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Why is Aiko the cutest magipoka girl?
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Because she's the only cute one
Liru is for sexual ONLY
vampires are not cute and vampire girl has no booby
Emu is mildly cute but she's not pure because she shows her panties to strange men in the park.

That leaves only Aiko and Cammy but invisible things can't be cute.
but that's Yuma.
Correct answer here.

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They'll pair up Yukine and Nana aren't they?
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I'm 7 chapters behind and don't even remember who Nana is (´・ω・`)
Sealed Haifuri Bishamon jacked

At this point I just want to see if it manages to get even edgier.
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I read a few chapters of this. The obvious failure party got trashed except for the priest girl and Dark Souls guy got his backstory fleshed out.

Does cowtits the farmgirl get GOBLINED? I can see the story going that way but I can't really be bothered actually reading it.
Read the newest chapter, more uneventful exploitative trash.
>storybuilding is bad

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What did they mean by this?
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Clearly they wish to crush our souls.
lol literally gundam in beast form
Maaan, I still remember who that zoid is.


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>she sees your chuuni persona
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My chunni persona punches girls
I want to punch that cunt in the face.
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She can dodge

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AOTY is gonna end today. Who is the hidden person?
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Will there be a shitstorm if they do a cliffhanger ending instead? is 1 episode really enough to explain all the shits + conclusion

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In Japanese Animation, is Autism considered a "charm point" for female heroines? Yes or no?

In no more than 500 words, explain your reasoning. You have 15 minutes to respond in full.
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I'm going to marry Noe-chan!
yes it gets my dick hard
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Because it allows to make perfect girls that are pretty, succesful, motivated and with a thousand good points that would make them out of the reach of anyone but the best 10/10 chad.

But how do you make them marketable to pathetic wastes of life who need to buy your merch?
It's simple: you make them autistic.
Even if they're pretty, they're skilled, out of your reach, if they're "broken", even you, yes, you!, has a chance.

That's usually when they bring out the big guns. That is "I love MC, he's so nice" spiel. Beta males usually think of themselves as 'nice' for their lack of spine, so if you display a 'nice' MC and use their niceness as a plausible explaination for why the girl loves them, filthy trash will just eat it all up.

Fuck, I loathe romance in anime with the rage of a thousand burning suns.

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not even her dude.jpg
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You are given a moderate amount of funds to make and direct your own anime, enough money that you can have about 3 episodes of high quality while the rest are average and okay while hiring whatever VAs you want. You are not allowed to adapt some shitty LN nor are you allowed to just make another season of another existing anime. It needs to be your own original show.

What do you make?
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some shounen/SOL with romance thrown in
has to be moeshit as well though
First 6 or so episodes are seemingly one off shows about various people ending up in one of a few fantasy worlds, interspersed with episodes of people surviving on earth as it is being torn apart by the addition of fantasy worlds to it. First big budget episode showing that it wasn't one offs at all, and that everything is happening at the same time as characters from the previous episodes end up interacting with one another as the earth and multiple other worlds collide with one another. Second big budget episode goes to what seems to be a mid season conclusion to the collision, showing off all of the main characters from the one offs getting together in what seems to be the final product of the collision. Second half of the season starts with the characters working to rebuild and deal with the new world, but progresses on to them seeing that while the worlds have finished colliding the forces that caused the collision are still at play. Then you get a set of episodes that split off to each character or small groupings of characters as they go to deal with things, culminating in the final episode getting the last big budget, where they all end up being drawn together by these forces. It ends with them finally solving the issue by modifying the forces to rather than destructively drawing worlds together in fusing them, instead constructively draw people together in friendship.
>group of idols who travel around the world and give performances, liked by nearly all, etc.
>HOWEVER, unbeknownst to the general public, these idols also happen to be some of the most talented master thieves of our time
>They all happen to have specialized skills: the lead singer is good at causing dristractions (benefits of fame), one is excellent with computer systems, another with various gadgets, another with making friends with staff, etc.
>Casinos, museums, private collections... you name it, they've probably heisted it before or are thinking about doing so
>Format of the show follows a quasi-Ocean's 11 script; plenty of casing of a target, making preparations, gathering equipment, and eventually pulling off the job
>In between all of this is dealing with international idol life; a show or two, interviews, interacting with fans, and trying to prevent that one nosy journalist/detective (potential love interest?) from discovering the truth.
>One cour is enough to cover the show's introduction (two episodes) and around two heists (five episodes each, give or take)
>Show starts with the group needing to recruit a new idol, some loveable and idealistic new girl, to serve as a generalist and extra pair of hands

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Are you guys ready for a 100% Mitarai episode?
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Who would you main?
He was surprised though when he thought Murasame confirmed Izuru.

I'm sure we'll see what Tengan has in store too.

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Name a show that has copius amounts of twintails other than Ore Twintail Ni Narimasu
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How does /a/ feel about Future GPX Cyber Formula?
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le bump
Was thinking of watching myself, heard subs aren't good after the first season, is that true?
I was going to watch it but apparently most of the series only have crabsticks.

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Why is K-on so boring?
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Any problem that arises is automatically curved by "Haha, good thing Mugi is really fucking rich".

That's Mugi's sole purpose and she is the most bland (literally) character in K ON. Yes, even more bland than Yui's pet human Asuza or whatever the hell she got renamed to.
Shit taste up in here.
Try watching the show instead of looking at your reflection in the monitor

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It's impossible for a more perfect loli to be posted, considering I posted the goat loli.

I would actually be shocked if i was to eat my words on this one..
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It's almost cruel how far and away a lead Becky has over those others!
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Becky has ALL the confirmation that she was needs!
>PPD thread
That'd require anons to know what it is nowadays, OP. Decent taste in waifu though.

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So, no Vinland Saga this month?
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now that I completed Vagabond I can see why people says the writing in VS is so bad...
People have been complaining about Vagabond going downhill, though.

Is there any actual evidence that EoE was the original planned ending? That's what people often say but I read all the staff interviews available and none of them confirm this.
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It never was the planned ending, that much is obvious based on the scheduling of the original. It was a remake of the planned ending, which means it was extended and changed.
There are bits of EoE that you can actually see in 25/26, such as Ritsuko's fate.
EoE is not the end. Rebuilds are the continuation. 4.44 will be the end.

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