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Post the last /a/ related image you saved
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Find a flaw.
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>digimon girl
Shit proportions
All will be forgiven if she ends up with Taichi.

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what went wrong?
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they would rather make idol shit and gundam rehashes nobody wants instead continue animating legend of the legendary heroes
Bandai splitting it into Sunrise and BNPictures. That has just resulted into Sunrise making a bunch of extra Gundams and Lovelive, Sunrise before the split had a bigger and more varied output compared to both companies after the split.
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BNPictures > Sunrise proper.

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I wanna watch anime. I even have a show downloaded to watch this very moment. But I'm too damn scared to make myself watch it.

I need people to threaten/motivate me into watching it. Please.
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Sent ;)
wtf is this underage stupidity
That's some severe autism you got there. Can you even dress yourself in the morning?

What are some of the greatest wow moments you have experienced.
For me the mysterious ssj
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Really didnt expect L being outsmarted.
Too bad anime went downhill from there.
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I still dont know how this bitch won.
She seemed like a secondary character. She wasnt even around for the last arc in the manga.
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I didnt expect the mc to job twice against the same guy. Definitely a first for me.

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She's kind of a bitch but I'd let her sit on my face.
What does her ass smell like?
Okay, now what.

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>Gundam is disregarded as a toy commercial
>It has a better story, more memorable characters, and more emotional moments than 99% of anime
>Meanwhile autists spend thousands of dollars on waifu toys from shitty LN adaptations
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Gundam is boring.
Mecha is a garbage pandering trend just like the LN craze.

Protip: mechs will never happen in real life and any military would laugh at you for suggesting such a garbage idea

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>he watches dubs instead of subs
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only /v/ watches dubs
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>he downloads anime instead of streaming

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best school days endling. like pregnant loli
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Did he fuck his sister?

Aw too bad.
Knowing Makoto's father tho that would have been normal.

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Greater love knows nothing than this
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that is a lie because my love, loves this and my love triumphs all.
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I recognize that skindentation.
Based anon

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The MC of the last anime you watched wants to destroy earth.

How fucked are we?
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>Hunter X Hunter
I think we're fine but I don't really know the show very well, I've just been watching it on Toonami occasionally.
I wonder how is he going to do that
>Yugioh arc-nigger
We are so screwed, cuck bois!

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meanwhile in the super league of fuck ningens
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What's on Godtube right now?
>Beerus 100% rekted Zamasu's cocky ass

Damn that felt good to watch.

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Any love for the humanoid typhoon on the board? Just hoping for a general discussion thread for Trigun.

I prefer the manga myself but what about the rest of you /a/nons? Not that I hold any real hope for it, but is there a market for a rehash of the latter half of the series in the direct to dvd market to have a more similar ending as the manga? Who's your favorite gun in the eye of michael? Did any of you ship either of the girls with Vash/Wolfwood/Livio or was it just platonic? Any and all things Trigun, I'm down to hear about it.
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Last page coming fast
Trigun Maximum is still one of my top favorite manga. To see it have an anime adaption, or even just more recognition would be awesome, but after that worthless movie a few years ago, I don't have a lot of hope. It's a really good example of unconventional villains that see themselves as necessary evils rather than typical lust-for-power types.
Did you read it when it was ongoing or pick it up some time after? Got a favorite part other than your like of Knives' portrayal as a villain?

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holy shit samflam is really good
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It's fucking amazing OP, and there will probably never be anything like it again.
Masayoshi is the red man

OP 2>OP 1

Both are good though.

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What order/ how do I watch evangelion? I want to watch it but theres like 30 versions or some shit.
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Shameless self bump
Sent ;)
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Trust the mobile poster to be retarded.

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