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>Didn't have to pay $45 for 2 Episodes of Evangelion from Suncoast Video
>They didn't have to get up at 2AM to tape Fatal Fury the Movie on Sci-Fi Channel
>They will never know how big the switch from VHS to DVD was

You guys have no idea how good you have it.
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not anime
>Topic About Anime
I don't want to know what the topic is about. I want to know what the topic is.

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Who would win in a fight between these two anime superpowers?
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USA just needs to sit on USSR with how fat she is

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Osaka thread.
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Best Girl thread.
The only anime girl I know of to meet a former President of the United States.
I, like many of you, suffer from problems. My problems don't involve any of your implausible ones, but mine are worth voicing to you in hope of getting some advice. Anyways, I began to watch Azumanga Daioh about a month ago, and as I dove deeper and deeper into the series, the more and more I fapped to hentai of it. I continued to do so until the last episode. Then I watched the series again...and again... and again... I found myself checking out Osaka every on-screen moment she had. I began to stop going to my regular sites just to look at hentai of one person: Osaka. I eventually had 1000s of pictures and some doujins of Osaka. I began to spend what others called absurd amounts of money on merchandise, and my apartment is coated with Osaka everywhere. I've shut myself off from family and friends and felt an urge to just snuggle with my Osaka dolls. Osaka is all I need. She probably wouldn't like the way my family is or how my friends behave. I'm in love with Osaka. I keep praying that she'll come to see me one day and decide to live with me. I have nothing left to live for but Osaka. I know she can hear me, so I always talk to her telling her to come and visit me so our union can take place. So this is where you guys come into the picture. You're an all-purpose advice board. You definitely must know a way to help Osaka break free from behind her glass prison. Please help! She's my perfect girl, and she's longing for me as much as I long for her.

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Is there any news about the King of Fighters anime?
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fuck off /v/
Only that it was delayed until march with a Shanghai studio making it. My guess is that it'll probably turn out like Hitorri no Shita: The outcast unless the chinks pump in a good chunk of change.
>Shanghai studio
sauce on that?

>You'll never have a Takagi-san
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I've tried being the Takagi-san, but I failed.
Why even live, like seriously.
Bullying isn't fun when you're not a depraved pedophile

Why didn't they just fuck her?
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We will never know.
is that how you live your life?
The shy girls always have the best pussy

What the hell was I supposed to take away from this movie? Seems like the humans learned nothing, unless there was nothing to learn. But it looked like they're saying you're free to just take what you want from whoever it doesn't really matter.
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Coexistence is impossible is the point. Miyazaki learned that after making Nausica
Yea but there has to be a point where people have to know to stop. I mean they were straight up trying to kill something they knew was the god of life and death. In their world they know magic is real and they know it actually was a god responsible for some sort of balance but they didn't even contemplate the possible repercussions of killing it.
>there has to be a point where people have to know to stop.
Is there?
People are still denying that climate change is man-made, or that Earth's natural resources are finite.

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Alright /a/ssholes i've had enough "Waifu this,Waifu that and Waifu is laifu" bullshit why dont we see more FIGHTING POWER.POST EVERY BADASS PICTURE YOU GOT BEFORE I KICK ALL YOUR ASSES
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Something about this screams newfag or reddit or something cancerous.

But I'll humor you.
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Why don't you go back to MAL before I kill you and make your corpse my cocksleeve?

What do you guys think about Shamo? I thought the first and second arcs were amazing... the prison arc actually inspired me to get in shape regardless of how corny that sounds.

I personally feel as though it skewed from the more mature elements presented in the beginning such as the implications resulting from the institutionalization of punishment/discipline to a typical battle shounen.
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I read up till the end of magical chinks arc and never touched it again.
I feel the exact same. The prison arc and criminal arc had great social themes, while being a compelling and unique realistic manga. And then suddenly, chi appears? I felt everything fall through and I dropped it like crazy.
Why did magic chinks even happen? It felt extremely forced.

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ediuG / secruoseR fo aipocunroC
.snoitseuq gniksa erofeb ediug eht daeR

881656741>> :daerhT suoiverP
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Are you autistic?
No, just too much adderall and fish oil.

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Why is this allowed in a japanese magazine for children?
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cat is sex
When did he become a lolicon?
Does Koyomi TRY to look like a douchebag, or is it just in his genes?

Worst fucking ending ever was not worth all those episodes
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>i do not have the capacity to proceed with critical thinking of what I just watched
It's not like Eva has a simple story

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loli thread?
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Me on the left.

What is Ryuko good for?
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using fanservice to distract pathetic weebs from the fact that her show is terrible
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