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127: Revival Zero

Supreme King Dragon Z-Arc who once brought the world to the verge of destruction...

Reiji's father, Leo, begins to talk about the day the world was split into four. However, he also brings up to Reiji about how he feels about the girl, Ray, who took his place to stand up to Z-Arc. And as his father does, Reiji realizes the scheme his mother Himika has following...

128: Decisive Battle! The Spirit Tech Force

Leo's goal is "Revival Zero", the reintegration of the four girls who share Yuzu's face. Upon hearing it, Yuya and Reiji find themselves filled with anger and fury.

129: Shard of the Supreme King

While Yuya fights off Z-Arc to avoid being swallowed up by the dragon, Reiji daringly opposes his father, Leo, in order to stop his ambitions.

The two of them fight against Leo, while fighting their own battles. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Yuri and Yugo face-off. On each of their fields, the 4 Dragons are summoned one by one, and begin to resonate as if foretelling the revival of the one true Devil

130: The Greedy Venomous Dragon

Ed and Kaito RANNYUU PENALTY into Joeri and Hugo's Duel ( :cm ) causing the battle to intensify. But, Ed, who learned "The true fun of a duel" from Yuya, seeks to save Yuya, and for the sake of rescuing the two being swallowed up by the darkness called Z-Arc, Ed prepares an attack giving everything he's got with the new monster he holds.
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It's been so long.
but the promised time is at hand....
I hope its at least mildly entertaining.
It’s the final stretch
We’ll be singing Kirifuda (Tv size).
Submit yourself singing the song. You can upload it to vocaroo,sendspace,mediafire,picosong, anywhere that you like, just make sure I can download it.
Regarding on how to record:
> Make sure you have no background noise.
>Try to sing on time, and on pitch. If you can’t do both try at least on time.
>You can record using a free program like Audacity.
>If you want to sing both voices of the song, make two separate files, not one.
Post the link of your recording in the threads (I’ll be watching them) or send me via e-mail:
[email protected]
Let’s all sing this to celebrate the end of the show. I’ll wait a month from now, 03/10, until I finish accepting submissions. I’ll deliver the final product a few days later after we reach our goal, on youtube.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQU8WYRsF4s
Lyrics: http://www.lirik.biz/2016/03/kirifuda-lyrics-yu-gi-oh-arc-v-opening.html

Do your best.

PS: Funny images are a part of the keikaku. post 'em.

This guy gives those vibes
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i bet he pooped out whis and vados and other attendants after zeno-sama mpregnated him
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can't wait for the overthrow the gods arc

>[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium S2 - 01 [720p]

And we're back!
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boring episode to be honest
Keeping myself pure for FFF
The episode was great, nice atmosphere.

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What do I do when my loli keeps showing me her panties?
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Buy a chastity belt for her.
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But she wouldn't like that
Fug her.

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Spoilers OUT!
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Need to bust a nut? Consult the nearest Mikabutt!
Gas yourself.

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Do you think Jojo works better as an anime than a manga?
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Yes, but only because of how often they yell nani and masaka
No because you can't adapt Parts 7 and 8
Diamond is Unbreakable was pretty good as an anime until after Sheer Heart Attack. It feels pretty restricted by needing to cram a bunch of material into a few episodes.

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Would you hug snek?
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No fuck you, fuck this anime, fuck snakes. Neck yourself please.
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>Fuck snakes
That's the spirit, Anon!

We can all agree on this.
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Reminder that if you don't agree, you don't belong here.
Commence the shitposting
Yaoi on Ice > Hibikek

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Chapter in 5 minutes.

Villian Sakamata next week.
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they beefed him up in BnHA
>all the idiots will rush to Sakamata
>the real villain will attack the safe zone
This is what will happen next week.
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Indeed. And I kind of love how Hori likes villains who wear classy, Isana, Sakamata, AFO, BlackMist, etc.

And I might be looking too much into it, but Sakamata/Gang Orca makes me think of Venom.

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how long until we see the meet-and-greet?

and more importantly, why fuck is a cat pulling the carriage?
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chapter confirms once again that reiju a bitch
this meme needs to die
That's a big cat.

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Our enterprise a success
As return is no option
Our eyes were removed
For our own safety

The distance too great
For you to hear our cries
Never mind take this lamp
We are also beyond /ai/ - Idle Activities
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Spreading Love You to infinity and beyond!

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Lengthy summary out, still waiting on cover. 472 pages. Making it the longest NT novel. Summary leaves plot pretty open so plenty of speculation can be made

圧倒 的劣勢の中、上条当麻の反撃が始まる――!
大熱波が去り、復旧モードの学園都市。そこは、通信インフラが寸断された混乱の影響で、『警備員(アンチス キル)』達さえ手綱の握れぬ無法地帯となっていた。
追跡のエキスパート『辿り屋』絵恋、直接戦力を得意とする変幻自在の海賊少女の琉華、ネットを駆使して大衆 を操る幽霊少女の冥亞……。木原唯一に『右手』を盾にされ、上条当麻抹殺を命じられた彼女達だが、その芯は 変わらない。想い人を取り戻す。その信念ゆえに突き進む。
全てを賭して襲い来る少女達から逃走する上条。彼の味方は、『上里勢力』からたった一人ついてきたUFO少 女・府蘭だけだった。

From entei 08:
Long summary is here. Nothing too new, heat wave is gone, communication is still down, Anti-Skill can't do jack, AC has become a lawless zone, Kamisato Faction out to kill Touma under Yuiitsu's orders, just that instead of the usual Eren, Elza Claire trio we get Eren, Luca (protean pirate girl specializing direct combat) and Maya (using the web to manipulate the people) instead.

Proper translation of the summary welcome
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Search 新約 とある魔術の禁書目録(17) on amazon.jp if you want source on page number and info
> just that instead of the usual Eren, Elza Claire trio we get Eren, Luca (protean pirate girl specializing direct combat) and Maya (using the web to manipulate the people) instead.
>No Salome

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We need new overlord thread, don't we! Pleiades torrent soon?
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Is there a transcript for drama CDs? I'd like reading much more than listening.
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daily reminder
there is, its embedded in the translated drama cds

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Felix 152.jpg
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When can I expect the EX novel 1 to be animated, translated or turned into a manga?
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It's hilarious how Tappei let Emilia win so easily.
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Remu appels to idiots. Tappei was a smart man to write her off, but still leave hope for the stupid Remfags so they won't drop the series.

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You meet this fair maiden outside. What do?
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protect her smile
parlezbian v frog, madamemoiselle?
Perrine is mai waifu

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