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how do we get tosh to draw porn again?
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Pay him 10 time more than Jump pay
Make him more famous than when he become Jump artist
a page from toriko


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I made a thread because nobody really talks about this series and wanted to get some kind of discussion going. It'll probably die within the hour but let's try and give it a shot.

How are people liking the side story with Papas and the DQV hero? I enjoyed it but I'm kind of eager for the focus to go back to Baki and his training in the village.
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Same I believe Baki will return along side a small time jump. If so I can't wait to see how he improves.
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Kind of curious to see the party he's going to be taking with him. They've hinted pretty hard at Duxy being Bennet's wayward son so I wonder what exactly he's going to do to become as relevant as Crow or Chatelaine.
Might as well just play the game.

This manga is boring desu

What's wrong with her?
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thinks too much about scissoring
I don't know but it could make a psychiatrist and a psychologist quite well off if their services were engaged to find out.

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How come the steins gate and dragonronpa (how ever you spell this trash) games are so popular, when better VNs like Higurashi seldom gain mention by weeaboos?

Higurashi is a classic and people are too busy spending more money playing inferior titles.
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Higurashi is fucking trash dude.

There's no point in even bothering with it.
Because they had more recent anime adaptations.
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What? Higurashi both the anime and the vn were extremely popular on /a/ for years, its only recently faded off due to being essentially over and done with, translated long ago, and as far as I know all the anime stuff has finished too.
/a/ discusses current stuff more than old stuff, shocking!

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when was the last time anime made you cry /a/

Re:Zero 15 and 18 almost got me.
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kiznaivers ep 7
Like every second episode of Rainbow.

Bromances always hit those soft spots.
Pretty sure it only happened when I watched Saikano years ago, the scenes with the girl dying in MCs arms and when the heroine is all fucked up at the end. Anybody seen that show?

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Who was the better wife, /a/?
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Hildi, even though she did just swoop in on an emotionally vulnerable virgin
Is this show legit homo?

Not complainig btw

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Which version is superior?
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2006's ED was magical. I came so fucking hard.
The KyoAni one, obviously. With KyoAni, every scene is sakuga.
Depends on how blind you are.

Jokes aside, Kanon 2006 was very well made and pretty.

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I AM A HERO chapter 252

shit is goin down can asada really fly a helicopter

kurusu is now fat kurusu
what is this shit saying
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he is so fucked

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>anime has girl
>she is cute and/or dumb
>her presence improves the anime with every scene
what is it about cute and dumb girls that make them so best
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you feel unthreatened by them
Haruna a shit.

retard moe a shit

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"Ahh, soo desu ka?"
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fite me irl
ugly post and ugly dog
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yaa gomen gomen

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A tale of tragedy and loss
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hopeful laughter.png
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Don't crossboard you fucking Nagitofag

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You just walked in on Ryuko butt NAKED!

H-Hide this thread! Don't embarrass her!
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Bitch you were walking around naked with all of your friends before and didn't bat an eye. I watched your shitty show.
No big deal, she's almost a boy.
Guess I'll take responsibility for my actions and undress aswell, it's just fair, isn't it?

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Any other show where one of the twins vastly overshadows the other?
Overshadows so much that you forget they are twins?
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Come on, Rem is shit but Ram doesn't overshadow her that much
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Let's talk about classic anime, especially those on Blu-ray. I'll start with a pic from my favorite anime.
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>Bitchy Shinji
>not allowing her to be a bitch as long as you get to taste her jollof rice pussy
The most classic anime out there

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ITT: Characters with complex motives.
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either the most complex or he's a fucking retard
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