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Alright /a/non, let's see how high your powerlevels are.

Remember, if you don't get atleast 60, it's time to leave /a/
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Got 30 and another 10 I couldn't get it to accept for whatever reason. So 40 out of 100 recognised.

Worth doing if only since I've picked a few to go look up and download. Was always intending to watch that Cobra anime sometime.
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>Look I made a thing

Good job anon, good job.
What am I doing with my life?

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Did you ever "forced" yourself to watch a anime that you were clearly not enjoying just because it was something considered "good" or "a masterpiece" by the general fanbase?
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but it really made me think
Uh, no?
No but I watched a lot of shitty shows just to participate in their threads.

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>read the light novel
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>Read the manga
>the adaptation is only shit because you don't know the amazing source material

There's too much info-dump and dialogue exposition in this show, but it's still slightly above average comparing it to any other seasonal anime. Why did no one like it?~
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for exactly the reason you listed. Also the story was patchy here and there. Like you said, above average. I enjoyed it though.
As far as fantasy high school anime go it's top tier, but it's still a fantasy high school anime

The movie fixed nearly everything that made my autism flare up though.
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What happens to these three in the LN?

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Guilty Crown is a 5 years old show
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>I was 13 years old when it aired
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>seasons so bad that i'm forced to resort to find older animes i may have missed

i hate this
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Is this bait or what?
This season is solid,>>148372226
you just have shit taste.
Sounds normal. A lot of seasons I only pick up one or two shows. Or none.

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This is your Auditing & Costs accountant for this financial year
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Also my wife.
Well get ready 2 get cucked.
How good is she at filling a WI-7?

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Post more of the DR3 anthology

I need more FF SOL
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I only saved this one
DR3 was a mistake

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post moogs
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TWO moogs on the front page???
>Mugi will never crush your balls with her gargantuan strength

Why even live?

So for the few people who still care or even remember this series, look who's back.
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The best harem

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The MC reminds me a fuckton of Sol Badguy because of both being red and UNGA
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is this shit for honor: the anime?
Nah is more:
Except there are also non Japanese Drifter.

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Chapter any moment now.
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Spoiler summary from mangahelpers:

>Inasa is using his wind quirk to lift debris and save people from under it
>But he was rough in saving them and gets minus points
>Kemi disappeared from the the group and the >Shiketsu students are making a lot of noise
>Shiketsu's teacher is worried that his students are blinded by hate and doing something stupid
>Both Seiji and Kemi were affected by Stain's actions and this shows now in how they target U.A. students
>Momo is leading a group and wants to get civilians to the safe space
>Ochako sees a man under some debris and wants to help him, but Momo stops her
>The debris around the man is unstable and could collapse if it suddenly moves
>Mineta and Shouji work together, Aoyama leads students from other schools to work together
>A victim is screaming at pain and Bakugou sees him
>Victim: AH, MY ARM! HELP ME!
>Victim: HUH!? (So you think someone with a broken arm doesn't need much help? In this disaster that can be true, but still, minus points for you.)
>Deku brings a person to the safe space
>Suddenly an explosion occurs
>Sakamata, the No.10 hero, is playing a villain for this test
>Sakamata: By they way, the No.3 hero is here, too. Now then, can you heroes do it and stop us?
>Todoroki, Inasa and Deku are looking all in the same direction
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Welp, can't say I didn't see that one coming

Weekly coffee jelly time.
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So, is is safe to assume that best boy is here?
>Think new guy's design looks lame

I apologize

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It's not over yet! We still have oct 5. Post something, ANYTHING!
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can i post erika?
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Posting best Seacat.
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Chapter's out: http://mangastream.com/r/one_piece/842/3716/1

pic related, luffy's new faggot form.
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Does Tankman require a full stomach to work, or is the fat just a bonus?
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zeff confirmed for white knight
Holy—— early chapter this week.

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