that the most popular anime MC in Japan is a Brazillian?

Step up my fellow gaijins.
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>Straw hat
>Pulled up pants
>Sleeveless shirt
He's a 100% ricefield worker from japan you fucking mong
He's not Brazillian, he's from East Blue.
Oda's statement regarding the nationalities of the characters if they were IRL is irrelevant.
A decent amount of popular series don't have nip protagonists. And honestly, those are the best ones. There is nothing more unrealistic that a nip acting badass.

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Magazines are out a day early this week because of some holiday or something tomorrow, so Kaguya Thursday is on Wednesday this week.
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First for hungry kaguya
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I haven't actually got good scans yet, but I decided to make an exception and use the publicly available ones for the dump this week because I felt the chapter needed to be translated as soon as physically possible.
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Bully thread
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Aw yes my favorite threads
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What the fuck did I just watch?
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How come the endings to retro anime are so much better than modern day series?
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Just came here to say I'm on episode 20 of this series and I have loved every second.
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Stupid sexy Ruzu.png
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I finished it this morning after taking a year to watch since I wanted the journey to seem as lengthy as it was and it really paid off. My only problem was it got pretty repetitive and formulaic every now and then but the planets always had interesting concepts or people to make them memorable.

Are you up to Ryuzu yet? She's honestly second best girl next to Maetel. I think you're almost up to the Firefly episode which is also one of my favourites and one of the best written in my opinion.
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>implying B-project did not have the best ending in modern narrative history

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First for Zakuro-chan being a miracle of the universe
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Either Hime or the nurse.
Any, they are all great
Too many good choices

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Thoughts? Season 1-4.
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I watched and enjoyed the first two seasons but for some reason never got around to 3 or 4. I've been thinking about (re)watching the show lately. I've never checked out the manga. Also Mou-chan is the best and most perfect girl.
I want moar
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Kaku was the best girl and got she fuged good. I hate how she barely got any screen time. she was no where present in season 3.

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10 days.

Are you excited?
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>excited for fujo garbage

I'm ready for gay ice skaters. It better have actual homos though or I'm going to call false advertising. (it probably won't have real homos)

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>yfw flipland now exist on the 2d world
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>aimed at filipinos
>take jpg
>bitstarve it until you get artifacts the size of the Philippines
>save it as png to perfectly preserve each and every artifact
Truly, a work of art.
Bara 'n' Gay doujins when

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Are you lost?
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>He doesn't understand gook memes

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I missed all anime this season that wasn't Rei Zero or Danganropa.

Was anything else good?
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But those shows are bad.
Jojo's been pretty good I guess
shut the FUCK up stupid animeposter

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What does /a/ think of future-Rukia?
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I know she likes Red more than Orange.
Is blowjob height for best husbando.
Get's drilled by big bone bankai release of a 1000 black suns.
How am I doing so far for your Bleach thread that doesn't belong?
Once best girl
Still best girl
Forever best girl
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Is this the most artistic scene in anime history?
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Yes the whole anime is
I honestly laughed when the credits started.A cut to black would have been better is every way.
Scene? No
The Whole flow of the episode built up to it. A better way to describe it would be a masterstroke.

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