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Reminder that the DBS manga is better than the anime.
If it didn't have to rush through the story to keep up with the anime, sure.
Exactly despite being rushed it's still better than the anime, goes to show how much Toei sucks.

What do you think about frogs?
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They can be very cute, but I prefer bats.
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Dumb frogposder
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How was it?
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New manga chapters when?
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everything but her and stig was boring

Kyoukos are the best.
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All sort of Kyoukos.
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I remember when we used to have Kyouko fridays.

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Only a Haifuri OVA in 2017? Did they stop caring or what? Doesn't seem like they'll release a new anime for the rest of the year. Maybe they're working on something big, like DAL for instance?
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Hopefully the publishers realized how fucking shit IMS is and stopped subcontracting them.
That's what happens for animating shit like HxH. Lost too much money with Hundred and the same will happen with HxH.

Defend Griffith.
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As soon as he transformed into Femto he a being who was no longer obligated to adhere to the laws of mortal society. Social mores are nothing to literal god. The only laws that apply to him are the ones he decides to follow and the ones agreed upon by his peers in the God Hand.
moral ideals aren't a theocracy, considering that it's been confirmed that he isn't omniscient. Just because he's more powerful doesn't give him the right to just decide what morals are right and wrong objectively.
the only reason why he raped Casca and made Guts watch is to give them a reason to live, which is through hating him.

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>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Is only partially metal
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They mention this in the show. People mistake Alphonse for the full metal alchemist because he's made of metal.
That's why his brother is better.
>is a manlet
I thought he was just like 16 or something. Boy was I wrong.

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AOTS incoming

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This is gonna be a 1:30 minute short, I'd wager
Looks like 3 minutes, so counting for OP and ED, yeah.
Looking forward for this one.

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What does /a/ think of this upcoming anime about girls who fight each other using only their breasts and/or butts?

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It looks like what anime always was, campy fun that doesnt take itself seriously.
literal genius what will they think of next

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>literally can't direct a single anime without it turning into a production disaster and completely running out of budget and having an utter failure of an ending
>hailed as one of the greatest people to ever work in the anime industry
Explain this.
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Another worthless thread by a phonefag.
Don't criticize the master.
Gunbuster went just fine. Literally a single anime.

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Why can't we get an actual Isekai, where they turn the laws of physics and everything upside down and stuff like that? Is all these shit-writers can think of some medieval fantasy world with magic bullshit?
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Alice in Wonderland the anime?
It's just anime, bro.
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>turn the laws of physics and everything upside down

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>Stats screen

Which one is the most retarded
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Having a stat screen / level up when they're not even trapped in a video game. Like Danmachi.
Isekai is easily the worst thing that ever happened to manga.
Stats screen. It's like power levels, but far more autistic.

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Vizanon is dead
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>Vizanon is dead

I hope he's getting better soon.

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Does /a/ find it annoying when the heroines in anime have an underdeveloped or completely non-existent "plot?" Does it really matter so long as they have an adequate "backstory?"
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hometown > life
There is no "underdeveloped" when it comes to what you refer to as "plot".

Is there a reason why you spoiled the joke by putting the key words in quotes? Are you afraid people won't "get it" or participate in your epic, original thread?

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In the novels it's said that Freyja reminds Hayate of his father. She has his eyes, his attitude, etc. You think he also had a creepy laugh like Freyja?
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How was Frontier good and Delta shit?

What kind of brain problems are the creators suffering from?
Not so smug now isn't it, Mikumo?

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