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What is thy desire?
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For Saber to actually have tits like that, instead of looking like a twelve year old boy.
To spend the rest of my life worshiping your body.
>like that
Na, slightly smaller would be perfect.

Dogakobo's 2018 sci-fi anime original (has yet to exist; http://pastebin.com/WGmz9q1X)

The story takes place in the near-futuristic real world, where a technical corporate who had ties with United Nations creates advanced anti-war exoskeleton machines made to combat war crimes that are globally seen as threats to humanity.

8 years later, on a international military base located on the lost mountains of Northern Switzerland, Hannett Sterfield, a silent Canadian mid-rank soldier who is now in her third year, befriends Min-Ri Han, the contrastly cheerful South Korean low-rank soldier as they involuntarily cross over the path during a ceremony. Cradled by Min-Ri's strong determination of wanting to save her family that is being held hostage by the North Korean government and wishing to see the two Koreas reconciliate, Hannett also does her best to help everybody accomplish what they have in mind (including her mother trapped in coma for years after a grave truck accident as a result of mysterious terrorist attacks).

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One night as they and their comrades from the associated 8th Armored Division brigade embark on a mission in Israel to stop the continuous political corruption set up by a terrorist group in the hands of a newly-elected president forced to develop a powerful nuclear weapon to avenge Palestine, aliens, who were once seen as an unusual paranormal phenomenon believed by the normal populace, made a sudden invasion for real across the world. As the shocked Hannett try to shield the president in the process, she is unconsciously killed with fear by an alien.

However, it seems like things aren't ending, as Min-Ri mysteriously revive Hannett and give her the powers to loop through time from scratch, only to find out that the world will end in 12 days, encouraging Hannett to finally make the decision to rewrite the scenario and solve every major conflict the world struggled to face as she wishes in order to prevent the awaiting apocalypse to come.
Simple. Boobies

Also OP here, what do you think of my premise?

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When and how did this become a thing in anime circles? Besides hilariously awkward moments between onii-chan's and imouto's, what drives it?

It's all conveniently hidden behind "Btw, not blood-related", when we know that's only a copout so they can publish the story.
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Why does she have a barcode under her hair?
I have no idea. I just found this posted around. After several mentions of wincest for over a year on forums, I became curious about this phenomena.
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Can't forget this beauty.

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Tits. Even though I like flat chested girls. Does that make sense?
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Yes anon. Big or flat, poop doesn't ever come out of tits.

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>no OPT thread

Let's fix that
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2016-04-12 21.26.12.png
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One piece is the best well written and with the best story line manga.
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Agreed. Oda's only flaw is sometimes dragging out arcs for too long.
I'm happy you found something you like.
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water is indeed wet

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Pastebin for animefags

Ch 51 Soon™
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>shit, i don;t have a picture to make the OP
>fuck it i'll just make one
I like you, OP. Thingken outside the box.
> Ch 51 Soon
I`m sooo greedy for reading.
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Great OP

>Chapter 50

>The rest

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i don't watch anime anymore

The anime itself is mediocre, OST is God tier though.

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Hi, /a/! I want to have a thread that isn't just waifu shitposting, since that's all you fucks ever do!

So let's talk about FMA and FMA:B. It's normiecore, but you're all fucking normies who watch nothing but lolibait shows anyway, so I figure you won't mind.

So with that said, which version did you like more, the 2003 version or Brotherhood? Brotherhood is obviously much closer to the manga and has more in common with the shounen genre in general, while the 2003 original is quite different from the manga in both tone and plot, and strays away greatly from a lot of normal Shounen tropes, like say having a happy ending.

Oh, by the way, spoilers, in case that wasn't obvious. Though honestly, if you haven't seen the 2003 release by this point, well over a decade later...why are you even here?
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Let's talk about who is best waifu in FMA.
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>since that's all you fucks ever do!
Shut up, newfag.

Everybody else please rate my seasonal waifu.


Hawkeye, obviously

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So every season I choose which anime to pick up based on how often I see /a/nons make threads about it.

So far Drifters and Keijo have been shit. Please tell me Yuri!!! on Ice and Flip Flappers are worth watching. This is your last chance to prove your taste isn't shit, /a/.
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>Basing what you are going to watch on other people's opinions instead of watching it yourself

Kill yourself. Being this braindead should be a crime.
Since you say Keijo is shit, I am going to assume that you are a faggot, so yeah, you are going to like yuri on ice.
This season is shit. Only good thing is to enjoy Saiki.

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What did Chiya mean by this?
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>does it feel good when I step on your manhood? you disgusting pig

My husband Cocoa is so cute.
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That she's the best girl.

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hitei togame.jpg
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Which one /a/?

If you're not a pleb, the answer should be obvious
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Left is the only answere.
Left is better in every way.
>If you're not a pleb, the answer should be obvious

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Mister, are you lolicon?
I can't answer that, my waifu told me not to speak to other lolis.
what's it to ya, creep?

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Is gyaru era over?
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I just had the most brilliant idea for a gyaru manga.
>gyaru sensei
>main gyaru is never tanned
fucking japan
For some reason I haven't seen any tattooed gyarus not even in manga.

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