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Today's her birthday: say something nice about her.
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Her k2 isn't required for some dumb quest.
Doesn't need a blueprint for a mediocre remodel.
Literally who?

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>30 bings until stream
>no WIXOSS thread
I'm really losing my oranges here.
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What can happen now?
No Okada, No Love.
Are the nips as unenthusiastic as we are about this?

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Precure thread
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Leaks when?
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I don't know. But going by previous years we shouldn't be surprised if we still haven't seen anything 2 weeks from now.


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>[HorribleSubs] Drifters - 05 [720p].mkv
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When is that trap Nigga going to get fucked. Im trying to see that

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ITT: Girls that have absolutely no chance of winning. 0%. Not in a million years.
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It's not fair to design a girl like that and give her no chance.

Used to think so, but it's becoming increasingly clear that she is a high quality Tsundere Classic heroine and will win. However I find her as the main love interest perplexing given that she has huge ambitions for her chef career while Souma just wants to run his diner.
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Lisha is perfect. PERFECT.
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Too bad her show was subpar
Ugly necklace.

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>Yugo vs Yuri never
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Singing Kirifuda:
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>Edo, with our nostalgia power, we will defeat those two gay faggots
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Yuri vs Serena never

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noun: flapper; plural noun: flappers
(in the 1920s) a fashionable young woman intent on enjoying herself and flouting conventional standards of behavior.
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A word to describe a woman's vagina based on an abnormal amount of extra skin that will fold in on itself when trying to insert your penis. Also used to describe a woman's used up vagina when she is outside naked on a windy day.

>No bro. Don't fuck her. She's got a flapper. She's flying a flag down there that's had its fair share of salutes.
noun: yuri; plural noun: yuri
(since the dawn of time) The purest form of love.
Flip-flops are a simple type of footwear in which there is a band between the big toe and the other toes.

Which was it?
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A shitty was of ending this anme:
Rinne losing to Vivio, Fuuka losing to Einhart, then the two fighting for third place.
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That's the joke.jpg
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But seriously, she's probably the middle one.
Probably ugly freckle girl.

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Another day, Another Gays on ice general.
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5 days until EP 6
Days are dragging slowly.
This goes beyond just plain ol' fujoshibait at this point, right?

I really want them to end up together but I know MAPPA are just being the biggest teases in the world right now :(.

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So can she actually control others and give them commands while they're in the trance with this technique?
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Not control, they just can't move or speak so she can just gently push them into the water.
Ah, I guess that would be too OP.


-Swing tits- "Now all of you are actually enemies instead of on a team, go fight each other!"
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>implying she's not already OP with her swinging tits.

Though, I guess to counter it you've just gotta move away. Looks like it's a slow process so you've got time to move back.

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How do we beat kyoani
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Don't try to beat them, strive to be like them.
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>people standing still slightly moving their arms and fingers
>lens flare fools idiots into thinking the animation is amazing

What ambitious animation. Maybe someday kyoani can make something as good as 1994 Disney animations.
You should mention Disney's work from the 40s and 50s if you really wanted to make a point.

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Read the guide buyfag.moe

Who is getting Burger Barge?
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CwZfSMCVEAAs7Sj.jpg orig.jpg
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Should I get this semen demon?

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don't look at this.png
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Only pre 2010fags remember this
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damn the feels
Used to read a lot of Detective Conan on there
Yep, that was the go to place for it back then for me.

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I just watched the second episode again, the fleet was attacked in Artic ocean, yet the fleet seems to have arrived in St. Petersburg, this route doesn't make any sense unless they used the North-East passage that remains impractical even to this day (which is why when Miyafuji returned to Europe in the movie the fleet went around Africa), but regardless of the route they took, the locations of teh Neuroi nests got me thinking: what is the situation in Siberia, we know that in 1937 the Neuroi had presence in Manchuria, but it seems that threat no longer exists in 1944, but are there still Neuroi in Siberia preventing the use of the trans-Siberian railway to move supplies and troops between Europe and Far-East?

Also BW/SW -general
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Where did you get from that it's an arctic ocean?
it says so in the episode as the fleet is shown underway: "3 weeks later, Arctic ocean"
Indeed it does, but it doesn't seem to make sense. There's also no ice at all on the route.

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