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Spoilers soon.
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Armin a shitty shit
Annie worst girl ever, I hope her death be as shitty as Bory
YH soon

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Is Papika's backstory super sad? Is Yayaka being manipulated. and will she and the twins need to be rescued by Papika and Cocona? Is Dr. Salt good or bad? Will Papika and Cocona kiss? Is yuri good or bad? These are the questions.
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Also: what is the significance of Cocona's recurring dream?
On a scale of 1 to 3rd impact, how Gendo is Dr. Salt?
STOP. You fags just go too fast. I need sleep.

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Well that took a lot less than we thought
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I don't get it.
Just fuck already
Jelous Tomo-chan is scary.

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Boku no hero thread

what are the odds Toga actually kills someone?
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Best matching Halloween costumes
So wait is he actually hard
Who would be best husbando?

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Reminder that if you don't buy the OAD there is zero chance of seeing these big buzzing tits animated

implying there is hope anyway
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Colored version of this when?
Imperium please
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Reminder: Bestnest is directly proportional to weight in metric tonnes
>big buzzing tits
Why do her tits buzz?

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Mako looks really cute in this picture, post more of her!

Remember to report and ignore bullies!
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!
Is Rukuriri the sexiest GuP?
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Chapter 85.
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Somehow I hoped this crap had been long cancelled.
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New chapter, get in here guys
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Man, our girl's all growed up
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Please don't take over my dump this time, ESL
wtf is going to end? im going to commite suicide

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Himura Kiseki's Tawawa series got an anime, so I decided to storytime their SAO Progressive manga adaptation.

Shit resolution images, can't be helped.

Volume 1 thread
Volume 2 thread

Sword Art Online Progressive is a reboot/spinoff/prequel of the original arc involving the death game, the titular Sword Art Online.
In chronological order, this story successively goes through the floors of Aincrad, one by one.
Even if you didn't like the anime, or perhaps because you didn't like the anime, give this manga a shot.

This dump of volume 3 is 164 files. Like the volume 2 thread, the dump speed will be a bit lazy, check in once a while and bump it if it falls too far back.
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Loli Asuna is cute.

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people talking shit
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what's an ass-pussy?
Is she talking to /a/?

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Look at the letters between T and O on your keyboard
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What of them?
Haha, didn't fool me this time, I knew what was going to happen!
Holy FUCK.

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>threesome with an angel.

As expected
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Not really.

How old is she anyway?
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That moment was quite uncalled.
Does this girl have the biggest tits in the show?

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Although not as good as lolis, christmas cakes are nice too.
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Don't ever post this manga again on my /a/, before someone finished scanlating it ;_;
Brandon go back to work
Manipulative bitch I'm glad it's on permanent hiatus

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K-ON is objectively better than Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The most sophisticated anime ever created, a tour de force, the pièce de résistance of animation! LoGH is little more than plebeian dreck in comparison, the creators wishing they could have produced an anime with even an inkling of the genius contained within Our Holy K-ON. From the profound debates about eating cake, to the highly philosophical discussions about procrastination, to the marvellous musicianship exhibited by the Light Music Club, K-ON has established itself as the greatest intellectual anime. You cannot disagree unless you are a terrible person. Seriously. It's an infallible law of the universe. K-ON is a masterpiece. And we all know that K-ON has the superior tea scenes. "A phenomenal chef-d'oeuvre. My fifteen years of work on Evangelion now feel trivial by comparison." — Anno Hideaki, esteemed anime director "During a time of struggle, K-ON's beautiful story provided the influence needed for me to become an ideal president. I am now a better man." — Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States "I am an uncultured lowborn with pedestrian tastes in anime." — Anonymous plebeian, speaking in reflection of his love for LoGH
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