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Teaser trailer will be out in an hour :^)
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Mr. Robot got two second previews. They were great.
one of the clips

>In a world...where people are cyborgs
>shot of generic future san francisco
>a group of unlikely heroes
>shot of section 9 who all look like shit
>another panning shot of city
>must save the city from the evil terrorist, the puppeteer

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Don't tell me you forgot about Rail Wars already
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What is Rail Wars?
>fanservice trash
I didn't.

Post that pink haired busty slut for my dick

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i like it
The ending really tied the series together in my opinion, and character development was rather good.
I didn't like it

ITT: Post anime only you watched and why it deserves to be in obscurity.

Pic related follows a generic monster of the week format with few episodes focused on the plot, the fights had the worst CGI you will ever see in a recent anime and have shitty coreography, but the worst is the main villain who only knows do babble generic edgy speeches like MUH DARKNESS without even having a proper motivation.
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Plenty of people watched the first two episodes before realizing it was complete shit and dropping it to wait for the S1 movie.
ITT: I wasn't on /a/ while this show was airing so I'm the ONLY person who watched it

OP starting off strong. This garbage aired not even a year ago.
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Probably SS, because the world doesn't deserve Yoko ;_;

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Loli teachers are underrated
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Here on /a/ we rate them highly.
I want them to teach me sex ed. Because I have no idea how it works.
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Sluts are for _______________
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>ib4 normalfag blogs

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8億9300万0000円 67万8000人 120SCR 映画 聲の形
Koe no Katachi (9/25)
678,000 admissions totaling 893 million yen in 9 days.
To put that in perspective the K-On! movie had earned 691 million after 9 days and 943 million after 16 on a similar theatre count.
How did Yamada continue to do hit anime movies? Even TLS with its very limited release sold really well.
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because she's a genius everyone fucking knows already why you gotta keep asking me JEEZ
Do females in the anime industry produce better shows than men do?
some do some don't next question please

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Do we have any fans of Fist of the North Star here? I've finally got around to reading it, and after 215 chapters the most I can say about it is that it's remarkably stupid and badly planned. What was the fucking purpose of anything that happened after the first timeskip? What the fuck happened in the Land of Asura other than constant borderline retcons of background stories (Ken is actually Toki and Raoh's adoptive brother too, they're all actually from the Land of Asura, Ken is actually Hoki's brother, Raoh is actually Kaioh's brother, there's actually another Hokuto branch) and a shittier regurgitation of Raoh's sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies being defeated and introduced to sympathy and sadness again? What purpose did any of the Nanto characters or plots serve? Even Rei only hung around Ken for awhile doing nothing until he was killed off by another Nanto guy. Like 80% of this was pure filler, and the remaining 20% was stupid. I don't understand what's supposed to be good or notable about this, save its influence.
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Oh, and that whole thing where Raoh and his men start out as absolute assholes, and basically remain absolute assholes, save Raoh redeeming himself slightly right before death and when sparing Toki, but as soon as he's dead he's shown in a more and more sympathetic light, from being shown as being more concerned with justice, to that shit about him asking Ken to help his twisted brother Kaioh, to the shit with Raoh's men being shown as these stand-up family men during the Ryu introduction arc.
Old manga are poorly written, news at 11.
The awesome violence. That's about it.

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You hear it, you lose.

You know the drill.
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why was carnival phantasm the best thing they ever did do?
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Fucker that's cheating

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Can anyone give me the order in which I should watch the anime?

Because at the moment I am really struggling to pinpoint, I have just finished watching Danganronpa: The animation.
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You play the fucking game
Play Super Danganronpa 2

Then you watch Danganronpa 3, alternating between Future side and Despair side each episode.

Oh yes, the two games which simply detail everything. There is manga, I am not much of a reader so I would prefer to watch the anime.

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I can't fucking wait for Kizu Pt.2 in the US.

Also Monkey > All
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You say that but the best girl title has been passed down the Gaen bloodline for generations.
Are there any other shows like MS that have bittersweet moments like when Hachikuji leaves?
what even is that picture?

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Post-mortem of Official New Rules Threads (See >>147386171 → # → & >>147425437 → # → & >>147457754 → # → & >>147490102 → # → & >>147509070 → # → & >>147512722 → # →

>Last Thread went into Auto Sage

1. Generalfags to be physically removed.
2. LNs and gookshit are not allowed on /a/, even in dedicated containment threads.
3. Underage Bait like >tumblr, >mangafox, sage, faggot and so on will result in immortality on r/4chan, and will be worshipped, always.
4. New Shitposters will be introduced.
5. Always on Auto Sage
6. /a/ will merge with /b/ and /pol/ as well as /s4s/.
7. You must always post on quints, nothing else, or else you risk being banned permanently.
8. /djt/ -> /fit/, /kancolle/ -> /trash/, /buyfag/ -> /pol/ -> /a/
9. Loli will not be accepted, it will result in a perma-ban
10. Spoonfeeders and saucefags are always welcome.
11. Never lurk, show the newfaggotry you have been accumulating over the time you have browsed the interwebs.
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Source: http://i.4cdn.org/a/1474181914334.png
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!
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I don't even know why you idiots are still posting these threads. Nothing will change and you are wasting your time meta-shitposting.
Real thread

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Is time travel the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy?
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No more so than Mecha, Harem, or Isekai.

I'm admittedly a sucker for time travel shit though.
Yeah but the wish fulfillment varies. There's

>I'm going to travel back in time and invent something first, get rich, fuck bitches, etc.

and then there's

>holy fuck I wish I could correct all those cringey moments
Can some one explain what exactly happened here? It gets posted 5 times a day. Never actually watched this show

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Bully Thread
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You can (not) bully
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Not on my watch motherfucker
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So whats the deal with this? I keep hearing a s2 or movie is coming out to continue where the anime left off, despite the incident around this series. What's going on here?
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There's a movie coming out. That's all we know. Also there's 9 volumes of the book out. Plus 2 volumes off the Izuna spinoff.
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