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Who was best girl of the season? For me it was Usami-chan
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Colle-chan is the cutest though
I'd say Moeka> Usami = Imari > Colette
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Hold the fucking phone, this got an anime?
How far did they go?

ITT: Characters whose motivations and characterization was done masterfully and interestingly (though one or jsut the other is fine too)
Bonus Points: If their motivation wasn't revealed until basically the last minute
Pic related
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>motivations and characterization
>we're nazis and we like war
Nice bait, anon.
Nigger, did you not watch the last episode of Ultimate?
Also, isn't it against the rules to be an ass by reducing any character's motivation to "muh ____".
In that vane, all characters are poorly characterized

She was fucking Kiritsugu's dad, right?
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>Kiritsugu's dad
So like shirou's grandfather?
No because Kerry is not Shirou's dad

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does /a/ like to listen to old Japanese anime OP melody?
also nostalgia thread.

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What counts as old?
Is Ai yo Kienaide old?
Anything before 90s
yes i enjoy it. Enjoy enka, enjoy the 80s style stuff.

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The MC from the last anime you watched has been replaced by Carl Brutananadilewski.

How's your anime now?
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>Eh yo Soul-man, can you turn into something besides a friggin' scythe?
>How about a chick with huge cans?
>No? Well how about just an ugly chick then? Come on man I'm desperate
>Carl Spiegel
Carlboy Bebop is a funny comedy series, but not the classic it is now.
Very funny, maybe even classic, but not as classic as it is now.

>Hibike Euphonium

oh my god

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I'm in love with her, /a/, but at the same time, I'm stronger than her. I will never be her husbanbdo, unless she need it. Cheers. However, as amazing as Rem is, I would only defend her if she needs my body to block all magic. I would die for her, literally. Any way, any day. I will die for you, Rem. Please know this.
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Lost to Emilia

deal with it
Truth be told, I can get genuinely wield a sword, and, I will wield it to protect you with my life. I will die for you, Rem. I know you would hate me for saying they, but it's true.
I would die for Rem. I would easily displacey life for hers. And I don't care if she wants me to die for her; I would, and will die for her...

Reminder that the anime ended right before Kizuna got a handjob, blowjob and titjob by his blood related older sister which he followed by putting his dick between her asscheeks and coming on her back.
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Thanks for the reminder.

This chest tumor meme needs to come to an end already.
that'll be the ova material

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Spoiler related question: So how did Corteo escape Fango's mansion after he killed him?
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Why shouldn't he be allowed to leave?
Do you think Fango distributed to his soldiers a list of people he's planning to kill over the course of the day?
It was implied that his friend i Fango's crew help him.
Can you say WRECKED.

He quickly left, Fango was left alone.

Probably took a bit for someone to notice and then nab him at the railway station.

Holy shit! Tomoyo-chan has got some fucking PIPES! Since when have anime girls been allowed to sing this well?
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Since they changed the VA for the singing parts.
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They often get used idols or pop singers to do VA roles. It's not uncommon.
Like Sheryl for example.


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 3rd Gig MAY happen in YOUR lifetime!
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Obviously meant to tie into the American movie. Probably will get the Space Dandy treatment with Toonami.
>2030 is only 14 years away.
We're still nowhere near Gits level.
Will they give her a new design based on ScarJo?

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Now that the season is ending and everything else is meh or shit, can we all agree this is the AOTY?
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Saiki is the best protagonist. You don't see a pink haired male unless they're homosexual, but Saiki somehow broke that mold. Despite being stronger than Superman, Saitama, and Power Man combined, he somehow manages to not be a dull character.

On another note,
>The girls singing by the sunflower in the ending
Cutest part of the ending. Seriously, that shit is too god damned cute.
Best comedy this season

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What was his name?
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wreck it ralph
>fuse 2 of the same people together
>get a completely new character

how did he get away with this?

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How often do you look through your waifu folder, /a/?
Every day?
Once a week?
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>ayy lmao
Has this shit changed meaning while I wasn't looking?
Wasn't it suppposed to describe aliens, greys in particular?
I dont have a waifu folder.
Normies have co-opted it as the equivalent of rofl XDDD

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There does not exist a single good filler arc in anime
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G-8 Arc
Yes, in YuGiOh
The zanpakuto filler arc in Bleach was better than the main series.

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