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is vegapunk working for WG against his will?

did kuma convince him to join the revoluionary cause?
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he is probably the type of "as long as i can do SCIENCE, i don't care who i work for"
Anyone else think Dadji doesn't really fit as a scientist type and it would have been smoother to put his wife in that role? It feels like this is just the thing Sanji needs to have a written in excuse to be superpowered by getting his genes activated correctly.
third for carrot is a semen demon

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How retarded will today's Despair episode be?
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I wonder what Junko will make Chisa do. Apart from Izuru she'd be of great use to her.
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Junko levels of retarded.

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Just dump some pictures
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Enough is enough already.
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Post your one pages

Hardmode: Funny ones.
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Anime soon.
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NEWer Official New Rules:

1. /a/ will be run by Loli.
2. Loli (with proper sleepwear) are allowed to stay up late on /a/.
3. Loli need pancakes with lots of syrup.
4. Loli want up. Loli WANT UP!
5. Mustache Loli are called Gentlemen Loli
6. Headpats are mandatory - NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Oppai loli posting will result in death sentence

Hiro feeds me pancakes and pats my head regularly. You can take this as gospel as no one has ever posted a false or misleading post on /a/, ever.

Remember: Hiro speaks to us directly only through dubs and all other forms of communication are moot.
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>implying these threads aren't containment for /a/'s needs to shitpost
Second for Loli cock
What about piss posting?

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Live tling chapter 21 of grand blue from Korean scans rather badly

This will be last chapter I translate until at least new chapter (10/8 or so) as another anon wanted to do volume 6-current chapter on friday to saturday.

Then you guys can join us on suffering boat waiting for new monthly chapter

Previous thread (with another anon)
Chapter 10-15

Chapter 16-18

Chapter 19-20
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Text: Last chapter summary
Text: The lord said to the famous intellects Kouhei and Iori
Shinji: Fill this pot up with water without using your hands
Text: How will these two
Text: answer the lord’s question?
Iori: Then my lord…
Kouhei: Bring out the tiger from this cover
Shinji: hey you guys
Ryuu: What are you guys saying all the sudden
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Chapter 21: Otori
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Kouhei: Escaping from reality obviously!
Iori: What do you mean PaB style Otori?
Shinji: Don’t be so restless
Ryuu: We will explain it now
Shinji: This time, we will be drinking from this pot together
Ryuu: Since we came to training camp
Kouhei: Hmm, hmm
Iori: We are all in it together, aren’t we
Shinji: But theres a problem
Ryuu: Its hard to find alcohol that could equally satisfy everyone’s taste
Kouhei: ah
Iori: You are right

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>Jojo Part 9
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Give up your laps to imoutos.
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Previous thread went down an hour ago, calmer down.
>that heart that pops up
never stops being cute to me.
>open mouth
>see this

How to proceed?
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Reminder that imouto threads are started and fueled by imoutos secretly trying to get innocent older brother anons to do nice things to their imoutos.

Do not reply to imouto threads!

Do not do nice things for your imoutos!

Be mean and cruel to your imouto every day, she deserves!

One more Utaware thread to bring it home. This topic still wasn't touched on much last thread, but seriously is there no hope for third season of the anime? I heard the VA's are dying or something, but they'll probably survive.

How did the last anime do?

Warning: Probably spoilers abound in this thread since the third game just came out. Third game will probably be talked about since it shapes the potential third season, if it happens.
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Also Chinaman is up to Kuon meeting her shadow self
Dark Kuou

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>hope arc
Could it be?
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Is the hope arc the one where we all decide to pretend this whole thing never happened?
It's probably the epilogue episode.
Use this thread. Other thread was started by a tumblrtard with her addiction to editions like the one piecefags.

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Is Smith (not) working both sides of the street, as some have suggested?
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tips hat.jpg
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*tips hat*
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Big Girls Best Girls
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I'm going to marry Draco!

The lewd is coming at you

Now let's wait for translated or raw content we will be grateful to receive
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Momo is my beautiful wife and I want you all to be nice to her. She works very hard and doesn't deserve such mean words.
Do Erwinfags and Momofags feel the need to spam every thread because they're afraid that their waifu will disappear or something?
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Reminder that Darjeeling is pure and not for lewd.

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Who cares about the oppai, it's the hips that's most important.
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Hell yeah
go on....
>whips out cock

Which anime character has the best midriff /a/?
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I can't believe Reigen is fucking dead
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You only watch the Anime, don't you?
post girls this thread

or Reigen, he's just as good if not better.
Mangafag here, he actually dies and gets replaced by his evil twin but we still call him Reigen because that's his last name

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