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Why is R2 so bad?
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It wasn't completely bad, but it certainly had its share of dumb moments. Of course, the whole series had some really full on retard moments.

>Hey sis! I can totally make people do anything I say. Like, I could make you not care if you farted in public, wouldn't that be funny? Or maybe I could say you have to kill every single Japanese person. That'd be a laugh rio-OH SHIT!
>So yea, your leader is like my little brother, he's kind of a spazz and might have been manipulating you. Listen to this tape I totally didn't doctor to make him sound like he did everything for the lols. So let's kill him, or capture him, I don't know.
Did you see Kallen in that bunny suit?
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Kallen attacks.png
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Yes. What about it?

These are the best kind glasses.
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Maho thread!
Genuine question, why did you make the new thread early?
>whatever kind saori wears

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Not enough.
Fapped to Silat once, I'm not gay though.
just once

Nyanhoe thread.
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RIP Nyanbo thread.
Don't worry OP, I'll be watching.

finally someone picked up, dumping the manga about a yakuza boss become a little girl
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Why are there so few Madokafags? I don't mean fans of the show, I mean fans of the eponymous character herself. Madoka is simply the superior choice of the sextet:

>Homura: lewd as fuck but is a completely deranged lesbo
>Mami: solid choice overall, big tits, possibly a haafu, but has a truckload of issues and tend to lose it
>Sayaka: simple, but plain. Obsessed with another boy and childish
>Kyouko: callous at first and will flip the fuck out if you waste a single crumb of food, impulsive
>Nagisa: probably illegal (not that stops anyone in the land of 2D), even more childish than Sayaka
>Madoka: calm-headed, thinks before acting rashly, has cute twintails and looks pretty with her hair down, kind to everyone, is literally Magical Girl Jesus, has an ultra-lewd goddess mode, best hair color, might be an 淫乱ピンク

It's literally not even a competition.
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I agree that Madoka is underappreciated, people seem to take issue with how long she waited to make her wish, but if anything that makes her the most rational character.

Kyouko > Madoka > Mami > Nagisa > Homura
Sayaka is my self insert.
We're all on /c/
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She's not very exciting. I prefer flawed characters.
Not that there's anything wrong with Madoka, she's a cutie.

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M____i a shit
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Wow anon you're so funny.

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whatever happened to good harem? why is the harem genre so dead now. filled with shitty fanservice and plot that goes nowhere
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>good harem
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>good harem
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>picks worst girl
>good harem

>criticizes someone for using unnecessary accessories
>wears a tie
Why is Reigen such a faggot?
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OP is a faggot along with his shitshow meme psycho.
Are you one of those kind of people he dislikes?

Those who thinks he's better?
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see subjectline

Don't be a hipster
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hipster shaming is what's wrong with internet anime fans
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This isn't hipster is it?
>daily cancerous circlejerk general

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precure thread: riko is cute edition

-no elitism
-report shit posting
-if you do'nt have something nice to say do'nt post
-and remember to have fun

guide: where to start? futari wa (first one) heart catch (most popular) or maho girls since its the newest right now
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Kyo isn't here Iori, go home
Argentinian shitposter, I know it's you.
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

I will post this every day until Christmas!

83 days!

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I randomly found a 26 ep boxset of Super Gals at the DVD store
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Doin a comparison
Colors are less faded, not squished dimensions

The first few episodes are all 720x480 on the torrents but a few in the latter half of the ADV stuff are in 640x480

This pic should be 720x480 that I took from the torrent that's on bakabt and nyaa
I was planning on watching this. Keep going.

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By next year every anime will be fujoshit by this rate.
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turns out women spend more money on anime crap
You are seriously fucked if you arent gay
>reverse harem is now fujocrap
Also, what the fuck is this new Captcha?
>reverse harem

It's about a fujo shipping her harem together by a famous BL author.

What went right?
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Kiryuin Satsuki had enough charisma to carry the show on her own.

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