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Onodera's daughter is cute
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i hope she lost too.
I see Tsugumi managed to impregnate Chitoge. Good for them.

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Why are there no good anime this season?
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Ask Japan.
Because you have shit taste
Because Stella no Mahou subs are one week delayed.

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Anyone hyped?
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PV looks great.
Hope it ends up being good, otherwise I'll have nothing to watch besides Eupho.
This sounds familiar, something about SCIENCE and golden yandere witches.
I'm looking forward to it. I wouldn't be hyped too much about it, though. It could be great or it could be mediocre. I would be sorely disappointed if it were bad.

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Do your parents know that you watch moe anime?
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I don't anymore.
My parents are dead, so probably not
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I dont expect them to know what's moe anime.

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Why form groups for scanlating stuff?

Why not just make the raw available to everyone, make the translated script available publicly, and just wait for someone that will edit the text into the raw, if the usual editor isn't around, anyone else is free to try.
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Why do all that instead of just forming a group?
Each activity is usually done by different people, they can operate on their own liking instead of a schedule.
So you want releases to be inconsistent? I don't follow.

>they can operate on their own liking

So never basically.

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Tomboy princesses, gay red headed witches, and (not)Nazis.

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How would you hail the princesses butt?
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out on Mangastream!


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So, is this manga any good?
It's entertaining enough, although I don't think it's WSJ material.
Scary ass nigga

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Would you become best friends with a tomboy?
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Absolutely. Dating a tomboy is like having a guy friend without a dick
based upon past experience I'd say yes as it's a win/win all round.
>wanting a guy friend without a penis
but that sounds terrible

This was really, really comfy.
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The OST is great too, The show was ALMOST NNB god tier levels but a few episodes were just too dull for me but overall it was a solid SoL.
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hot cakes.webm
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so I heard you like hotcakes
I watched FW since my nigga Dewa was doing the OST again. NagiAsu's soundtrack hit the right spot then, and FW's OST is pretty good as well. No regrets, I was healed for 12 days.

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Day 4
a plan is afoot
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tomo looks so cool in that 4th panel

i think i'm gay for tomo now
>Day 4
Isn't it day 5 though? >>148008174
Title: Unexperienced Zone
Panel 1:
Tomo: Where are you planning to go on the train?
Carol: Huh? I don't know.
Tomo: What do you mean you don't know?
Panel 2:
Carol: You see, I've never rode a train before.
Tomo: Seriously?!
Carol: Yes, seriously!
Panel 3:
Carol: When I said that to Misuzu...
Misuzu And you're a high schooler? ...hmph.
Panel 4:
Carol: I decided to ride the train!
Tomo: You don't like to lose either, huh...

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>2 days

Are you ready for the new anime phenomenon?
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This garbage is going to flop so hard
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I don't know if I can handle the fabulosity
>calls it yuri
>it's yaoi

Why is this allowed?

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What's the best song and why is it Beat of the Rising Sun?
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>Beat of the Rising Sun
>not Killing my love

You had one job anon

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Who /swordboys/ here?
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Japan needs to ban homo for the sake of their population like Russia does.
Yeah, sure.
Did you like the first episode? I think that if I was a secondary I would be fucking lost.

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>Code Geass is 10 years old
Code Geass is 10 years old. You were in kindergarten when Code Geass was airing. You haven't even born yet when CG was airing.
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I've been on this shit board for over a decade now? And I still apparently haven't lurked enough.
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>been on this shit board for over a decade
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just one more day

fuck i want it now

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ITT: Characters with personalities you can relate to.
pic related
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I'm more of a Ritsu type myself.
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genki, quirky, sociable and with a wicked sense of humor?

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