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Spooky Britbong.
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So this is where they've been keeping the melons.
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>tfw the ghosts of scrapped British boats haunt you at night
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Spooky pudding pumpkin.

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SB69 episode 5
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I hope this episode kinda adapts the one from the game where Selen triggers Rom by asking him about Shuu.I want their backstory.
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I hope they animate this scene since they missed out on having the press question Shuzo in S1.

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Characters, who have had sex
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In b4 walk her home gently

We school of Hegemon-style now.
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Einhart is the best. I wish she was my mentor.
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>Loli suffering, bullying, attempted rape
Diamond hard status.

Remember, Onii-chan did nothing wrong.
>/a/ meet up

Me on the left.

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So Aki-lovely beat Ulith in Wixoss? How is that even possible, unless she was able to grow to level 5.
Either way, Aki-lovely is best and I miss her
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Not a scar in sight
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She was fun.

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Utapri Thread
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It's another disappointing season so far.
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CweDaNPVIAAXfce.jpg orig.jpg
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How can she be so perfect?
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>smelly feet and armpits
That only makes her more desirable.

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2017 will be year of the bird.
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I want those drills wrapped around my dick.
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>crossover never ever
Wtf is this

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Another thread, another OP image. Why does Erika always mess up her tank models anyway?

Here's a handy pastebin to condense all that OP shit:

Remember to disregard and ignore Fagfag, even if he wants a hug.
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Would a Top Gear-style show with tanks instead of cars exist in the guppie-verse?
Second for Il Duce!
Erwin is cute and also my wife.

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More like Nud-Gi-Oh
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I think we can all agree Yusho a shit.

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When do we get the Hall of Anal Devastation for this one??

https://twitter.com/tetsuo_yajima/status/791984318658654212 (embed)
>I put a secret message from me to the staff and the viewers in the final episode, try to find it

https://twitter.com/roza_odo/status/792027286379737089 (embed)
>At the end of the episode, you see baby's breath flowers. In the flower language they mean "gratitude" or "eternal love".

https://twitter.com/tetsuo_yajima/status/792088695935348736 (embed)
>It looks like some people found the message.Yes, it was written in flower language.


>Most people know the baby’s breath flower as the iconic symbol of long lasting love because it’s commonly used to round out wedding bouquets and centerpieces. The tiny white flowers represent the purity of emotion that two people should have for each other during a wedding ceremony.
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going out of my limb to still salvage /a/

Report and sage /v/ tier thread bait.
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How is this crap so popular? This is the edgiest piece of shit I've seen in ages.
It's like it was written by 13 year old, and the direction only makes it's flaws stand out more.

It falls headon into every awful action anime clichee, the sword licking, the 'I can defeat 150 enemies by myself and bleed 10 litres of blood and be completely fine because I have protagonist power', every enemy being an edgelord for no reason; it switches from super serious and emotional to humour in a split second, only to proceed to fail at said humour.
If it at least realized how completely ridiculous its premise is and accepted it, it would be watchable, but the worst thing is how it seems to take itself seriously, and the direction playing it completely straight and adding shitty washed out filters and dubstep to top doesn't help.
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Honestly pretty boring, 4 episodes in and the plot has barely moved. Shuumatsu no Izetta and Keijo are better action anime this season.
Made by a popular mangaka.
Hellsing Ultimate is better.

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This shit is making me insane

>the phonecalls
>256 drowned
>half the cast is maybe dead
>the masked man in ep3
>the kid who attacked chi-chan
>keyhole where
>what is demon/ghost's role
>the tinfoilhat old man in ep3
>who was the detective talking to on the phone
>who's talking to gamotan on radio
>what is the faggot owner's endgame
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I'd berry my dick in those breasts so hard that whoever could pull it out would be crowned the Dark Lord.
>what did he mean by this.
Your dick will suffocate

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read the meme http://buyfags.moe

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sweater milf.jpg
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So is this the best milf/cake/mature lady figure on the market?
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Today I will remind them.
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Small and inexpensive as it is, I prefer Rinko's.

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best show of the year
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AOTY indeed.
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>tfw you find a fap worth short doujin
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I want more interaction between these three so bad.

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