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Say something nice about an anime you dislike.

Pic unrelated.
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I'm glad I'm not forced to watch [insert shitty anime names here].
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Despite how boring it was even for a SoL, Yunocchi was still incredibly sexy and I had to fap to her many times.
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Daily dose.
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2004: Magical Girl Squad
2013: Little Witch Academia
A young human girl loves magic so much she wants to become a witch herself. Her enthusiasm
doesn't meet the approval of real witches and she becomes the resident fool. She however befriend with two witches peers even if they don't really share her convinctions.
Literally, the same exact premise of both animes.
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Little Gentlemen Academia.gif
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Is that loli Escanor in the back?

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I've never seen so much garbage packed into 12 Episodes
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it's not that bad
Did you watch SAO?

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Remind me again why incest is bad
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It isn't!
As long as you do not have a child with your sister it's perfectly fine.

Question to girls, when you see a sexy Jojo fanart, how do you get erect? You don't have a penis, so what happens to your body when you read Yaoi Jojo hentai doujins?

Does something grow?
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Erect nipples
You have never touched a girl it seems. Girls dont have a penis but the area can get still aroused, wet and their nipples can get hard too. Also heavy breathing, laughing, she is all touchy and feely,
Clits get erect too.

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Ginger girls are scum and should always be sad, unhappy and crying!
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I have a tendency to fall for red haired girls IRL.
I will hunt you down

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Objectively speaking, who was the best character?
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Rem, the rest of the characters portrayed in the anime were fairly weak aside from beetle juice.
Pic is an accurate representation of Subaru carrying the series on his back

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Do you forget about me /a/?
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Respect the Ruby, or else.
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We need love between Nico and Umi, not hate.

This is your ____________ tonight.
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Hooker you hired to give you a foot job
used goods
Who is this cum collector?

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Don't tell me you forgot about Robotics;Notes already, /a/
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I wish I had.
Until ELITE get translated

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how did we go from this...
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to THIS gay shit?
>reading edgy mangas
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with lots of this kind of stuff in between. they're in a place that isnt a fucking hell hole for once, get over it and let them chill for a while

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What tropes/cliches/other assorted bullshit really just PISS you off when you see them

Personally for me
>Normally boring protagonist has really cool item/weapon/transformation
>"No protag-kun! Don't do the cool thing its dangerous/evil/you can't control it!" or "I can't do this! This isn't me! I need to control myself!"
Why the absolute FUCK would you show off something cool and then limit it to the point that it stops happening all together.
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>grinds your gears
>"If you use that teqnique you'll die from the strain it puts on your body!"
>use it anyway
>no inconvenience suffered


>[HorribleSubs] Cheer Danshi!! - 12 [720p].mkv
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Fucking Funi.
下克上 means the student surpassing his teacher, the new beating the old etc.
Who's the father?

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Finished the manga last night - it hurts me inside.
Can we just take this moment to appreciate Inio's capability of smashing feelings like glass?
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Yeah, punpun was pretty sad
I couldn't relate to him anymore after the Aiko episode though, what struck me the most was what came before that
In all honesty, the childhood moments up until aiko went to be a model were the best, but right near the time when he became a triangle I just couldnt care much, the manga became kinda shit with a climax of mc becoming an edgy teen. I guess that was the point tho? Maybe I am just not the one who was supposed to like it.
I believe an interview with Inio stated that he basically set up the majority of the manga to establish Punpun as an identifiable character.
I think it wasn't so much of him being an edgy teen as him being a tetrahedron in order to hold everything in without breaking down.
As for the murder epsiode, the mangaka wrote that in during a time where he worried about what if he got murdered, or if he murdered somebody - as in anybody could do it at any time. He tried to establish that with Punpun, I believe.

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