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3Hz find a way
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More like flip floppers.

Looks like generic garbage.
What is it with action scenes in modern anime being flashy and nearly incomprehensible? Is it so hard to storyboard clear action? Also, the visuals in the OP don't really match the music.
Web gen animators can't into realism and weight so they do flashy shit.

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Have you ever fapped to Shinka?
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I mostly spill my loads to these two though
Quite so.
She is a fappest girl in anime.
haha what? who faps to a drawing???

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What are some great expressive anime characters?
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dumb ratposter
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/a/ I like Occult Nine, it's a good show.
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>I'm a NEET
>in highschool

>Not in Education, Employment or Training
>Not in Education
>Not in Education
>Not in Education
>Not in Education
I really hope he gets called out on that at some point.
NEET is basically like cuck or autist now.
A buzzword at best.

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Ep 1: 1d 4h 52m
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2 (1).jpg
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More ribbons is always a good thing
Who's that character in the right and why is her tuba so dented?

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STR or DEX, /a/?
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you think if Izaya had a gf he wouldn't be such an edgelord?

Whats your most pleasant surprise of the season?
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Takkyuu and Keijo.
I need a webm of him gao gaoing. So fucking adorable. How is it that a shota is more adorable than all the lolis in all these single dad shows?

ITT: Scenes you've rewatched dozens of times.
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I've been meaning to watch this. What's the overall tone? Happy? I need a a stupid happy one to watch, nothing too cerebral...
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It's mixed, very positive but definitely not mindless. The characters in it have problems, but they prop each other up. My personal favorite anime love story of all time. Stop after ep 18, that's when Anno quit Gainax over conflict with the original author / rights holders and the show goes into recap mode before disappointingly fizzling out.

Isn't she a bit young to be a mom?|
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For women it's actually a good idea to have children when they are younger and then re-enter the workforce later after giving birth rather than waiting until they are 30 and have deformed eggs.
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Yeah. She should at least wait until she's 8.

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The Guide.
Read it.
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I'm trying to buy MUV-LUV artbooks from Madarake and I'm getting cockblocked by their stupid Verified by Visa crap.

Any of you guys with a Bank of America credit card ever run into this issue while shopping there? I was able to order Tharja from them a year ago with my credit card just fine.
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Has anyone else ever shoplifted a figure?

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I had characters before where i enjoyed every second of their screentime but he was the first that was also the MC
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Night Raid was a pretty good show, but without Aoi it'd fall apart like a house of cards.

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Oh what a day.
What a lovely day!
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i still think the anime wasn't nearly as bad as people were trying to make it out to be
wasn't 10/10 material either but still
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Bern is cute! CUTE!
It made Battler denying Beatrice's existence look like stupid denial rather than a heroic act of resistance. When the entire premise of a series is misportrayed, the adaptation can't really be called anything but shit. That's not even getting into shit like them inserting fanservice during death scenes or the incoherent pacing.

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How many neps would a Nep Nep nep if a Nep Nep could nep neps?
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Nep Nep?
Nep Nep neps nep Nep Nep
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Neps nep Neps' Nepped Nep

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>Meanwhile, in lovely /a/cademy city...
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>outside the frame

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Why didn't Suu know what this lobster was?
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Can someone post the Junglebook thing changed with Monster girls. I need a good laugh.
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I'm going to marry Draco!
I have a different thing...

Tio is the the goddess of love and rebirth
Mero is the goddess of tragedy and the sea
Papi is the goddess of the sky and happiness
Miia is the goddess of envy, snakes, and unrequited love
Cerea is the goddess of war and victory
Lala is the goddess of death and Chuuni
Cathyl is the goddess of the earth and fertility
Merino is the goddess of shyness and warmth
Cot and Ton are the goddesses of mischief.
Kii is the goddess of nature and plants
Manako is the goddess of the hunt
Polt is the goddess of health, athleticism, and dogs
Suu is the shapeless goddess of creation
Doppel is an elder goddess
Rachnera is the goddess of seduction, lust, weavers and spiders
Zombina is the goddess of undeath and tomboys
Draco is the goddess of awkwardness, rejection, and defeat.
Liz is the goddess of lizards, devotion and honor.
Kinu is the goddess of fire and the hearth
Smith is the goddess of legs and coffee and rest
Luz is the goddess of festivals and magic
Yukio is the goddess of ice, decorum and romance
Kimihito is the god of invulnerability, cooking and hosting.
Oct is the goddess of the depths, secrets and games.
Lilith is the goddess of the underworld, manipulation and punishment.

Each of the mothers are retired Goddesses to which retired to Elysium to frolic with the dead spirits of their worshipers as lovers.

BC and his harem are a group of heretical gods and goddesses.
Tara is the Goddess of strength, brutality and punishment
Iris is the goddess of lolicons, and snark
Guu is the goddess of destruction and toxicity
Mako is the goddess of pilfering, pirates and thieves
Vera is the goddess of greed and air
Piper is the goddess of swindlers and con artists
Bike cop is the god of justice.

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