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How does one talk about old forgotten anime in here without the thread getting archived with few to none replies?
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Well, using Mari to catch our eyes is a good start
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Start your thread with a wrong opinion and people will discuss about it. Then you can start whatever you wanted to talk about in the middle of the thread while everybody is still there.
People usually aren't interested in discussing forgotten things, or are we, I don't remember, who cares.

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This fucking series, /a/
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What would you do to get just a sip of a cute trap's hot, creamy nectar, /a/?
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Give her my own as equivalent exchange.
Nothing. But I'll kick him in the nuts for free.
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I wanna taste Tenryuu-kun's hot cum more than anyone else's.

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>well adjusted
>righteous, moral christian beliefs
>honest, sincere, and most of all pure

Why does /a/ hate her so much? Is it because muh conspiracy theory? Take off your tinfoil hats anytime haters, Manami was the best girl.
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Fuck off shitposter.
I don`t hate her. She obviously expected the D, and if this was a story about sane people, she`d get it.
She is and i've defended her a few times today already but making a thread about it is just going to get the sisterfuckers annoyed again and they'll try to justify their shit taste poorly once more, which is just annoying.

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ITT: Overrated hacks
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I wish I had his jawline tho
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This was surprisingly fun to watch, especially the music was pretty cool.
Is this an original anime?
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Edgiest anime I've watched since Tokyo Ghoul and Fate/Zero.
surprisingly painful you mean
What garbage
Gay garbage
Yeah I dunno it just felt jumbled. Like they were going for too many different things in episode 1, and everyone came off as a blank, barely tangible slate for it.
We just have:
>edgy dude with an element of mystery
>happy running main character man
>generic bad guy villain man
>eccentric professor man
>straight guy to the professor's bullshit
>straight-laced cop woman
>tech loli #281241

The general style was good, I guess, but I think they should have slowed down and focused on one element and laced the other underneath it more subtly, instead of trying to make both prominent.

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Karen Coach.jpg
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From now on, she is going to train you.

Best be prepared, anon.
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>trained to be elite by a loli

What anime does this seriously?
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Will Karen teach me how to be a cute kimpatsu shoujo like her?

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The anime must be at least this good to be posted in this thread.
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I finally watched this show, and the only thing I wanna say now is, thank you for everything, Kyoani
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>nearly end of 2016
>konosuba threads still exist

Why is this allowed?
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Generals my man
They turn into bureaucracies where the people invested in the threads keep them going as they feel that stopping would waste all the time they invested into the threads.
And so they self propagate and last way beyond any measure of acceptability. The threads start existing just to exist, with the thin veil that they're 'discussing' when it's just the same 10 people saying the same goddamn shit over and over again
where did that scene come from? episode i mean

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s-so this is what it feel like to have a waifu.

i can't eat i can't sleep. all I do is thinking about her

>anime end
what do I do now /a/non ???
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>what do i do now.
Move on, your waifu a shit.
>anime end
>what do
Read the manga dummy. If your affection still lingers after that, collect as many images of her as you can.
There are multpile things you can do after that, but just be sure not to fall into namefag territory.
She looks somehow like Kirino

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Grimgar thread.
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Me on the far right!
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Best girl

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Why anyone watch shows aimed at kids on a 18+ website?
You made this thread yesterday, faggot.

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best nichijou 93.jpg
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Look at this

This is perfection incarnate

No women from any dimension can even come close to this degree of perfection
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That's true.
I usually hate genki dumb character with a passion, but Yukko is just too much perfect.
Yes my daughter is pretty cute.
Anon that's my daughter, please stop spreading lies.

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What does /a/ think of this?
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Kill yourself, xpearse.
i think its pretty dead
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>cute girls with stinky feet

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