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Smiles that you must protect at all cost.
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Where can I find girlfriend like Hori?
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In 2D only. When will they kiss again, or have sex? This manga isn't exactly funny most of the time, I would like to see some more intimate moments; especially as they've been together a while now.
Are you as handsome/cute as Miyamura?

Sorry bro unless you are rich, attractive people only date other attractive people.
>not izumi
>not akane
>not yuki

I don't visit /a/ all that much but was curious. What did you think of Re:Zero?
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Good anime, didn't finish it personally but it was good.
Solid 5/10
What would you say went wrong?

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So we have an anime about cute girls driving tanks, and we have an anime about cute girls being warships. Why can't we combine the two and make an anime about cute girls being tanks?
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don't be ridiculous, tanks are not kawaii except autoloading artillery
Well tank witches exist in the Strike Witches universe if the anime ever shiows them.
Say that to tankettes you lil bitch

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Another great episode. Flip Flap is going places.
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>have to wait until next Thursday for the new episode
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How many times could a flip flap flip if a flip flap could flap flip?

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how wide is too wide?
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This WIDE.
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Do you like clipless Shinka?
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Doesn't look like Shinka
Really makes you think

Dick in everywhere

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Can we just call this S2?

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this sounds absolutely retarded

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Did you see the way he made her cut her hair? Gohan is the mess in this relationship.
Reminder that this is the same kid that beat Cell.
Vegeta literally points this out in the Buu saga

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Please tell me they get off this fucking submarine.
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You'll wish they hadn't.
Ah yes, the infamous island arc I've heard so much about. Surely it can't be that bad?
You'll suffer and you'll be better for it. And then the show gets better.

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Pic is Girl by Daoko.
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Should've had ME!ME!ME! in the OP pic
Reminder that Me!Me!Me! was better than Shelter in every single way
What hipsters actually believe

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On the last volume, it is said that BLEACH is "the stories of brave" How come, they do nothing for these years with "courage" and "bravery", but bringinging these aspects at the end of volume. While Soul Eater, we all know that the series talks everything related to the courage, as the main antagonist of the series itself is a paranoid, brutal, chaotic. So, this Deterjent one is a failed version of the Soul Eater, but it's running longer. However, since the author is dumb, he was axed and got a force-ending. While the Soul Eater reached its conclusion properly. Thought...?
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And so sorry I was drunk
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You must be drunk ON TOP of being an ESL. Seriously, what the fuck am I reading?
Sure, I was.

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A game about perspectives.png
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What makes the Elevens so good at mindfuckery?
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Berserk 2016 Promo.jpg
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What went wrong?

Are you looking forward to S2
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This anime was doomed when the studio and staff was announced.
Seriously, who the *KLANG* thought it had a chance? Guess they didn't wish hard enough.
But the P.V looked great m8


ohhhh i see nozomi's bum bum!!
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didnt know madame miko was such a rapist
>those thighs

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