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How does /a/ feel about lolis winning?
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Illyasviel von Einzbern vs. Koiwai Yotsuba
Kokonoe wins due to her amazingly soft hair.

I hear she landed a career as a spokesperson and model for a top shampoo company.
Akari Akaza vs. Kinomoto Sakura
Hachikuji Mayoi vs. Shinobu Oshino

It took me over a week of laboring over bighugelabs and fasting for inspiration, but I finally did it. I made the perfect 3x3.
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The legacy continues.
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>hipster images

faggots, all of you.

What's the actual danger level of a Japanese Truck?
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About as deadly as a Category 5 hurricane.
Just below Japanese colds as the most fatal thing in Japan.
>Great Super STFU Truck

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The cover is out.

Synopsis: In an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation, Kamijou Touma's counterattack begins!
The great heat wave has passed, and Academy City has entered a state of recovery. There, in the confusion of the disrupted communication infrastructure, even Anti-Skill is unable to grab the reins of what has become a lawless district.
In such an Academy City, the girls of the Kamisato Faction who believe in the return of Kamisato Kakeru rampage freely!
Pursuit Shop Ellen the tracking expert, the pirate girl Luca who prides herself on her versatile direct combat ability, the ghost girl Maya who freely uses the web and manipulates the masses... Kihara Yuiitsu has used her right hand as a shield to order those girls to eliminate Kamijou Touma, but their core has not changed. Take back their loved one. They have that conviction, and therefore they plunge forward.
Touma flees from those girls who stake everything to come attack. His ally, the one person from the Kamisato Faction who sided with him, was the UFO girl Fran.
However, it is not a mistake. This disadvantageous situation is where Kamijou Touma's true essence can be exhibited.
Now, save Kamisato Kakeru.
Stop the girls' sorrowful rampage, for the sake of putting an end to this conflict.
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Better than the last cover I guess. Something tells me Fran will be doing the heavy lifting and other characters won't show up as much as people would like.
What the fuck is Toma wearing?

And why does he look more sickly as the covers go by?
I hope this is isn't "Collect the Kamisato harem" show

i hate it
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>another thread
>after a 900+ shitposting one
"Yuri on Ice! was a mistake." - Yamamoto Sayo
Nip yuri or Slav Yuri?
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And yet you couldn't ignore it.

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I'd do lewd things to this goat
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Way ahead of you.
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I'd do lewd things to this cow
>Seeing MGE in a local bookstore
What a time to be alive

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I sure everyone who reads Boku no Hero Academia can agree above everything else that Tsuyu Asui AKA Froppy is a dumpy impure dick hungry slut.

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Please end your life post haste. Froppy is pure, caring and always speaks her mind.
Frog is not for fug.

Frog is for hug.
Delete your internet.

Yoo, Ugo, i know i called you a nerd all those times back in Alma Toran, but lets talk this shit.
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I feel like David got fatebaited hard.
Hes taking it well for being thousands of years of a failed keikakku.
If Ugo gets btfo because he becomes complacent thats going to be really shit.

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Help /a/, I think that I might be a lolicon. Is there a treatment for this disease?
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A 9mm dose of lead to the brain stem is usually what I prescribe for this.
Why are there so many anti-loli newfags on /a/ now?

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>joked about how Hitoe looked like looks like and is basically Dead Master
>turns out Ullith is basically Chariot but had a Mato instead

I now understand the Okada is a hack meme.

10 hours until Lostorage incited
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Should've waited a bit more before creating the thread.
Someone who watched the movie please tell me what happened to Ullith/Rumi's body?

Sachi's was taken by Tama but what happened to Yuki? Or was Mayu (the LRIG) in Sachi's body?
>Sachi's was taken by Tama but what happened to Yuki? Or was Mayu (the LRIG) in Sachi's body?
Sachi is dead, Ulith's body is dead as well, they both are in lesbian hell forever. Yuki fused with Tama and became a real human bean which is the grey haired Tama. Mayu is a ghost so she disappeared.

"Light Cruiser"
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Kaga DDH get.jpg
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Super light carrier
Fuck off, wasn't ruining one thread good enough for you?
Not the same guy.

Didn't see a thread.
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How soon will Zeke rescue his otouto from the Eldian devilspawn?
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Scans and translations.
>tfw the series ends with the heathen Eldians getting BTFO by artillery and airstikes from the superior modern Mare.
LM soon.

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When is the PV for episode 2 dropping?
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It's only the first episode, and it's already gayer than S1.
generic artzie music.mp3
>classical music is artzie
fucking kill yourself my man

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What are MILF's for?
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Making more babies.
what are you for anon. Posting this garbage again?
Why are milfs so soft?

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