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Why are brown girls simply the best?
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Because in anime, they tend to give off an exotic vibe without being offensive, lame, or corny. The common tropes are;

>islander with a tan
>tomboy with a tan
>brown girl from another country

There's other examples, but these three tend to be most common. The characters are generally well designed, both in appearance and personality. They also do not try hard to point out that they're darker colored; instead, it's a passive "Oh hey, you look different. Let's be friends!" approach in every situation. In anime, the brown characters tend to be most sympathetic as well, as they tend to feel left our or out of place, yet they find their place with friends they meet in their life in the setting they're present in. We're drawn to the brown characters because we want to be them; we want to find solace in friends when we're lost and don't know our place.
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They are sluts
>anime brown girls are just skinny Japanese girls with brown skin

I'd honestly rather they looked like Polynesian or Brazillian girls.

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>supply eroge to your teenage daughter
>openly discuss being a lolicon to said daughter
>also wants to bang his niece

Living the life, a degenerate criminal, or both?
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He's living the dream, who wouldn't want a bro daughter you can talk about hot anime tiddies with
A degenerate criminal living the dream until he finally crosses the line and gets arrested for raping his niece.
Wait, he wanted to bang Yutaka? I forgot about this.

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Being a kid is idolizing Goku.
Being an adult is realizing Vegeta makes more sense.
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>I've never kissed a woman
Being a faggot is starting shit threads

Yes. Because being an arrogant faggot makes more sense.

He's also the dumbass who got the world destroyed not once, but fucking twice by destroying the Potara earring so they couldn't stop Kid Buu and he destroys the Earth. Then letting Freeza destroy the entire planet and blow it up.

And he lost to Freeza again, not once, but twice. He's the ultimate job and worse than Yamcha.

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Can girls love girls?
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yes. but not as much as they love dagashi.
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Can girls rape other girls?
I haven't done enough in-depth research to neither confirm nor deny this

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This is cool. From the guy that did Deadman Wonderland
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What is he thinking, /a/?
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>Im such a pretentious hack overrated by gaijin faggots
About how to save anime.
>why am I such a hack?

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Do you appreciate magic girls?
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You say I should appreciate them, but what have they ever done for me?
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Mahou Shoujo is my favorite genre. So no, I hate them.
It's remarkable how easygoing she was at the end of each episode, after all the shit she went through.


Characters who had a hard life.
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>oniichan has no time to play games with her
Being Umaru is suffering.
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made in abyss.jpg
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She deserves better.

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Hey, /a/ would you like to become a magical girl?
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Sure, I'll become a Mahou Shoujo (male)
I don't get it. Is this some sort of weird rhetorical question?

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male edition
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Why would you bully a boy?
Because the nerd is trying to sit at the same table as your crush.
Any and all traps.

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So when did you degenerates realize that waifus are shit and daughterus who you want to give head pats and feed snacks to are better?
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toasting in epic bread
Fucking autism.
yes this is 4chan

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Here's a question that's been qeighing on my mind /a/

I've lost track of how many anime/manga pull this cliche of a medieval adventurer guild with rankings based on precious metal, an overenthusiastic secretary who explains everything, everyone using terms that sound like they are from some old tabletop game etc. etc. etc.

Where did this cliche start though? I can't really locate any game that actually works like this.
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>Where did this cliche start though? I can't really locate any game that actually works like this.
blame monster hunter
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>Implying your rank means shit against gobs
I feel like Monster Hunter picked it up from something even older though.

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thread brat
thread brat
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daily circlejerk thread
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No one here

Her seiyuu is Tracer on Overwatch JP. That is neat.

Also, YY is dead, deal with it already.

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Shh. Don't wake the snack slut.
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send that thing off
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You better have some snacks.

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Did you like Akame ga Kill? Be honest
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It was fun to watch while airing and shitpost on /a/ about it. Other than that, I don't ever think I would watch it stand alone
Omg yes

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