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Loli love bread.
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That loli is never going to fit that bread in her mouth.
Have you heard of teeth?
Loli's have small teeth and that bread is too hard.



>I write an outline of the entire plot, then the script writers break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new bits as need be.

>Even I haven’t checked the final script yet.
>Let’s enjoy this together (laughs)!!


>I had put Dragon Ball behind me, but seeing how much that live-action film ticked me off, and how I revised that script for the anime movie and complained about the quality of the TV anime, I suppose somewhere along the line it’s become a series I like too much to ever leave alone.



>Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.
>Toriyama: That’s right.

>Back when Toriyama-sensei was drawing the manga, the animators would use his manga panels as reference, imitating the composition and things like that. And now it seems that the animators are likewise using Toyotaro-sensei‘s manga as reference.
>Toriyama: Oh, that’s good! That should keep them on track!


>Every month, I'll create a storyboard for him to review, and then he'll give me input and suggest changes. When I'm working with Toriyama, there are many portions he gives me props for coming up with, but he is very particular about other things and always points them out for me to correct. And when he corrects me, I think “Wow, I guess I don't completely understand the way he looks at things,” so his corrections and feedback are incredibly accurate and helpful. It's a lot of fun to be able to get closer to his way of thinking
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Sage and report for spamming the exact same shit multiple times a day.
Mods, so your jobs.
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>I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!
>same shit multiple times a day.



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Trunk's new Ki sword?!?
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Seems like he's channeling his energy into the sword so he can make up for its broken part.
Use the catalog faggot >>149602555
Interesting note, that says that Merged Zamasu is the strongest character in the show, he surpassed Hit and SsjB Kkx10 Goku. But it also says tha he's weaker than God of Destruction Beerus.

Yeah no

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Was Kariya's anger toward Tokiomi unjustified?
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>Muh waifu
Yes. He was a stupid idiot and got what he deserved. He accomplished nothing while fucking up Aoi's brain.
No, Tokiomi was a cunt.

Just because most magi are cunts doesn't justify anything.

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I'm sorry.png
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Semen Demon

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I'll be back
Fuck, /a/ non, I hope I'm not curs
she is my favorite horror waifu ever

half waifu i meant

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Why do we love mega milk?
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its not that great of doujin. only famous because of tits and memes.
What is Memi Galk?
kuso thread

Who is best Matsu and why is it Karamatsu?

No hate allowed in this thread, only love. Appreciate Karamatsu.
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as a refined man myself, I prefer totty. Kindest and classiest brother.
This thread is now all about the best Matsu
Oh wow, haven't seen one of those threads in a while
what happened to you guys?

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>you'll never be Luvia's personal sex slave
Somebody make the hurting stop.
Rin pleases busty Luvia for free.

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Based Ontan.png
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Also Ontan a cute
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It's boring, pretentious trash.
What does it pretend?
here's your reply

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What would you do under this situation?
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I'd tell him I watch porn alone and that 3D is fucking degenerate.
Rape. The answer is always rape.
You're gonna have to source it up OP.

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Did /a/ like this show? I thought it was pretty funny, although that doesn't overrule all of its shortcomings.
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It was good I fapped a lot
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i never was able to watch this with /a/ until the last ova. CAn someone upload the latest versio of this

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Does sex make girls retarded?
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No, girls are already retarded.
title or artist?

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>Generate your Stand

Use this Stand generator to see what your Stand will be: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~dft29/Stand_Generator/Stand-Generation-Overdrive.html

Be ready to Stand Proud!

Rules: You can re-roll your stand if you dislike the power it has, but only once, and you're not allowed to tweak the stand's Stats.

I'll start with mine:

Stand Name: Aerials
Stand Ability: [Electromagnetokinetic Combat](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/…/Electromagnetokinetic_Combat)
Power - A
Speed - A
Range - B
Durability - B
Precision - B
Potential - A
Description: The ability to infuse Electromagnetism in one's physical combat. Technique of Electromagnetism Manipulation. Variation of Combat Merging. The user can infuse electromagnetism in their physical combat, using electricity and magnetism to defeat their foes (such as electrocuting or messing with metal and technology if the enemy has them).
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Couldn't get it work. The Generate Name worked great but pressing Generate Stand did nothing.

Tried with both Chrome and Firefox with Adblock off.
Stand Name: Safe and Sound

Stand Ability: [Light Manipulation](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Light_Manipulation)

Power - A

Speed - A

Range - A

Durability - D

Precision - D

Potential - C

Description: The power to manipulate light. Sub-power of Electromagnetism Manipulation and EM Spectrum

Had to make this myself.

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If you became an anime girl overnight would you be best girl?
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No, but I have no doubt a lot of people would say I was since so many people have shit taste.
I would probably end up as one of those generic looking girls who show up in the background of one scene in the entire series.
For what it's worth I'd still fuck you.

Why does KyoAni adapting things nobody cares about? Why not just make things like FMP or Haruhi instead?
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I'd rather have Hibikes than garbage LNshit like FMP and Haruhi.
Kyoani doesn't own the rights to either of those, so even if they wanted to, they can't.
I would rather have a KyoAni FMP and Haruhi than boring LNs like Hibike and K-On!.

They're such trash and so irrelevant.

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