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>Trickster - 01
Anyone else watching this? Was alright first episode.

Seems a lot like Rampo Kitan but with a emo MC.

Least it has a cute Hikki girl in it.
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MC is too genki for me and the other guy is too much of a fag. Doubt I'll watch second episode
Is it fujobait? Looks like fujobait
>Seems a lot like Rampo Kitan but with a emo MC.
Thats the reason i am not watching it (unless it has ED as good as Rampo Kitan)

RK was major diappointment, and i am telling that as someone who was creating its threads and keeping discussion and speculation with insight into Edogawa`s works at first.

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I dont understand, why do you hate her?
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Sorry I don't watch garbage.
Say what you want about the show, but that scene was fucking to notch.
Only thing I remember from that series. That and blue haired girl.

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Barrister in fantasy world?
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>Courtroom Isekai

God I can see it now. We're about to move away from plain old isekai, now we're going to add random occupations to it.

Isekai computer science when?
how many chapters before it's axed?
I give it about a dozen.

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What are your thoughts about Amagi Brilliant park?
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That she was easily the best.
Water > Air >>> Fire >>>>> Dirt
No season 2

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Why are lolis so verboten?
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i wanna lick that cunny
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I'd like on Tomoka shake, please.

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Amazing. The absolute worst girl won

It's like building the world greatest mansion in front of your clients, then right at the ribbon cutting ceremony, burning the whole things to the ground with a smile on your face.
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>worst girl won
But Kosaki didn't win.
Kosaki was literally the OTP and the only good tier girl in this shit manga. I hated it from beginning to end.
Your taste is shit.

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What kind of things would you do to this cute boy, /a/?

Can boys be magical girls too?
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Grab tail to see what happens.
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>this is a Japanese schoolboy
Here we go again

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best girl rem.jpg
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Well, i love you anon!
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why did you kill me then
Because you stinks from some witch stuff.
I love Emilia

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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1 value. maybe even 2 values.
Helps that the soundtrack is great
Re:Zero really was the AOTS
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At least use shots from different episodes, hell, use shots from different scenes.

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>Ep 1: 2d 12h 4m

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What are the chances S2 only adapts the second novel based on how much the first episode covers?
More feet
Will based Shuichi give Kumiko a good corndogging this season? I think yes.

The show will be terrible.
Do yourself a favour and read the manga.
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I just hope they don't over-SHAFT it.
What's up with their faces?
>not Shinbo
Dropped harder than your mother dropped you.

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The chapter's been out for a while and we don't have a thread, so I'm dumping it. Don't expect clever commentary.
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ITT: Shows that make you ANGRY!

Pic related this shit is absolute trash I hate every fucking character especially these cunts, only retards could like this garbage for the pandering shit it contains.
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Worst main character ever.

This show was fucking awful.
What is this Negima?
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I know, right? Why did it take so fucking long for best girl to win? After all, it's ABOUT best girl, so why the fuck did Kyousuke dither about with those other sluts?

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Share some songs, whether they are EDs or OPs that are out of place or don't fit the mood of the show but still manage to be good.

I'll start with the K-On ending "No Thank You." This ED is an awesome song, and the lyrics work with what was happening in the show at the time, but it's a pretty dark/sad song for a show that was always so happy.
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Mio looks badass in that picture
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Mio is cool, anon.

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This is how Europeans are drawn in anime.
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It's not though watch the K-On movie to see how they actually are
This is how Americans are drawn in anime.
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>racist jokes in sakamoto
glad i dropped it

the funniest thing about this is the irony in the fact that japanese actually make themselves look european in anime, while making actual europeans look ugly with ridiculous noses

japan is a joke

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