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Friendly reminder that Maho Girls Precure killed the Precure franchise. RIPs
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There have been plenty of bad Precures before

Not as bas as Maho.

They need to be more daring that shakes up the formula

Like Ninjas Precure or have an evil Precure counterpart as the main bad guys

Seriously what's holding them back in having a group of evil magical girls? Freakin' Sailor Moon has done this a ton of times

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Gappy makes me happy.
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Sad clock-horse has arrived
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Joshuu is a Broshuu.
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How long until they become canon?
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>waifufaggot OP
God DB threads suck.
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Why do these guys want the crystals?
What is Papika's connection to them?
Did they create the robot that's following the girls?
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>I heard Mitsuo Iso was working under a pen name on it.
>There is a shady organization searching for the crystal shards hidden inside Deep Illusion, a parallel world.
the word metabug immediately popped into my mind when I saw these. we're hunting for metabugs again, yay

so what is this, whimsical dennou coil for yurifags?

It's always a good time to rewatch Dennou Coil.
>wearing a watch when you have a cellphone

Why is Hikari so stupid?
>having a cellphone

She is like me, no friends so why have a cellphone? Save 2 shekels a month.

Why is Hikari so intelligent?

>watch is on the right wrist

Why is Hikari so stupid?

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I cannot fucking believe how well this works as an anime.

I am absolutely thrilled.
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Best girl animated, all is right with the world.
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>no farts

My only complaint.
>Knocking out your opponents so they fall in a pool
Isn't that kind of dangerous? How many drownings occur in aquatic butt sumo?
That was what came to my mind too. Knocking them out of the ring is one thing, but giving them anal concussive blows then letting them fall into the water seems dangerous. I don't want any of my cute swimsuit sluts to die from wet butt wrestling.

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You can do anything if you continue wishing
That what you whisper comes true
You can gain power as many times as you fight
Stand up as many times as you can

I notice my hidden strength like I just woke from a light sleep
I run and keep searching for /ai/ idle activities
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Those are idle?
Kii and Yurika are dating?
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World's softest Rurus
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Just finished watching this hot mess and Chiaki's death doesn't settle well with me. Izuru said he wanted to see if Chiaki's wish would come true.
>Save her classmates
>Play with Hajime with again and see her classmates
What we got instead was a sentient, chameleon AI with her semblance doing it in her name. Granted, I like AI Chiaki, but Izuru didn't exactly carry out the last half of her wish. His plan was flawed from the start if real Chiaki was dead. Kodaka really didn't need her saying that last line. I can see why Chiakifags got baited so hard now. What's worse, is that he doesn't even give her proper closure, like a visit to her grave or the like. I'm not even a Chiakifag.
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Ruruslut a shit.
Praise be to Seiko.
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For someone in the last thread, theres more but i don't think shes the right character for this ... personaility

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Can anyone please explain this? How exactly did the people get the power to turn into a titan? Who is the blonde lady and who is the devil??
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Some think that it's a propaganda story and others think that it's an actual deal with the devil
Clearly untrue. There's no shitty magic in SnK.
What's most likely true is that the continent (Africa) is the remnants of the old world after a giant war. The titans are simply a biological weapon developed by the old humans who wiped themselves out.
The remaining titans rebuilt the world and then left to create a peaceful paradise.
That's just an allegory for using some sort of "forbidden power", clearly man-made in nature.

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New chapter just came out
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Thank you op.

Remember anons, promises shouldn't be broken once they are made.
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More like promises should only be broken once they're made.
More like never make promises in the first place.
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I will marry this clarinet.

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It's that time again.
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where is part 2???

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What is even happening
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Zeke a cute.

Also Grisha's 2nd wife got eaten by his 1st wife.

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There sure is a lot of yuri this season.
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>Flippity Flapper threads
>filled with endless shitposts
>Yaoi on Ice threads
>occasional shitposts but mostly people talking about the show
what a surprise you bunch of faggots
Papika is for _____.
The shitposts in yuri threads come from yuri haters.
Less shitposts in homo threads because /a/ is full of faggots, no surprise there.

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Kitanda-chan has been with us all along. How could we have been so blind?
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Didn't notice. Was too busy with the sluts.
>photoshoping Shitspit into AA Hime's sprite
Fuck off.

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