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>four seasons
>now a movie

How do we stop Prisma Illya?
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Why contain it?
The power of loli kissing is strong.

Re: Zero would already have S3 if Ram and Rem made out.
Create more loli shows to drown it out.

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Hope Despair Naegi.jpg
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Only a couple hours left until next episode.

The mastermind will be revealed and their motivations explained. Are you ready?
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It was me and i did it because it was meant to be my retirement party but i double booked the venue for a killing game, sorry my bad boys
>I'm cumming soon

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Episode 25 in 40 Minutes
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Muetta a cute. A CUTE!
Yeah, shes best girl this show
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Read the guide

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le tatsumaki face.jpg
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I'm so disappointed that Tasumaki nendo don't have this face.
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Characters who REALLY, REALLY should have a figure, but don't.

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#1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HapT0SKcyfY
#2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Tm73m0VZs
#3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6NJJ6pMKVY
#4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xziBGsIaWh8
#5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWDBpTB6T0Q
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I haven't watch GITS yet what kind of disappointment am I looking foward to?
Some shots does look like the movie tho.
Who that niggress at the end?
Don't remember Major having a lesbian lover.

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Who makes the best tea in Nazerick?
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>People are gay for him even beyond 4rd wall.
Sasuga Ainz-sama!
As expected of person who ruled over other Supreme Beings.
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>He thinks Ainz couldn't wipe the floor with any single Guardian
File: 1450358621775.jpg (19KB, 210x240px)Image search: [Google]
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What gave you that blasphemous idea?
I am not sure how Ainz will fare against such unconventional guardians.
I guess if you kill Victim - you won or not?

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What's wrong with Naruto?
No bait, no shitposting, I want to see legitimate complaints.
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Itachi wasn't the main character.
Before /co/ hated tumblr, we had gaia online. Although most people here nowadays hate it because they think they're supposed to.
With that being said, there's nothing really wrong with it, just a generic shonen manga for kids that got popular.
Godly child arc, teenager arc slowed the pace, took too long to warm up to Sai and new Commander, Akatsuki encounters carried the story, but they fucked it up at the Pain arc, interesting back story, retarded actions in the current world due to slow pacing still. Everything should of been bigger leading up to the explosion, then they deus ex the fuck out of it. Naruto never recovered from then on. At least Hinata shined in an entire Village of scared fucks.

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Would you marry a ship?
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I did around a year ago.
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Kaga ring 2.jpg
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Yes, I love Kaga-san the most!
fuck off

Ep 25 preview in Friday.
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That seems weird, what are they gonna preview? Or is it just gonna be Tappei laughing for 2 minutes while saying he killed your waifu?
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Reinhardt is Satella

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16,278 B-PROJECT
>*5,409 Binan Koukou
*3,150 Arslan Senki
*2,421 Fukigen na mononokean
*2,053 Thunderbolt Fantasy
>*1,634 Battery
>*1,536 Qualidea Code
>*1,283 Active Raid
>*1,258 Hatsukoi Monster
**,442 ReLIFE
**,224 orange
**,*** Momokuri
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>16,278 B-PROJECT
I didn't get to participate in a single B-Project thread. And that made me sad.
1500 is more that QUALITY code deserved
There wasn't any, the only place where you could discuss it was "it's time" thread

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This is a Japanese christmas cake.
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actually that's a drawing
Simply epic.
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>MC compliments cake and says she's his perfect woman
>'Nah, I'm too young for her.'
Good job, got me riled up.

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404 girl.webm
2MB, 1280x720px
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I don't want a yotsuba anime anymore
Looks cute.
You know you want this animated using CG.

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dat purity.png
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What do we have in store this week?
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[TN: Title is 'Intro']
Motoyama Tomomichi
Year 2 Class 7 Karate Club
Age = Years without having a girlfriend
You have a problem??

My name is Motoyama Tomomichi
I am unattractive!!

Summer vacation is going to be over soon. Have all you good kids finished your homework?
I have...
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Ohh man that was close. I of all people,
was expecting this to be like a romance manga.

Some cute girl is having trouble with her bike breaking down...
And then the ugly glasses guy will call out to her...
That would cause too much problems!!

Besides, I know how this goes.
There's generally going to be some good guy for her,
And even if the ugly guy calls her out...

"Wha' now..." [TN: She has a Kansai accent, so I'll think about how to do this, but I'll inflect it for now.]

Wha' now... Is she from the Kansai area?
She'd have a hard time in a place like this.

As far as this is concerned...
It's possible that she still isn't used to this town
And she doesn't know where the bike shop is.

... no no.
You're thinking about this too much,
If she's that worried she can just use a cellphone...

This sucks

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It's the 22nd, dafuq is my new chapter?
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On Hiatus indefinitely. Now go away.
File: HwDXI5N.jpg (23KB, 275x419px)Image search: [Google]
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got CLANG'd
no, only until 2017
and the hiatus starts after the new chapter you massive retard

Reminder that the last episode of Sakamoto is out.
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I'd completely forgotten that we were waiting for it desu. I'm gonna see it now, I hope it's good.
Aw shit. Thank anon.
S-so he didn't die?

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