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Kyoka chains.webm
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Its time.
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>episode 15 released on a wednesday as usual
>episode 16 released on like a friday or saturday
>episode 17 released on tuesday
What is happening?
I was wondering this too.

What is going on with release schedules for anime this season? Everything is fucked.
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Kyoka legs.webm
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Please describe this child /a/.
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Slut for daddy dick
What's with this trash you're saying about this sweet little girl? This is an original series, you faggots.
The manga does not exist.
There is literally nothing wrong with lusting after older men, especially if they have sacrificed their own happiness to ensure yours.

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Join us fellow yaharibros
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Thread ruined. You're a disgrace.
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Good Irohasu, everyone!

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The weekend has not ended yet, so let's have another assignments hype thread!
If you have not received your Santa list yet, BE PATIENT. They are coming soon!

Please e-mail Santaloli if you believe you will be late in sending your cards or present so your recipient knows their Santa loves them and wants them to be happy.

The ride begins so hold on to your Christmas cheer, get comfy and post your cards when they arrive!
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what is a santafaggot?
>Friend got his assignment already
>Still haven't gotten mine
>Have to be patient

>cards before thanksgiving
Luke school on Sunday

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Why does KyoAni never follow the source?
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They think theirs writers are better than the author.
Because lately they only tend to adapt low quality works.
A bit of a shame that writing isn't their strong suite either.
What is Nichijou?

Watch more KyoAnus anime

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New Ship coming
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>two characters interact more than 5 seconds
>angry hetfags not being pandered to in Gundam for once

Shitposter, pls
IBO has nothing interesting going for it.
Only shipperfags are watching the show.

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This is Hallowen.jpg
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So,did any of you expected this costumes?

Momo is a sexy demon
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>Kacchan and Kirishima coordinating costumes

Looks like shit.
>that Momo ass


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A thread for the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday, Miia.
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I want witch Miia to put a spell on me!
Witch snek a cute
If you spill semen on her, will she melt?

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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Kira, with killer queen.png
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Hey guys, what's the recommended translation for Part 5
why does part5 have the worst translation all of jojos particularly or is it just a meme?

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149153933
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Ayano wa shitto
女 confirmed for most difficult kanji to draw properly.
>But i know you got the 1st one (3) right. Can you explain it to me?
I'm not sure myself, I just picked what made most sense to me.

If I had to explain then I'd say because of the sentence after the comma "and fell right back to sleep again" the ___ part has to be something that just happened right before, and only 3 fits because 1,2 and 4 are general statements and 3 describes the state of the person's eyes.

>Its because the 4th option means the speaker is more sure of himself.
I think I just interpreted that sentence wrongly.
国へ帰った could be returned to Japan or his home country for me. I'm not really sure.

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You have to be 18+
Read the manga and watched all of super to post here.
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Glad I am not the only one who noticed the rise in normies to the fanbase.
Must come from the xenoverse 2 bullscrap.
Go back to lurking until you've learned proper /a/ terminology, newfags.
Ah finally a non ningen thread.
Got really tired of all the illiterate braindead cunts asking to be spoonfed because they picked up dragonball middle of the arc.

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Can we all agree Dark Horse is probably one of the worse companies when it comes to printing manga
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Are there even any good ones? If they're not fucking up translations or mirroring panels to make it read left to right then they're printing it on paper so shitty tabloid newspapers wouldn't touch it, and one thing they all have in common is that they take forever so by the time they release volume 2 the manga has been finished for years and probably fully scanlated.
I would say the 2 Planetes Omnibus are the best things they've released
I forgot about that, I need to buy them at some point.

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Eto death confirmation was fake, etofags rejoice
Also touka acute and kurona is fucking based
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I like how even though she said she was dying she is slowly healing her injuries
This chapter was so comfy anteiku looks reunited and eto still can be saved
Is this ishida preparing us for the tragedy?
Scarecrow when?
>eto still can be saved

How? Kaneki even said he's carrying the last wish of the previous king, so isn't that basically him saying Eto's last wish and she's dead? I'm fucking pissed at how Eto died too but it really looks like she jobbed off screen and died for good.

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I want to ____ Cocona.

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How do I enter the yuri squad?
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File: fine.png (131KB, 400x353px)Image search: [Google]
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by pleasing her majesty fine-sama
I keep seeing her post about her favorite girl all over /a/, and I'm STILL not convinced she's real.
A damn fine body though.
one for every day of the week

of course saturday is the best

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