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Chicken George shows his colors.
His red coat colored royal red.

Only two volumes left and we already know the butler did it.
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Fuck him.
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Last few chapters have been a real rollercoaster.
Like if hellsing and aeon flux tried to cosplay as one punch man by way of hp lovecraft.

Why do people pretend to hate Maya's voice?
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Might have something to do with her seiyuu voicing two notorious bitches.
Don't call her a bitch again or else I'll get angry.
I think it's Megu's voice people don't like.

First of all, let me tell you something: Everybody loved S;G. Everybody. Steins;Gate was so loved by everybody they can't stop talking about it. I know a lot of people, the best people by the way, who played the VN and watched the anime, and beyond the slow start they all loved it. Period. I mean, what's not to like? Kurisu, who is perfect by the way everybody loves her. Faris too my personal favorite, and other characters who are likable and funny.

You might even say S;G is the greatest time traveling anime of all time. And it's not just me saying this - everybody, everybody who loves anime loves this.

Anyways, forget about what I said, what's your opinion on S;g and the anime?
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I love it!
Didn't get past episode 3 or 4, when the one guy hacks into the NASA or whatever. Boring.
This thread just confirmed me (again) why I avoid the S;G fanbase despite the fact I love the series. Mosty cancerous. Exact same with LoGH.

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Cardcaptor Sakura thread faggots
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why is she gloomy
She's clearly dying, dumbass.


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How about a game of mahjong?

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I'm guessing this isn't something you can just jump into.

You would be correct. This should be helpful.


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Regardless of who you are, or how you feel right now, I think we can all use a little despair in our lives.
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Ringo Okure C
but im happy right now
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Hidan no Aria chapter 37 is out! Riko cover.
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prove him wrong.
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Came here to type these exact words
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looks like you proved him right
I'm afraid I have actually gone a tragically long time without getting my face punched.

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It's time
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But Sakura, I'm fireproof, what will you do now?
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A barrel of concrete and a deep trench.

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Sorry about phoneposting. ISP is trying to throttle me so I'll just start the thread, then I'll start posting as soon as internet comes back on.
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There we go.


Living straight up

"Tsuda, you're slouching again"

"President, you're always so straight"
"Because I have a straightforward body and heart"

[Below] Changing room

"I also have some bending parts..."
[Left] A Y shape that's pressed together
[Right] The regular shape of a big bust
Right, on the right of last panel, it says
Eiryou Student Council
Vice President: Mori-san
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Comic 1
Feeling the wind

"I cramped myself during club and now it hurts. Around the inner part here"

"Use this ointment"
"It'll make you feel cool and nice"

"Yaaaahhhhh, I feel so coooool"
"Uh.... is she wearing something?"

Comic 2
Yoshio-kun and Nao-chan


She gets mad at them

"Ahhh, they finally get it"

"We're keeping our distance since we're fighting"
"Uh, from that incident?"

And the winner of the "Best Nobunaga of the Season" award goes to...
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There are more? This is the only one I watch

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Just finished pic related. Gotta say, that was a wild fucking ride in more ways than one.

What do you think about Euphoria, /a/? The VN, specifically.
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Terrible. Story was going literally everywhere and 2 routes are literally worthless and added nothing to the plot except for easy fapping material.

The true end of the VN was so anti climatic that I had to re watch Code Geass to satisfy my lust for a better ending.

The loli and sensei route should never exist in the first place if only for a more coherant storyline. But its an eroge so I'm not gonna dwell on it too much.
i came at least 5 times during the electric chair scene
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I've acutally have this downloaded, just need the time to finish it and pic related

Love Live makes you gay?
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Love Live is a getaway drug into social justice cliques.

I've never seen a case that controverts this.
Gay for that pussy
If you're a girl.

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What did /a/ think of shelter?

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interstella 5555 was better
girl was cute, everything else was boring and the song sucked
Rin is cute.
My foot feetish like the clip.
Animation was ok.
song depends of your taste
porter made his dream true

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A moment of silence for one of the best plot related threads. After the creation of this thread, multiple others were created for the next week all begging for a silent helmet wearing MC until chapter 1 of goblin slayer was found.

No cellphones allowed.
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MC wakes up and goes to school in the most cliched way ever, it's clear he is already half way into developing a harem and everything seems like we started watching a generic highschool drama well into the season. MC though starts getting a headache and starts to see strange visions of a fantasy world(done in a slightly different, brighter, art style than everything else), he dismisses it as not getting enough sleep. Turns out his genki childhood friend(who left early this morning rather than walking to school with the MC) isn't feeling herself, and is also getting headaches, and sort of pauses like she's seeing something that isn't there. Over the rest of the episode the visions get worse, and things in the surroundings of the MC and his childhood friend get shifted to the other art style. Episode ends with the MC seemingly having a heart attack in the middle of the night in his bed, as the art style shifts to something far darker all around him.

Second episode has the MC going to school in the most cliched way ever, only this time he's in the brighter art style, he meets up with his genki childhood friend who's back to her genki self, except shes also in the brighter art style. She's apologizing to the mc about being late, because something happened to her house, suddenly you get a view of the mc and the childhood friend's respective rooms, both look like there was an explosion complete with scorch marks. As the episode goes on the mc and the childhood friend cause things to happen to their surroundings, such as causing a field of flowers glow and look like something out of the fantasy world, or have fairies show up in a forest near their school.

As the series goes on it becomes clear through visions the main characters have and through what happens that a fantasy world died, and was reborn inside of Japanese high school students.
A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess he just keeps on living his life. A few years later the girl gets a boyfriend, but the boy just thinks "well too bad, I won't be able to confess now". He fills his depression with anime and image boards. Years pass and he gets more depressed every day. He didn't manage to get a job after highschool and dropped out of university. His health gets worse every month, but he doesn't go to the doctor because Obamacare failed. Suddenly it's november the 8th, Trump won and issued an anime gf to every man living in the empire of the US and A. The Syrian conflict was solved as the US and Russia worked together. Israel got the clay back that was occupied by Palestinian rebels. North and South Korea unified as Kim Jong Un became the next Leader of the Korean Republic. All Refugees went back to their home countries, and Germany got rid of all Turks by pressuring Emperor Erdogan with the unified Russian and United State gouvernment. South Tyrol was also given back to Austria, as the Italians apologized and gave every adult Austrian a free Ferari 458. The boy that finally knew how it is to have an anime gf, got such a big motivation push that he found a job as the CEO of 4chan. Trump made imageboards state funded to ensure to have freedom of speech as a basic human need.
The girl that got together with Jamal was obviously abandoned after she became pregnant and had to raise a bastard. He eventually got addicted to drugs and killed her for a few pennies to finance his next shot.
A guy runs a political campaign to take his country in a new direction and wins against all odds. Too unrealistic?

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