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What do you think the second round of the exams will include?
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So after this rescue exam, they're done?
Trying not to be mindbroken by old man dick
Tsuyu is the traitor, calling it now

>nyaa is down
did daiz finally do it?
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>watching anime
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>can't download the new saiki
I'm mad now.
>nyaa is down

No it's not. It's having some kind of connection issues but it's not fully down. With some patience and determination I was literally just now able to download a torrent.

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ITT animes where the 3 episode rule doesn't work
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That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites..

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who cares? they only pick shitty shows.
Nah, they just bringing out the sci fi because that's the theme and running good stuff nowadays.
But we knew James Cameron wanted to do BAA forever ago. It's just he was delayed by Avatar.

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kill mediafire and then me.jpg
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These are .ico files you can apply to your folders to make them look spiffy. While using them for folders is the main purpose, feel free to use the icons for anything else. Etcetera, so on and so forth.

>not using square icons
>not using XBMC/Kodi
>not using Notepad
>implying it's not a virus

Full Pack (3,594 icons): https://mega.nz/#!mttCARrR!MYkGoeCSyWvC3SDfenkMs7E8-jnc59zDXHOlh0SOJuw

Fall Season: https://mega.nz/#!ullVHIxA!N0k0gVM2rRNpAKrhW0DfIJoYPDhivWpd6Yi3YsHRTc4

Icon Matcher: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sa8irab8nhdpmd4/Anime+Icon+Matcher.exe

Torrent (includes full, seasonal and icon matcher): http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=856278

Updates can be found at http://animeruinslives.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page.html

If there are any issues with the icons, let me know and I'll rectify them as soon as possible. Non-seasonal icons eventually. Feel free to request them. Make sure to use the latest version of the matcher.
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Neat that there's a good collection, but this concept has been around forever.
what about manga?
also, how do I best bug whoever to add one (for Helck) if it's not there already?

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Any love for Rurouni Kenshin? Finally managed to finish it up, it drops a little after the Shishio arc but I thought it was a solid watch all the way through. Are there any other 90's shows like this? Also a good example of the second OP being much better than the first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e8m8iBNUwU
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I like Sobakasu and 1/2
Never watched the show though or even have any clue what it's about.
Only the manga.
Literal garbage. Naruto with swords.

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>Liking Yui Kotegawa
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But she's a key piece of the harem plan.
Liking to this Overrated Rotten Peach bathed in semen

Momo, Yui, and Mikan are the only girls Rito needs.

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No subs = dead thread?
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Did no one pick this up?

Delayed for a week.
Blame the fucking piece of shit fuckjoshit.

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It was all lies or she truly defeated the cock?
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stop this shit
babbies first Schrödinger's cat

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Why was 80's/90's fan service so much more lewd than modern fan service?
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no censored boob. Also nice dubs.
This aired yesterday.
that looks like a ball sack

vulvas do not get THAT puffy

why absolutely everybody hates emilia?
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I don't. I think she's better than Rem at least.

not me but applicable.
Because she ruined the whole series.

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Good animation thread
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how the fuck does that even works?
File: gits tank fight.webm (3MB, 1013x550px)Image search: [Google]
gits tank fight.webm
3MB, 1013x550px

Is that from some kind of Tsukihime fan animation? If so, it looks really good!

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What if Minami had been the anime MC? How would it have changed things?
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It wouldn't work. She's Mary sue as fuck. I mean her fatal flaw is that she works too hard.
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CtwF0u3UEAAq_Qh.jpg orig.jpg
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It would have become an H-anime by episode 4.
then it's the same as uzuki

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Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?
>go on glassdoor
>check salary of young artist of CN, Dreamworks, Pixar
>The minimum is 7k monthly

I want to become an animator in Japan but Cartoon Network is right next to me. And it's even easier to get hired by CN than working for Japan.
I'm graduating this year, what do?
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Don't worry anon
Shinkai saved anime, soon the industry will be rich.

Thank you based Shinkai.
You do know CN outsources to anime studios right? Steven Universe had an episode animated by Trigger animators at some point.

Anyway, go to CN. You'll have a lot less bullshit to put up with for alot more money. Being an animator in Japan is fucking horrible,
Animators in Japan are treated like slaves, so you're better off going to CN.

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Describe this character without saying what they look like, what they wore, or what their occupation in the story was. Describe this character to your friends like they ain't never read Fate
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moralfag ghost chick blasts other ghosts with a sword
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>Tohsaka looks down at the golden-haired girl below her and takes a deep breath.
>"Ah... hm... I'm surprised... I didn't think I swung this way."
>Then, she takes the finger resting on top of Saber's crotch and sinks it inside.

>"...! ――Ah, ha――"
>...Was it a soft touch?
>Saber just raises her shoulders once and does not appear agitated by Tohsaka's fingers.

>"Nn... ah, haa..."
>...A wet sound can be heard between her heated moans.
>Sticky and slimy sounds.
>Drops of the passionate juice that seems to symbolize the improper actions of two women.
>It is indeed dripping from between Saber's legs.
>you remember King Arthur right?
>well japan made him a chick and gave her a sick invisible lightsaber to fight copies of historical figures to establish dominance

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