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Why is most Shoujo art so fucking bad? How can people even stand to look at this?
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Fujos don't mind the shit quality.
Because girls don't care about art they just want to fap to the rape.

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>they didn't make him N(ea)

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>called Dog Days
>best character is a cat
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That's wrong
That's lion btw
>best girl
You're looking a bit different there, Millhiore
All the girls are great but there can be only one best

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>girl asks you out on a date
>it's at 10am
>arrive 5pm

this is so shit im actually really mad.
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come on /a/, where are the gook readers

It's stupid drama. Shit's boring.
I've definitely done this before.

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What are your thoughts on interspecies romance in Manga?
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How in the fuck does that mate or make any sense?
How did that happen? Haven't read this in ages but I see it is still as ridiculous and b movie as ever.
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Literally best.

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Or mango
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Fantasy Football sports anime.
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>hero is born in a village where all villagers are assigned a random object at birth whose characteristics they'll adapt
>hero is garlic
>hero is super cute girl (or trap shota if publishers allow it) but smells bad, running gag about people approaching her but then leaving when they smell her. Once an episode/chapter.
>hero wears purple/white garlic skin as hat
>hero sets out to cure herself, travels to other villages and gains companions.
>condition can be played for both laughs and sads
fuck off fujo

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Honest thoughts on the Fate series?
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its decent the little I've seen, although the shitty snout faces always pissed me off, has the art style improved at all? at least how they draw faces?
Interesting concept and alternative takes/interpretations of historical and mythological figures.

Unfortunately, the series is chock full of highly pretentious chuunishit technobabble and other rambling. Kinoko Nasu's style of prose and writing really puts me off.


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Is it yuri?
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It's a trap!
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We can trust this thing, right?
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>Get told by Michael to fuck off again, she'll be killed next time she intervenes in a war.
>Maria boldly states she'll keep stopping wars for as long as it takes.
>Implied she immediately gives up on that at the end of the anime.

What the fuck was the point of this anime?
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Being the flop of its season.
For her to lose her virginity.

That was Flopping Girls.
Flopping girls sold more than maria the shit witch though. Also sold more than shit parade and kuma shit.

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Where were you when SAO became the first anime movie to get a worldwide SIMULTANEOUS screening? 1000 theaters across the globe. Movie opens Feb 14, 2017.

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I was wacking it.
Fuck yeah, movie looks fantastic.

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JC staff released a special video commemorating their 30 year anniversary.


They might not be very popular, but JC staff is one of my favorite studios, so lets have an appreciation thread for them. What are your favorite JC staff shows?
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No love whatsoever huh? I didn't expect them to be THIS unpopular.
Utena, Kare Kano, KMB, Joshiraku.
Recently I liked Flying Witch.

Good studio, glad to see them on the up.
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jc staff made one of my all time favourites. they'll always be special to me regardless of all the garbage they've made recently

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Why did you not tell me how great this show was?

Just on ep 3 and it is, for a lack of better word, fun.
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I want more Loli.
The lolis are great but badass princess fighting for her country is great too. Busty is a bonus.
Jesus I completely forgot about this show

Have they finally progressed past ep. 4?

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Was she that big?
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She's a growing girl
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god why are kyoani girls so thicc

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>#1 in the Japanese box office for 6 weeks now

>has surpassed Miyazaki's The Wind Rises as #5 Anime Film of All Time in Japan

>Earns 12.8 billion yen to surpass Jurassic Park and Star Wars Episode I in Japan

>Reached 10 billion Yen 9 days faster than Frozen


My God, this movie is unstoppable.
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It's because of the cute boy

Everyone is talking about this everywhere in the japanese social media, this movie is like a phenomena in Japan now.

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