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Who is the target audience for this show
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Fujoshit, that's why you have to skip this one and watch the ufotable one instead.
People who enjoy swords
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Good afternoon, /a/! All waifus are amazing and beautiful, be sure to cherish your beloved today and always!

Question time, to get things rolling!

You and your waifu want to go on vacation, but you're not able to go on your grand week-long dream retreat to some faraway destination due to extenuating circumstances (money, work, etc.) If you can only go somewhere for the weekend, within the same state/just a few hundred miles or kilometers of you, where would you want to go?

Have you ever felt like you're neglecting your beloved or aren't cherishing them enough? What do you do to make it up to them?

If you could take your waifu to any restaurant regardless of price, but it had to be in your city/within a few cities of you, where would you take them?

What would your first kiss be like? Spontaneous? Planned? Where would it be?

How does your waifu handle stressful situations? How do you help them handle it?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all absolute darlings!
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Beat me to it! Good thing I double checked before posting!


We'd probably visit Toronto and get a hotel for the weekend and see stuff around the city and relax.


Sorta, sometimes it feels like I'm not doing enough but I don't really know how to make it up to her.

>food place

A big food court a short ways from here so she can try any fast food she wants. As silly as it sounds she'd likely appreciate that more than a fancy restaurant.


Surprise most likely


Not well, she bottles it up a lot. I can't do much except be there for her.


Nanami is super cute!


What do you think they'd say your biggest flaw is? Would they want you to improve that flaw or would they be accepting of it as something that can't be rushed or changed?

What's the biggest flaw you see in them? Would you want them to change that or are you accepting of their flaws?

What's the hardest thing you've done for your loved one?

What do you do to feel closer together?
Threadly reminder that every wednesday, in a different universe waifus gather at an imageboard to talk about their anons.
What if the anon's waifu is dead in their respected universe?

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He did nothing wrong
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Wrong! He did absolutely everything wrong.
>Learned Nen, never figured out how to use a Hatsu
>Developed a Hatsu only because he had to be tutored by Pouf, even then he forgot to finish the ability, and then made an ability that's weaker than he is.
>He got mad and lost at his own game.
>Got sneak attacked despite being fast as fuck, before he got to show of his new and probably sloppy hatsu
He ran too fast.
He was one of the few ants that absolutely deserved to die

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Gochiusa Movie Confirmed
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I wish that a crossover movie between Gochiusa and Kinmoza can happen one day.
Best news I've heard since 2015.
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2020 approaches.

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Why is sexualizing boys in girls clothes so popular
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Fucking diamonds.
S-Sauce pls
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You should recognize his art. He needs to do less yaoi shit and stick to milf semen demons.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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way to go /a/ make a mockery of what was a good topic

rip 3x3
rip shaft and kyoani anime thread
rip sales thread
rip /a/
>am I fitting in
Try harder OP.

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Have power levels gone too far?
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Its stupidly ridiculous the planet hasnt been destroyed yet.

How is KoL still hyped about this crap?
Well, we've known that there were people strong enough to destroy the planet (Ichiryu, Jirou and Midora) since the Cooking Festival, so having Acacia being able to destroy the planet is not surprising.

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Why don't they just ask Jojo to use his camera powers to see what Kira looks like now?
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Hermit Purple makes less sense than King Crimson
We had this thread earlier

Araki forgot. Even if he didn't, it'd probably just show his right asscheek or something cryptic.
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Better camera related question: If Atom Heart Father traps its victims within the frame of its photo, how was Jotaro able to interact with the camera? The camera can't take a picture with itself in the photo.

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>Robot Girls Z constantly destroy cities and businesses
>All these three ever do is try to stop them and fail because they can't bring themselves to harm them

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Windows has detected a virus in Patamon.exe will you delete the file? Y/N
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I don't want my Agumon to get virus because of that filthy Patamon.

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Claymore was better.
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>claymore has a shitty protag and an amazing secondary
>berserk has an amazing protag and shitty secondaries
but desu I do like claymore more, just because there's more titty monsters
That, and it actually has a fucking ending.
Can Teresa defeat Guts.

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Official New Rules Threads (See >>147386171 & >>147425437 & >>147457754 & >>147490102 & >>147509070 & >>147512722 & >>147522348 & >>147612801 & >>147640431 & >>147662456
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on /a/ in dedicated containment threads.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Visible sage at night - dawn.
6. /a/ will split into /a/ - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
7. /a/ will be merged with /u/
8. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
9. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/, /sadpanda/ -> /h/
10. Spoilered loli accepted.
11. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OPTs
12. Low effort fetish threads deleted.
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Source: http://i.4cdn.org/a/1474181914334.png
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!
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Go back to /v/ you shitskid. /a/ works because it's a self-moderated community. We understand how peer pressure works, that's why we didn't get pulled under by reddit like the /v/ermin did.

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Gee, I sure love my friendly neighborhood localizer
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You will never have burgers with Maya ;_;
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Pretty sure he was just Michael Jodan
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Tonkatsu Burger.png
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I'm glad they kept the translation true to the games, I don't think I would have understood it otherwise

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This is a Chinese virgin.
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looks more like an american slut
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Take that back
Moar like used goods

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Just finished the first danganronpa game. Let's all just admit that Junko Enoshima is best girl.
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yes but i've only seen first two episodes and last episode
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There was never any doubt.

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