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/a/ do I watch the dub or the sub?

Usually I'd always watch the sub, but I heard that this one has a decent dub.
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>watching dubs
>I heard that this one has a decent dub
No, what you heard was a cancerous fanbase.
It is perfectly fine to watch a dub for the follow: Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, FLCL and other shows that aired on Adult Swim or Toonami.

The vast, vast majority of western Yu Yu Hakusho fans first discovered the show when it aired on Toonami back in 2001. Back in those days, subs weren't that popular and western internet speeds were dog shit. Anyone who says you have to watch it subbed are in the minority and are most likely underaged. They were probably 4 years old back in 2001 so they missed it when it aired on Toonami.

Fuck off. You weren't born when it was airing on Toonami, what do you know about anything kid?

is this really as good as people say it is?
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it's pretty long tho
Yes. Be prepared to hate every other anime after watching it.

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Only reverse harems and yuri. Are we entering the dark age of anime?
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KuuSure is a harem
Do you even know just how many harem anime have been announced but have yet to air?
nice rec thread fag

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

47 days!

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Happy xmas
War is over
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Yukino is best wife
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Long black hair and zero personality. No wonder she's so popular.
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Good Irohasu, everyone!
What's the best scenario for saving Yukino?

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A brown is fine too.
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do you think shes a still a virgin
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If you don't think the prince has tapped that by now, you're crazy.

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>I hate ningens and especially goku who humiliated me
>oh I know I am just going to take his ningen body which I so much despise cause that has to be the best wish I can make

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Haven't watched any Dragonball related series in years. Why don't they just wish to be the strongest ala Timmy in that Fairy Odd Parents episode where he becomes the strongest everytime someone new surfaces?
>ningen body which I so much despise
He never said anything like that. It's their actions and willful disobedience he hates.
Can't wish yourself to be stronger than the person who made the Dragon balls. It's an old school DB rule.

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When will it stop hurting
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As soon as you understand that your taste is shit and that best girl won.
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At least True Tears was good.
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It was no Toradora and you know it.

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I just started episode 8. What the fuck is happening? Why is everyone gay?
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Are you saying that you're born at birth with your sexuality? Homosexuality is a choice you faggot
They already explained why everyone turned gay during their teens.
You should pay more attention.
So why aren't you watching a proper version?

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Who's the prettiest, cutest girl ever to be seen in the world of Chinese cartoons? And why is it Yuno?
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>Chinese cartoons
I don't even know how I should react.
What, you don't enjoy Mongolian cave drawings?
i hate her voice!

It could help them in hand to hand combat when they can't use the stand.
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Because Joseph is a lazy bum who never bothered to explain it to anybody or what it can do.
Isn't Hamon only really strong against vampires?
On episode 4, he used it to split the rock.

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Here's a little scene from Castle in the Sky (1986). Give Pazu (the boy) something to say about this scene.
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What's with the white border?
This movie gave me nightmares watching it as a kid.
I would say "Talk about being light-headed!"

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Was squeeler right?
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yes and so were the humans ! the world was on the wrong
Squeleer did nothing wrong. The only thing he wanted was equality!
Yes but it's not like he did nothing wrong. I'd send him to the pyre just for killing best girl, aka Akizuki Maria

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Well I'm not liking it anytime soon.

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