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Post you're husbando.
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How accurate is the portrayal of Japanese school life, and life in general, in anime?
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It lacks the essential elements, like depression, absurdially high social pressure, depression, culture of Arbeit, depression and blatant rewriting of the own history.
Did I mention culture of depression? I´ve yet to see a single fucking high school SoL anime with that shit in it.
why do they use email everytime

I thought they use LINE
>culture of depression

I don't get this meme, have you seen any given Twitter on the English side of the web

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I'm just about to start Haikyuu, what am i expecting?
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A cock in your ass
Really enjoyable sports anime.
Main character is pretty bland, but the cast makes up for it. No romance shenanigans.
It's kind of similar to Gintama it only gets good after 30 eps

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Why did he throw away everything he had?
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Old man that wanted to live his glory days again.

Too bad, he died like a bitch.
>died like a bitch
He escaped, killed someone else and then smoked himself to death. How is that like a bitch?
He wanted to fight Alucard while at his prime.

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Why is Alice a garden gnome when it comes to stature?
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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Japan likes to pretend they're taller than the rest of the world.

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Only know this from the code monkey video. Is it any good?
Fuck yeah.
I loved the Black Heaven OP, same with Speed Grapher, western music needs to be in anime more often.

Alright gentlemen, how do we stop something like this from happening again?
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What do you mean? Qualidea Code wasn't a mistake. It had good theme songs and a good OST after all. The only problem was that it was obvious that A-1 had their hands full when they made this. QC should have just been animated by a different studio.
>Qualidea Code wasn't a mistake
It was a trainwreck, anon.
It was AOTS for me. Unironically. It was actually really fun. The characters and pairings were pretty nice.

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Anyone else likes reading hajime no murderfists?
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best girl got raped.
I'm 100 some odd chapters behind because I stopped reading, not out of something like dropping it, just somewhat? lost interest to keep up with any manga at the time, and I no longer have any recollection of where I stopped, sometime after woolie
I need to catch up with it

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Because it didn't need any more.
Because not everything needs to be stretched like you mother's vagina.
anorexia is bad boys

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>Terrible story-telling
>Empty symbolism
>Bullshit endings

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but its not though
I can't tell if this is bait or not but it really was a genuinely boring series.
This man speaks the truth!

So is this show really that bad? My friend dared me to watch it.
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Makoto gets killed by Sekai
Sekai gets killed by Kotonoha
Nice boat
Your friend is an idiot.
>watching due to dare
You are an idiot.
>There are people who STILL don't understand this show was supposed to be a dark deconstruction of harem anime.

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Why she so perfect?
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Because she is
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because rei a qt for headpats and hugging

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Zamasu had to gather the super dragonballs and spend his wish on what Ginyu could do at will as many times he wanted
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Zamasufags BTFO
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That's embarrassing
Why didn't Cpt Ginyu just steal Frieza's body?

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Who is the best Fairy Tail girl and why is it Angel?
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All the ft girls are cute, but Lucy and Wendy are best.
I want their butts on my face
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>Best Fairy Tail girl
>Not Erza
Come on, man
She ain't pure, so she ain't worth it.

Can we have a thread about patriotic anime girls? In honor of the election, I mean.
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