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So I just marathoned the first episode of Chuunibyou.

1. Is it autism?

2. If so, how do we bully it out of her?
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>first episode
Didn't watch the series, did happen to see the film though. Got to the point where she actually started to grow out of her autism but then the dumbass mental midget lovebait interest went full retard and tells her how dragons are real n shit and then they go back to being unbearable pieces of shit. Watching this garbage was straight up painful. Can't believe the chuuni phase is a real thing gook kids go through. Absolutely horrifying.
>marathoned the first episode
I watched the entire thing in one day last year, that's a marathon
And no, do not bully the Rikka
>marathoned the first episode
nice meme

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Brown thread.
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Reminder that Brown =/= Black

The above are Indians.
Reminder that black and brown are colors, not races.
Reminder that black is not a color but the absence of visible light.

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There is any anime that depict elves in some non generic way?

I mean outside archers/mages/sluts/puresluts and that kind of generic ways
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anime is generic
Fuck off knife-ear fucker.
Your kin isn't welcome here.

People who like childhood friends are the same type of people who want to fuck their bro.
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People who phonepost are the same type of people who don't care about the rules.
It's not a phone.
What's wrong about wanting to fuck my bro?

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What are some stories that jumped the shark?
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Happy Days.
air gear

If Josuke can reverse the state of people and objects, why didn't he make Young again?
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Make Joseph young*
Why? So he can cuck Jotaro's grandma and his mom again with another hussy?
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Why not?

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Which group would you rather fuck, left or right?
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shit or shit
The girl on the far right is the only attractive one, can I have her only?
Right has Ciel in it, so left.

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It's your chance. Ask Asuka out on a date.
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B-but the other girls are right there senpai!
Are you telling me that you can't ask her out in front of other girls? You lack any kind of confidence. Do you think that Asuka finds that attractive?

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Chino is getting married!
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Me on the left.

Me on the right
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She has a cute wife!

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Describe this idol in one word
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Dumping ch44 raws
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I've been going back to watch the Dragon Ball Z movies, Why the fuck do people love the 1st Broly movie so much? It's so shit. I really can't say a good thing about it. Broly's father's plot is so fucking retarded and Broly is such a shitty, utterly 1 dimensional villain, and I'm still not 100% sure of his motive to kill Goku. Most of the movie is spent with him casually beating the shit out of everyone until Goku anticlimactically One Punch Man's the fag. It stinks.

I did just watch World's Strongest and enjoyed that a lot more though. Lighthearted and funny, pretty good fight scenes, Z Fighters being relevant in battle, great music and animation. Any movie in particular anyone would recommend?
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People love the broly movies because of nostalgia. As a kid who doesnt love the big bad guy who shits on every character. Of the course of the years broly then still stayed a fan favourite because of the memes that the japanese produce and also because he is the embodiment of old dragonball. Screaming and shouting while kicking ass.
It's just inflated hype from the dub's erroneous translation making him seem like a galaxy buster.
You know, you're supposed to watch the big green dub, right?

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What's the deal with that penguin in Evangelion?
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The soul of Misato's father was infused inside Pen Pen prior to his death in 2nd impact.
He is the most human character of the show.

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Don't you just hate it when an anime you're watching suddenly decides to have loli fanservice? It wastes time and no one finds it attractive.
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No, I love it, because it's sexy.
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Post yfw when your little sister steals your halloween candy and eats all of it
Fuck off newfag. Loli is the best thing to come out of anime. I hope your parents die because of what you said.

How dead is yuri right now? Will anime stop pandering to this fanbase after this season?
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Yuribait is alive and well. Actual yuri is rare as always. Also Flip Flappers is mediocre.
>How dead is yuri right now?
Hopefully never if it keeps producing stuff like Flip Flappers, which is AOTS and AOTY.
>yuri pandering

Here we go again. How many posts before someone shows up to spam "YURI SHIT GO BACK TO /U/ SAGE SAGE SAGE SAGE SAGE"?

I honestly have no idea why yuri series apparently sell so bad in japan, while yaoi series sell like hot cakes. Why does japan like the idea of two cocks so much?

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