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Just marathoned half of the first episode. Did I like it?
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No. If you liked it you wouldn't be shitposting on /a/ before finishing it.
Like it? Are you kidding me?
You loved it anon, why would you even ask such a thing.
I marathoned half the commercial
Did you like it?

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legs xd.jpg
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Who's ready for the legs or I mean the show? Been reading the manga too ready for it.
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Meh, the manga is pretty shit
More SOL vomit? No thanks.
>what are proportions

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I saw a plastic envelope of one of my students and it has an anime sketch in it.
So I slip a sketch of Pepe in it.
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Dumb frogposter.
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Amazing but not as good as these.
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Was he gay?
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What do you think? You're the expert.
Onii-chan sexual, we've seen it before

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How do you feel about brown girls?
Something to be protected,
or simply living onaholes?
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It's just a color. Of course they should be protected.
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the best
She's too lewd for her own good

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pure White Skeleton.png
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are skeletons good pets?
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Yes, you only need lots of milk and dairy products, that's a big factor.
I'd give that skeleton some milk if you know what I mean.

do YOU know what you mean?

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Who's your favorite nichijou fan artist? I like zubatto because he keeps the cute while adding sexy.
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Here's another example to bump the thread.
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nichi (34).jpg
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all Yuuko is cute

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Let's have a discussion.
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An ice discussion?
nice 9, baka
>Off by two
Wew Lad

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All of the characters in this anime remind me of Slav countries.

>Makoto is Russia, an asshole who fucks everybody around him, but still somehow has friends
>Sekai is Ukraine, someone fucked in more ways than one by Makoto and fucks him right back in more ways than one.
>Kotonoha is Belarus. Loves Makoto unconditionally despite how much of dick he is. WIlling to kill.
>Setsuna is Poland. Flooding Western nations with her decadence but not before fucking things up for Kotonoha.
>Taisuke is Serbia. Wanting to be friends with Makoto despite his fuckery while committing a little bit of fuckery himself on a smaller scale.

Was this intentional?
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What are you smoking?
>Was this intentional?
Nothing. It all just makes sense.

Did you enjoy the last episode of hallow /a/?
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just finished it. whole season was pretty meh, hope they continue it because that was some top tier cliffhanger shit right there
also, is marian really dead?
I loved Hallow. was a little annoyed that the last 3 episodes were littered with filler when they could have just took their time with the Timothy arc.

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How has anime changed in the last ten years?
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>Gone from mostly visual novel adaptions to light novel adaptions
>Almost no original work anime
>Isekais took the throne from battle harems
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Amount of show per year increases and anime gets even more popular than ever.
That's it I guess, everything else pretty much stay the same.
>Pinnacle of VN adaptations came with KyoAni's Keyshit shows
>KyoAni popularized LN adaptations

What's next in their career?

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>drawing a nigger like this

Oh lawdy.
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Why is this allowed?
Well atleast it feels like nips are always having fun when they draw them
kek is that prince chawmin?

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And why i like it?
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It's the will of the Emperor.
Something like 40% of Japs under the age of 30 are virgins though.
Because they are home drawing lewd pictures or masterbating to 2d girls all day. Ain't nobody got time for real girls.

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twisted fucking psychopath.gif
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What did she mean by this?
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ben stein.jpg
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It means she puts on a mask to hide her true self because she is not comfortable with everyone knowing who she really is, perhaps because of deep-seated insecurities or emotional traumas from her past.
What's with all the Kare Kano recently?

There was a Kare Kano-related reaction image that blew up on /v/ and /pol/ so newfags are rushing in to watch the show.

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ITT: Unintentionally hilarious scenes.
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my life

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