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Is Rin in the harem or is there nothing ever happening there.

I just want some more Rin
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Everyone is in the harem. EVERYONE.
Only one of the side character trio to be in the harem
Even Saruyama?

Does he exist anymore?

this show is too cute.
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Too gay you mean.
Not gay enough.
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slacker run.webm
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Just gay enough I think you meant.

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Can you say you are even human if you didn't feel emotional watching this anime?

I was sobbing hysterically at the last episode.
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>Your Lie In April
shitty drama
Who is April and where can i lay in her?
tfw your girlfriend passed away from cancer last year and this anime hurt more than it should've.

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Should oppai be allowed on small girls?
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My dick says yes
You mean the best kind? the answer is YES!

I don't think they should merely "be allowed." I think they should be actively encouraged.

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>Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru

Will Nagito kidnap the baby?
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this future seems better than what we have right now
God the ending is going to be a complete clusterfuck.

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Weekend's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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Why is she so perfect, /a/?
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I feel like you made the same thread yesterday, but I love aqua too so I won't complain
Tasty asshole.
Perverted scumbag Kazuma doesn't see Aqua as a woman. Why do you?

What are you watching right now?
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Scrapped Princess. It's all right. I think it was over hyped to me but I haven't seen the ending so maybe there's a really good conclusion. I'm going to watch Hi no Tori next so I have some interesting things to think about.
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Ginga eiyuu densetsu. Surprisingly difficult to stay focused watching. Hope some tragedy happens towards the end to make the journey worth it.
Where are you at in the series? The second quarter was kind of slow.

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Hey /a/, not my blog but,
I've translated various manga and radio shows here and there for the past 5 years on /a/ and decided to pick up subbing things with visuals in them. I've been playing with the functions in pic related for a while, but wanted to see if there are any experts out there with beginner tips before I start heading down the wrong way, ie fonts, style, easy mistakes to avoid, etc.

This will be my only thread, so if it gets deleted, oh well.
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To be good you should start with a good encode. Can't find a good encode? Go and download the BDs and then encode them yourself. RX is one of the best encoders in fansubbing. https://rxmastering.wordpress.com/
Aside from that download a giant ass font package and play around with the fonts and colors. You can also take a color from a charterer say their hair and make that your sub color. A golden rule which if you don't follow will make people really mad at you is to ALWAYS have at max 2 lines high. Never 3 or more you don't want a goddamn paragraph to read and it looks sloppy. Know how to use MKV merge and how to make chapters and how to time properly makes a huge difference between pro work and faggot work. Join a fansubber that is recruiting as a typesetter or whatever. They will show you how to use everything and you will gain experience fast. If you know nip you are automatically the best and just about every fansubber will take you in.

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I want this to end like School Day's.
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So what's this about?

>wanting anything to end like School Days
Is it Kuzu no honkai?

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ITT: Villains that would've made better good guys
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I don't understand why he wanted to destroy the Universe.

Destroying stuff to get Goku & the others to fight him makes sense because he of his sayian genes, and he doesn't care about collateral damage.

But if he won would he really just go destroy planets? Why? Frieza was about control. Buu was anarchy. What the hell was Cell?
Now this is bullshit.

How could a guy that:
Absorbed millions of humans
Destroyed villages
Killed many Z-fighters
Tortured Gohan and destroyed 16's chances of ever seeing Earth again.
Would have destroyed the solar system, if it wasn't for Gohan and Goku.
And lastly programmed/bioenginered to kill Goku , even have one chance of becoming a good guy?
He was a puppet that did what his master told him to nothing more, nothing less

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This is the best visual representation of NTR that I've even seen an artist draw.
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Is this some kind of visual pun or a metaphor, or is he actually freaking out over watching four people riding a seesaw together?
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The girls are his love interests (childhood friend turned slutty femdom girl/slutty femdom girl turned slightly dere friend) and the guys are the people his love interests are involved with.

He's looking through a keyhole (probably with his dick out) like "there's no place for me, they're happier without the 5th wheel", hence the seesaw (seesaws don't work with someone standing in-between).
oh that's pretty cool, still though he wants both of them to be in love with him thus making them feel the same way as him in this situation? or is it something else?

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Am I gay for thinking that Mizuki is cute?
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But he's a cute girl now so surely that's fine
You're gay for reading this pandering garbage instead of something actually good.
How is that pandering garbage, please elaborate

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So if Kite is Meruem's twin sibling shouldn't he be retardedly overpowered too?
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Unfortunately, no. That's not how it works.
Kite is not his twin.
Yes he is.

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Out at last:

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I'll be damned, Niggerstream actually came through for once.
Earthquake man is a bad person, I hope he trips on the curb
>>MHA has much more fans than some of their other series like Haikyuu or Toriko

hold on there

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