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Who are the worst posters on /jojo/ threads?

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>no all option
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>both fall in love with a transformed man
>one's ugly
>one's not

□ We'll get a prequel LN series titled "Re:Zero kara Hajimaru Zenjitsutan - Kakurezato no Oni Shimai" featuring Frederica

□ Re:Zero Arc 5: Subaru Visits Rem

□ Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 2: Insults and Gratitude (3/3)
Before chapter 3 there will be a flashback segment to Subaru’s previous meeting with Beatrice.

□ Re:Zeropedia cover

□ LN Vol 10 cover
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>no muscles
I'm a little disappointed.
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I don't know if this is the translation, but I'm posting it anyways!
>Echidna: Hey little brother, could that be that today's flyer? If it is, I'll take the beef stroganoff. I've been wanting to have that for dinner. You're my little brother, so you can make it, right?
>Regulus: There's no reason I'd be able to make that, don't you think? I've never made it, and it would take too much time. Trying to force me to make it is an infringement of my rights, wouldn't you agree? Also, I'd be quite pleased if you'd quit clinging to me; it really puts me in a bad mood.
>Echidna: Huh? Are you feeling a bit of lust towards your big sister? I'm not sure what you were thinking about in regards to this meager body, but perhaps it was forbidden love? I'm fairly interested in that sort of thing, please do continue.
>Regulus: That's ridiculous! You're completely infringing on my rights here!
Do we really need a Re:Zero general now?

Can't you guys fuck off?

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I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love
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Wouldn't it be easier to give her a lobotomy?

Then she wouldn't be able to predict shit and thus wouldn't need Despair anymore.

Plus, she'd be too retarded to think about hope or despair.
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What do you think of Junko's new profession as an "inventor"?
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Happy Birthday best girl

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Grand unified dimension of Rituals soon
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This is a semen demon
>Crystal Wing and Greedy Venom can both beat each other on their respective turns
>Crystal Wing at best ties with Dark Requiem on CW turn but loses on Dark Requiem's turn
>Greedy Venom can beat Dark Requiem on GV turn by not using his effects but loses to Dark Requiem on DR turn
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It’s the final stretch
We’ll be singing Kirifuda (Tv size).
Submit yourself singing the song. You can upload it to vocaroo,sendspace,mediafire,picosong, anywhere that you like, just make sure I can download it.
Regarding on how to record:
> Make sure you have no background noise.
>Try to sing on time, and on pitch. If you can’t do both try at least on time.
>You can record using a free program like Audacity.
>If you want to sing both voices of the song, make two separate files, not one.
Post the link of your recording in the threads (I’ll be watching them) or send me via e-mail:
[email protected]
Let’s all sing this to celebrate the end of the show. I’ll wait a month from now, 03/10, until I finish accepting submissions. I’ll deliver the final product a few days later after we reach our goal, on youtube.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQU8WYRsF4s
Lyrics: http://www.lirik.biz/2016/03/kirifuda-lyrics-yu-gi-oh-arc-v-opening.html

Do your best.

Spoilers are out for episode 62.
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Freeza and Cold.jpg
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>inb4 that Toeishill comes in and calls anyone a Toyblecuck for liking the manga.
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Goku will fuck up the Mafuba and Tien will save everybody instead

Zamasu hates tea so he'll get sealed in a teapot

Freeza is stronger than his dad and nobody knows for certain what's up with his race and their transformations

Goku has one original technique that was almost a throwaway gag in the first budokai

>now you can continue

Why is he so chubby?
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>Yuri on ice
>Is yaoi shit

His name is Yuri.
He's cute.
Would fug

Shalltear is useless!
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>Free bandwidth quota exceeded
>Can't download PPP RAW

Fuck. Have some Chair illustrations.

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Hibike Euphonium S2 discussion about relationships. Are Kumiko and Reina a true yuri couple now?
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No, Reina loves sensei and is lowkey shipping Shuichi with Kumiko.
There are two other threads right now sorry

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Pouting seal.jpg
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Stop posting bits of Ribbon Warrior, please post the whole chapter.

you are making Sawree sad.
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AK is better than Commie, they said.
Reminder to report and ignore bullying.
That seal looks extra fertile.

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Chapter 86 spoilers are OUT! Summary below,

- This is the childhood of Grisha and his younger sister Fay (Faye?)
- In their town there are blimps, steamboats, even some planes flying overhead - the culture is similar to that of the Turn A Gundam series
- The two of them escaped from confines (Maybe something like a ghetto) but were discovered by soldiers. Fay is taken away and killed
- Ymir’s people, who wield the Titan power, were victorious in the war
- Grisha was 18 when he found out that his sister had been eaten
- (The grammar of this part is a little confusing) In order to revive “Elodia,” in order to resurrect the ancient (Original) Titan, to defeat “Mali”
- Grisha married “Donna” and had Zeke. When Zeke was 7, he went to the government and exposed Grisha and Donna (For doing what is not clear)
- Elodia was sent to the island of “Balati,” which is the base of the Titans.

Spoilers here, http://yonkouprod.com/shingeki-no-kyojin-chapter-86-spoilers/
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First for Grisha did nothing wrong
Grisha a hero. Wall people are martyrs.
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A true hero.

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What's the Rating.png
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What this thread's rating?
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It's 555
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maxresdefault (5).jpg
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This is the special relationship.
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Yes it is.
File: dab.png (727KB, 1171x1368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The most special of relationships.

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Hibike discussion for concert band bros.

Yuri / het baiters fuck off

What instrument do / did you play?

Clarinet reporting in.
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hahahha fucking nerd
this episode was the definition of forced drama

Also kumiko's voice sounds totally different

what the fuck kyoani
Nothing, always wanted to but I never figured out which one I liked so I just dropped it. Maybe one day.

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Its a Russian taunt
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Read it as Russian taint.
Still thinking about Victor's ass.
Which episode will Victor die?
Press F to pay respects

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Why is Carrot so cute?
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>Luffyfags actually think Luffy would've won without Nami
If Nami wasn't there, Luffy would just King Kong Gun all the clones (like Cracker's flying haki-less body did) and Cracker's face, but also destroy the entire forest

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