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Episode 1 is Leave it to Mob
Episode 12 is Leave it to master
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I'm so hyped for 1000% Reigen

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-24h to the AOTS finale.
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Reminder that Reigen is the second coming of Christ
He dies on episode twelve


An overly powerful being helps him seemingly rise from the dead and teach people the error of their ways.

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Is there a series where wearing a big ass ribbon doesn't automatically qualify you as worst girl?
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don't diss strongest loli
Assistant lolis are best lolis.
Giant ribbons are perfection though

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So much negativity these days. let's try something else: What shows have you found to absolutely live up to their acclaimed reputation?

For me it's Aria. Only 2 episodes in, and I am charmed as fuck.
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Shirobako was real good.

Some random picks from a few somewhat recent things I've watched.

Azumanga Daiou started out pretty awful and I was thinking that it just didn't stand up as well as it did when it aired/when it got popular on 4chan, but the more I've watched, the more and more I love the characters and comedy. Osaka and Sakaki are love. Chiyo is also adorable. I haven't actually finished it yet, but I'm working my way through it slowly.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders also didn't start out too amazing, but it wasn't terrible, but then the second season kicked in and it was absolutely fantastic with much more interesting and hilarious characters, battles, and asspulls.

Kino no Tabi didn't blow me away or anything, but the pacing, interesting countries, and the way Kino interacted with them made it quite an enjoyable experience.
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Agreed on Aria. People aren't kidding when they say it's the pinnacle of SoL.

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ITT the things that /a/ shill and praise but it's actually shit.
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Moeshit in general.
I blame /v/ cross boarder for this. /v/ has already won.
Nigga most of /fate/ agree that UBW was a shit adaptation

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how can ı make a stable relationship with sakuya ?
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As someone who doesn't play touhou, was she charging up a special move at the start? Or was that just her standard attack
Kill Remilia.

and have relatively stronger powers than the average touhou character.

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Just released digitally

In this chapter: MORE TALKING, Tanya says goodbye any hopes having a comfy rear line desk job forever
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>tfw your loli is wearing an oversized T-shirt as a one-piece dress
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Do not cross the /u/s

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rewatching this made me realize,
yura was the villian all along.
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You mean Sonora.
behind every 'used to be good' villian theres his/her buddy hero that didn't stop them on time.
nope. yura was self-centered and egoisitc before ever meeting sonora. her moments where she loses grasp on reality are also villian signs.
yura was the villain from day 1.

What was her name again?
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Must touch.
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God damnit I wanted to cut that ahoge.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot, which is why I dropped retard:zero.
A lot, which is why Re:Zero is my AOTY.
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Cmon man. If you're gonna repost this, at least throw this scene in.

Is /a/ triggered?
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Is this, dare I say it, our chart?
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The only thing that triggers me is that your posting a bait meme-chart. You're on 4chan. You're on /a/. Everyone here is a social outcast.
everything on there is normalfag plebshit

try harder

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Sensei eternally BTFO
and WTF is happening?
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what's going on here?

Kiss x Sis thread, I guess.

Sensei isn't winning the mc-kunbowl, and OP is confused.
Did they ever explain what happened to Keita's actual mom?

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The MC of the last anime you've watch will defend you and your waifu against these guys.

How fucked are you and your waifu?
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I'm fine. One of the best options.

They are done for.

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What did she mean by this?
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I actually don't know. I'm still baffled by why she got mad when Subaru complied with her request.
She wanted Subaru to lick it
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oh my god, why don't you guys keep all the re:zero stuff in one thread?

almost 3 consecutive re:zero threads in the catalog.

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