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This is a black magic user
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theres no black magic, just normal magic that is for whatever reason banned
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It didn't have to end like this
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It was the only way it could have ended.
What is that man and woman doing?

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Whatchu thingken about anon?
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Misandry and how much I hate women.
How role-playing threads are not good for this board.

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Is no one else watching this?
>Best protag of the season
>Loli-baba panty shots
>Better sense of humor than 90% of 'comedy' anime
>Only 4 minutes long
>I'm enjoying it and since my taste is correct you should enjoy it as well
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I only bothered with Tatsurou Kawano's solo episode.
Nigga knows whats up, though mc voice sounds like too much of a girl this episode.I dont remember it like this in the previous episodes.
Nice episode too but as usual, short as fuck.

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Can someone that knows Japanese explain why?
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Should've posted this pic first.
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There was a special on NHK about the sudden popularity of Taiyaki with foreigners that claimed Kanon is largely responsible for it.
They showed a couple scenes from it and it blew up.
I see. Thank you anon.

I should've included https://twitter.com/search?q=Kanon&src=tren with the OP as well..

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Anyone else here who has the feeling that DBS could be much better if they'd just sell the franchise to m
Also, wouldn't it have been much more convenient both for fans and the writers if they'd just called it Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God? Then they wouldn't have had to try and find a better name for SSGSS.
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The whole silly longass names for the new transformations are self parody.

"Golden" Frieza even acknowledges how stupid everything has become.

Everyone always forgetting DB is a gag manga first and a fighting manga second.
>watch clip on youtube
>retarded autists and brazilians complaining about too many jokes in dbs and goku being a dumdum
It is almost as if those retards only know the Cell saga.
Yeah, Goku was always dumb. They should watch old DB first imo

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Eve a best. A BEST!
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Ooh, new chapter. Thanks for the heads-up!
Flat eve is justice!
>series that overstayed its welcome

Can some group start translating Biorg Trinity?

The manga is pretty fucking awesome till 14 chapter and it is drawn by the Oh Great! its a shame there aren't any more groups translating it

The manga reached 40 chapter and its monthly..
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I think the original translator was still willing to.

Just no redrawers, and it is a hell to redraw.
It's shit, though.

Kill yourself.
>Oh Great!
not reading anything made by this gigantic mong until he goes back to porn, that's all he's good for

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Why are protagonists such shit at choosing best girl?
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So the author can keep a romance subplot/ plot going for longer.

This is not hard to understand
Just watch less shit shows
Emilia is the best tho. In before remcucks bawwwwwwwwwwwww

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>ITT: Things that Japan has created that prove that we shouldn't nuke them again.
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Some loli in panties? That's not good enough
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>Things that Japan has created that prove that we shouldn't nuke them again.

You shiggy as fuck right now son

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This is Kon's best work, right?
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I didnt really like it too much. It's good, but I certainly like "Millenium Actress" and "The Dream Machine" better.
As long as you don't think it's Paprika (i.e. his worst work).
Paprika has good music thou

>tries to be meta by poking fun at traditional anime and LN tropes
>is full of cliches and tropes itself
Why is this show so shit?
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It's called irony, lad.
go watch flipper flop or something
Why do you babies overract and think anything that isn't 12/10 HYPE GOAT is shit?

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The Perfect Being.jpg
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Predictions for the new episode soon. Will our one true god make an appearance? Is Toriyama just trolling us as usual?
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Fusion was a mistake
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Toyotaro is literally /our guy/
Super Saiyan Blue was a mistake

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This is your daughteru
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Can I fuck it?
>calling your dad stupid
You're supposed to train her by doing >>149596916

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Post your favorite grope scenes.
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>posting jpg
Step it up senpai.
this is explicit incest,no?

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