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Not breaking board rules edition

Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149549718
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why do i have so much trouble with passive, volitional, causative
shit just wont flow, i cant tell who or what its directly at most of the time
how long have you been learning for?

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Homura is getting married!
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>didn't turn Homura into a PTSD time traveler that's repeated time loops for 12 years

He can't damage Homura as much as Madoka has, honestly.
He can

With a magic tool called penis

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Is Cocoa an extrovert or an introvert?
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She's a miracle of the universe I can tell you that
is she an innie or an outtie?
She's a cutie.

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What /a/ think about Yagami Light?
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He's an alright guy. Should have won
Watching Death Note for the first time. Light gave up his memories of the Death Note a couple episodes ago. This show is now really bad. Does it get better or should I just drop it?
He's a subpar swimming instructor.

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For sure America does not
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I want to fuck this ping pong lesbian.
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I hope you have impressive enough munes to grab her attention
Why is this hobo the club's president?
I want to fug her lewd shoulder.

I can't be the only one who really liked the dubs and the opening song on YTV and Fox Kids.

Also Dance of Cursed is still best song.
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How hard is going to flop this show once they adapt Neko arc?
Not even nips liked it.

It's literally White Knight Beta the Animation.
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She's the worst girl.
Its going to get the shomin sample treatment from the studio
But MC on Shomin was fun. Here is a fag.

It says a lot when despite that she is still better than the main heroine.

Also don't put your faith on any girl.

Author is dead set on making the heroine look good by making the others girls look bad, last arcs are basically about that. Whitewashing the bitch and make her a dindu.

I've been wondering if "real" dialogue could ever work in an anime. Real conversations are often kind of stifled, stammering and losing your train of thought, fucking up words, etc.
How would you even go about writing such dialogue? Could it work in any sense for a show?
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"Ad-lib" is unlikely in anime because everything is controlled and deliberate. BD commentaries or radios are different
That should be a good device for a series in all honesty really.

Of course, actors and theatrics are like that. That's how these things go.
What is gdgd fairies?

Has there ever been a season with as many delayed episodes (Without some sort of crisis like an earthquake happening) from as many series as this season? It feels like it's a higher number than usual.
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No that's just Actas being Actas
Welcome to ACTAS
and? long rider is fucking trash dude, who cares

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>goblin slayer is animated by kyoani
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That would be terrible and somehow end up as an highschool melodrama
You already made this thread.

Does /a/ like Drifters?
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Na na na na na, nah.
im really enjoying it

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Why is this show called pretentious?

Also, what does it mean?
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It's called pretentious because I didn't like it.
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Because it's shit. Pic related.
It's called pretentious because it uses big words to make it seem more intellectual.

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What are some OPs and EDs that make you sad or even slightly melancholy?

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well this obviously
This and => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAXrRWLKzko

I will post this every day until Christmas!

46 days!

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I Hate My Life.
still a lot of days...

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