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Read the guide
Dont ask any questions
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And I thought saberfags were bad
They're worse.
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more titty monsters

Why does /a/ still hate her?
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Used to be a noisy little shit
Probably because she's a horrible overdramatic witch who ruined everything.
We got two other threads if you're all interested in the different aspects of Euphonium shitposting.

Adolescence edition

kek edition (also about adolescence)

This is a handsome witch
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Yes it is.
So, how will the new girl join the 502nd?
Also, how talented is the little raccoon dog? She got into the 501st without any training.
That's a boy.

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Why is this series so underrated?
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Because the typical modern anime pleb can't appreciate shounen with actual worldbuilding and characterization. They'd much rather watch dumb hypebeast trash with flashy (yet empty) fights and edgy characters rather than a series that raises deep questions of morality and has fights with real narrative weight and reasoning.
But it´s not. Also, Kura should have been a girl.
Agreed dude, only us true anime patricians can appreciate masterpieces such as Hunter x Hunter.

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So I haven't read this since chapter 423 when RUKia said goodbye. Have Ichigo and RUKia finally gotten together? I miss bleach a lot.
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do you really want me to spoil it for you?
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Oh anon...

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Why is gappy called happy? He's clearly crying.
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Part 2 is so fucking horseshit JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
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>Claims gappy isnt happy
>OP shows us Johnny
So this is the power of [Soft & Wet: Claws out!].....

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Lips should always be drawn like this. It's better than the Love Live/Netoge bottom lip only style.
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>Draw a cute girl
>Give her the most psychopathic VA

Goddammit, Japan...
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What's wrong with Kobayashi Yuu?

New Haruhi Suzumiya Animation by Kyoani


How hype are you?
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Next they're going to reveal the FF7 remake is on Pachinko too.
>Not posting the opening


Season 3 never ;_;

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It was just a prank bro
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not even miura knew what he did here

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Why wont you love her?
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>saber is loved by a lot of hot dudes and girls in universe
>only shinji is after rin and sakura

She's already loved.
She's my favourite.
Because crisp resolution offends me

>Some editor decide to put annoying comments and "black hood" jokes on every fucking pages
>People start to get annoyed about it
>Editor reveal that he's black and that people just don't get it
>Somehow it now turn into a cult of personality where people only want to read his comments
>"You have no right to complain because it's free"
I mean sure, the manga itself isn't that great but, holy shit.
How can an editor be so full of himself to do that?
How can people even like that at all?

Thank fucking god they decide to release a commentless version of that shit.
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Well, he's right. He's the one doing the translations and you're one that's choosing to read it. Why should he care about what you think? You're not paying him for doing this. You could ask/beg someone else to translate it instead or even learn Japanese yourself.
>Well, he's right. He's the one doing the translations
Actually, he's just an editor, not the translator.
Also the "because it's free" doesn't mean you can't complain.
If someone served you a free shit on a plate, you won't complain and eat the whole thing I'm guessing.

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Spice and Wolf

Delivery confirmed
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My Barnes and Nobles copy just came in too.
Guess we didn't get shafted.

Great success!
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Thank you for your email.
I have checked your order ???-???????-??????? and I can inform you that it as completely valid - it was not cancelled. At the moment, the order has still not entered the shipping process - this is planned for October 12th. You will be notified via email once the item is dispatched. Please don't worry, I have checked the database - there are no notifications about the expected delay for the orders with this item.
I would also like to inform you that we will be able to check the details about the item once the fulfillment center for its dispatch is assigned, just to make sure everything is in order. Should you need any further information, just contact us back on October 12th, and we will check.
Regarding your other question - yes, your copy of Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition is a numbered edition.
I hope this information was helpful.
Thank you for shopping with Amazon.de.

A-am i safe?
Is it actually happening? I thought i was fucked? Does this mean that I'm actually getting it?

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Dorito chin edition

>Kagepro movie IN A DAY'S set to premier on November 4th

Movie PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94edH5crrBA

>Second Season, Mekakucity Reload announced, other details such as the date or the studio is unknown

>Manga is currently on hiatus.
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Manga Translations can be read here: http://mekamekasubs.tumblr.com/tagged/release
>Second Season
I have forgotten most of it but didn't it have a proper end?
I like Dorito Chin designs better

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>Series is going fine...
>All of a sudden a character uses "chi"...
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>Series is going fine...
>All of a sudden a character uses a "stand"...
File: MoshiMoshi_InsaneOnee-sanDesu.png (654KB, 1008x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>Series is going fine...
>All of a sudden a character uses a phone
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>Series is going fine...
>All of a sudden a character uses a "shifter power"...

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Not-WSJD-kun reporting in. Niggastream is taking their sweet time, so here's the latest chapter by Viz as WSJD-kun delivered.

His other threads:
Boku no Hero Academia >>148383135
World Trigger >>148383402
Love Rush >>148383787
Red Sprite >>148384166

Amalgam of Distortion >>148384711
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Betrayal incoming.
thanks op

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