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On episode 4 of Hibike.

Why does it take so long for them to learn an instrument?
Why does it take so long for them to play on tempo?
Why does it take so long for them to sight read?
Why does it take so long for them to play in tune?
Why is the conductor on a high horse?
Why do they think playing in sectional will help out so much?
Why is there so much drama when all the issues could be solved in one 2 hour practice with the conductor focusing on the issues?

I was excited to watch this for season 2 because you guys hyped it. But god damn, you have to be retarded to mess up this hard. Also if the conductor just stepped in, there would be no need for all this forced drama. Just teach your damn students.
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They're a class of mediocre musicians who have been propped up on the words "Good job", for God knows how long, you can't exactly undo the long-term repercussions of that in a matter of hours.

And they certainly aren't going to be undone by some sadsack spineless music teacher as careless as the students. So you get yourself a real man like Taki-sensei to whip your band into shape.
Just watch the next episode.
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Its ok to run away.png
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Misato: "get into the robot Shinji!"
Reigen: "When things go south, it's ok to run away!"

Who is the better caretaker?
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>Initially doesn't care
>Becomes a mentor for Mob so he doesn't cause trouble, AND becomes a good employee
>Gives surprisingly good commentary, even as far as tricking villains into giving up their evil ways
Reigen's anime was shit, so I'll go with left.
>when things go south, it's ok to run away!
Yeah, unless your enemy is trying to take over the world and you know you can stop them. Reigen is a fucking retard.

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pic related is best ship
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I remember this manga, read it when I was 13. good times senpai.
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Kurosawa is best MC
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is that where this meme is from?

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>drama, romance
>slice of life
Choose one and only one.

Anyone else felt like they were almost memed into watching melodrama trash like Toradora or Sakurasou?
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But Toradora was the greatest love story ever

Toradora had potential in building a nice slice of life in the first half and then went full Bollywood in the second cour. Don't know how it's unironically popular here.

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What went wrong?
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too much autism
second season never
Too much muppet face

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Shinbo might not be directing 3-gatsu at all, the series director is Kenjirou Okada.

Not gonna lie, this hurt my hype a little but im still pretty optimistic about it, anyone else hype here?
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Shitbo is probably dead. when was the last time we saw him publicly?
Source: Your ass.
Not surprised. Shinbo hasn't directed anything in years.

Looks like this will be the directorial debut for Kenjirou Okada though if what you say is true. Looks like he's done a few episode direction for the various Monogataris in the past though.

Where were you when ep5 was announced?
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So they're what? Animating the happy end?
The site says it's going to be 106 minutes on two discs. This massive run time for a hentai OVA, coupled with the other promo art they have up makes me think we're getting two kind of endings episodes.
Manga was better

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Come join me in the bath, anon my dear, the water is just lovely and this wine is nice.

How would you respond to Esdeath-sama?
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Your tall fat ass takes up the entire tub, there's no room for a second person.
Just rape me bitch
Turn 360 degrees, walk away, and go find Mine

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Anime when?
who is your idolbando?
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After Million Live's anime
I like the shota group. I think this one could be better than CG
>caring about literal whos

These are two working age Japanese adult females.
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What the hell happened to the last thread?
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Hot pocket supply was running low
Season is over and people are already forgetting about the show.

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Is there a thing such as a good tsundere? I thought it was just a myth.
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Not so tsundere, but she makes my Ding rank up to EX
There's plenty of them

You just posted one
Not today moot

Question, why do people recommend evangelion as entry level into the mecha genre or more or less anime in general? Half of the series involves critical thinking and interpreting to fully understand the themes presented.
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Sitting in your room all day doesn't increase your critical thinking ability.
The same reason why people blindly parrot that it "was the first show to deconstruct mecha" or whatever meme people throw around.
Because it's actually a good series.

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metaru upa
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I refuse to read steins gate thanks to that horrendous art
You have shit taste in art.

Why does /a/ hate this show?
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I don't know I'll go ask her.
its overrated shit
not cute

What was her problem?
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That Madoka is a horrible entry level anime
reboot the universe can fuck your mind.
Too gay.

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