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What price are you willing to pay to save in the name of true love?
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Any price. Healed Beato is worth it.
Those tits are rude.
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beatrix burdened.jpg
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Like her personality, they are on surface, but are incredibly soft in actuality.

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is this some kind of female power fantasy?

>severely obese otaku girl who loves BL
>Is strangely connected to all the "hot guys" at her school.
>doesnt show up to school for a week and somehow drops like over half her body weight and is hot now.

strangely I actually like it
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Can't fix the awful voice. She sounded better when she was fat.
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no one else watch at least the first episode? hmm I guess just let the thread die then.
They should've made her disappear for a few months instead. Losing weight that rapidly in a week would mean that she'd have all this excess loose skin because the body can't adapt fast enough with the tightening of the skin when it happens so suddenly.

Other than that, the show was alright, minus the butch dyke.

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Read the fucking guide: buyfag.moe

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When is FREEing gonna get a good sculptor?
I want a bunny but they all look like shit.
I was interested in that zetton one, but the face puts me off.
Bunnies! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Spoilers out!
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Yonkou has the full chapter yes then why no release of chapter sorry for bad english
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Reminder Eren likely has a tiny weeny.
Mikasa loves it

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Yukino please.
Out of those three? Yukino, I guess.

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It's all finished! If for some reason you didn't get an assignment or something has an error, e-mail us!
Now you can discuss making cards and planning gifts! But remember, don't turn this into a meet-up.
If you want to contact someone you're sending to, let us know so we can approve it through our end.
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Good work SantaLoli! Can I have you as my Christmas present this year? Or maybe you can have me as yours?
Also, other bigish announcement.
I jammed it into a pastebin because it's too long for one post.
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God bless your soul Santafaggot

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What went wrong?
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Nothing got explained.
Only Shinji is relevant.
Characters act like retards.
Gendo won by doing nothing.
CG everywhere.

b-b-but 3.0+1.0 will give us the exposition we need, anon!

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Faggots couldn't handle Kaworu becoming best girl.

Chapter 100 with punished matsuri getting his dick ready for urieboypussy
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Can someone explain what the fuck is going on here?
>Matsuri: Urie
>Urie: Sir... Why are you naked?
>Matsuri: Get on all fours and bark for me Urie.

>Bark for me like the bitch in heat that you are.

This is the karmic justice that Urie has always deserved.

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Previous Thread: >>149390101
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>Let Kubo write his own story.
He did and it turned to shit. He can't write himself out of a paper bag!
What if Ichika or Kazui turned into an Hollow?
Kazui obviously has hollow powers because of his dad.

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Gappy makes me happy
Fresh AF
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homosexuals on ice!!
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Victor is old. Old!
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Of all the Yuris, why is eros best?
Tired and embarrassed best

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Well that sure is something
I wonder what it is
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I don't get it
>Wondering about Jun
>It's tits
>more breast envy
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I want to lick Misuzu's back

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Why does everyone want to fuck their imouto?
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I would too if I had an imouto like that.
Because the only female contact neets have are with their sisters or moms
If I had a sister I´d probably not want to fuck her.
But a girl you know all your life, who likes you verx much (if all goes well) and who you also can come close to without problems, that definitely sounds quite sexy.

Remember: Fetish /= Reality

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Why do you kids need to greentext everything

Arc 4 Chapter 55

If you missed any of the previous chapters check here

If you've just finished the anime and want to catch up with the current discussion check this link
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>Why do you kids need to greentext everything
With an army of grandma lolis he'll be unstoppable.
Horny Rem.

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I sell Katyusha and Katyusha accessories.
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Hey, it's the right board this time!

How much /o/ is even in /ak/ anyways?
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You didn't have to leave >>>/o/16116377

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